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Deepnews Digest #17

Taking Your Face's Value

Facial recognition has popped up in a growing range of everyday activities, from boarding lines at airports to a school in Sweden that was using it to keep track of attendance. Amid a flurry of worries about privacy, racism and legal systems, the world is now “facing” the reality of a technology that is not the future but the present.The scoring algorithm brought together the most value added stories on the topic for the past month. Here are the top 25.

Ranking Story Source
1 The Guardian
2 Coda Story
3 The Wall Street Journal
4 The Washington Post
6 The Detroit News
7 The Huffington Post
8 One Zero (by Medium)
9 Phys Org (Science X)
10 Fortune
11 Reason
12 Wired
13 GCN
14 Straits Times
15 The Guardian
16 Economic Times (Times of India)
17 Forbes
19 Forbes
20 Tech Xplore
21 Forbes
22 Bloomberg
23 Prospect Mag
24 Bangkok Post
25 BBC
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