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Deepnews Digest #20

Struck Oil

Attacks on petroleum facilities in Saudi Arabia have set the Middle East on edge, with U.S. authorities placing the ultimate blame on Riyadh's regional rival Iran. This week's digest contains articles looking at geopoltics, oil prices and the future of a potential IPO for Saudi Aramco. Here are the top 25 articles collected and ranked by the Deepnews scoring algorithm.

Ranking Story Source
1 AP
3 Bloomberg
4 National Interest
5 The Washington Post
6 The Drive
7 The Telegraph
8 The Guardian
9 Reuters
10 Middle East Eye
11 AFP
12 The Wall Street Journal
13 Investing News
14 Reuters
15 AP
16 Foreign Policy
17 RTE
18 National Interest
19 Middle East Eye
20 The Washington Post
21 The Washington Post
22 The Week
23 The Globe and Mail
24 Al Jazeera
25 The Economist
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