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Deepnews Digest #19

E-Cig Smoke Signals

Concerns about illnesses related to smoking electronic cigarettes, or vaping, have spiraled into a major worry this week, spreading from local stories about a handful of deaths to the Trump administration moving to ban flavored vapes a matter of days later. The story has gone from the national to the international level, with ramifications for health, lawsuits and the business of e-cig giants such as Juul. Here are the top 25 articles on e-cigarettes this week, collected and ranked by the scoring algorithm.

Ranking Story Source
1 The Guardian
2 Fortune
3 The Washington Examiner
4 Reason
5 Politico (Europe)
6 The Washington Post
7 AP
8 Vox
9 Salon
10 Rolling Stone
11 Rolling Stone
12 The Washington Post
14 The Washington Post
15 The New York Times
16 LA Mag
17 The Washington Post
18 The Huffington Post
19 Observer
20 Phys Org (Science X)
21 AP
22 Quartz
23 Rolling Stone
24 Bloomberg
25 Financial Times
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