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Deepnews Digest #11

Boris Johnson and the Hunt for Downing Street

The next prime minister of the UK will be announced next Tuesday, ending the premiership of Theresa May and ushering in either the era of Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt. Beyond the Conservative Party election offering up another puzzle piece to try and solve the Brexit jigsaw, the election carries significance for the future of the British economy, where Britain stands in the world and how England relates to the other countries of the UK. Here is a selection of the 25 top stories on the subject of the Tory leadership race, harvested and ranked by the scoring algorithm.

Ranking Story Source
1 The Washington Examiner
2 GQ Magazine UK
3 The Conversation
4 The New Statesman
5 The Guardian
6 Quartz
7 The New York Times
8 Financial Times
9 The Week
10 Financial Times
11 The New York Times
12 The Guardian
13 The Guardian
14 Australian Financial Review
15 The Yorkshire Post
16 The Guardian
17 The Times
18 The Telegraph
19 The Scotsman
20 The Independant
21 The New Statesman
22 The Independant (Ireland)
23 The Irish Times
24 The Yorkshire Post
25 Politico Europe
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