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Hi All,

Happy first week of spring! 

In this month’s Engage & Exchange, we have a few up-coming training and webinar dates as well as some reminders for those of you getting used to our Membes system.  

We’ve also taken the opportunity below to introduce you to a few new team members who will be involved in our sector support activities like training, Special Interest Groups, CPD and the mentoring program below. I’ve shifted into a role managing our state programs, and while I will no longer be compiling these updates, I’m not moving far. 

It’s been a pleasure to pop into your inboxes from time to time to bring you Engage & Exchange. I’m extremely passionate about the amount of difference volunteers and leaders of volunteers make across the state. Throughout the past two very turbulent years of bushfires, COVID-19 and state storms, volunteers and those leading them have been at the front lines to make our communities stronger, more resilient, and given us a way to connect when connection is more important than ever.  

Thank you for the impact that you have in your communities. Take some time to pause, breathe and be kind to yourselves. 

Sara Sterling
State Programs Manager
Wurundjeri Country

M E E T  O U R 
new team
Any one of our new team can help answer your queries. If you are unsure of who to go to get in touch with, contact us at or and we’ll make sure someone gets back to you. 
Gillian Garner: Membership & Policy Officer
Likes: walking on the beach, listening to audio books, sweet peas
Dislikes: bin night.
First volunteer role: Kindergarten Treasurer
Alexis Carydis: Membership & Business Support Officer 
Likes: good coffee, walks with a view
Dislikes: coriander, unpacking the dishwasher
First volunteer role: Committee Member for my football club
Mirrin Pedro: Community Engagement Coordinator Melbourne 
Likes: hiking, gardening, dogs  
Dislikes: single use plastics 
First volunteer role: Conservation Council of Western Australia 
Sara Sterling: State Programs Manager
Likes: greyhounds, going out for brunch
Dislikes: cold weather, Microsoft Excel
First volunteer role: Youth Group Leader
1 3  O C T O B E R  9 : 3 0  A M - 1 2 : 3 0  P M
restarting your volunteer program in a covid-19 world
COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on volunteer involvement across Australia and has challenged many of the ways in which we involve volunteers. This session looks at the current COVID-19 situation, and the unique considerations that volunteer involving organisations must weigh up to begin delivering their volunteer programs in a safe manner. Volunteering Victoria has created a 7-step process to ensuring programs restart their volunteer programs in the right way. 


1 9  O C T O B E R  9 : 3 0  A M - 1 2 : 3 0  P M
building an inclusive volunteer program
We all aim to have diversity in our volunteer programs, but developing and maintaining a truly inclusive volunteer program can be challenging. This interactive workshop will provide participants with the inspiration and tools to do this and will include: reviewing organisational procedures and workplace culture and planning and developing strategies for diversity and inclusion in volunteer programs

28  O C T O B E R  9 : 3 0  A M - 1 2 : 3 0  P M
coaching volunteers through organisational change
Change is constant in the not for profit world as organisations adapt to different funding models, reporting and technology. While change is often highly supported for employees, Managers of Volunteers are often left to lead change with their teams without the skills and tools necessary to create a targeted change management plan. This session looks at the tools and strategies necessary for Managers of Volunteers to coach volunteers through organisational change with reference to the National Standards of Volunteer Involvement. 


3  NO V E M B E R  9 : 3 0  A M - 1 2 : 3 0 P M
national standards for volunteer involvement
This workshop guides participants through the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement (2015), Australia’s best practice roadmap for volunteering professionals. Topics covered include: developing and reviewing of organisational policies, attracting and retaining volunteers and how to gain recognition and commitment to volunteering across the broader organisation.

9  S E P T E M  B E R  2 : 0 0  – 3 : 3 0  P M
leadership in volunteering

1 4  S E P T E M B E R   9 : 3 0 – 1 1 : 0 0 A M
inclusive volunteering 

If you are interested in presenting on one of our PLV Talks webinars, please contact
1 4  O C T O B E R   2 : 0 0  -   3 : 0 0  P M
plv talks: volunteer engagement surveys with christine stankowski and marg joiner
Volunteer engagement is super important, but how can we track this, and keep in touch with whether we are meeting our volunteer engagement goals. In this webinar we hear from Christine Stankowski (Lort Smith) and Marg Joiner (Zoos Victoria) about their approach.


2 1  O C T O B E R   2 : 0 0  -   3 : 0 0  P M
plv talks: lohve capability framework for volunteer managers with kerryn mitchell and rachel winterton
We all know volunteer managers are highly skilled, but still we find that volunteer management is valued and remunerated differently across different organisations. Is there a framework for the capabilities of Volunteer Managers at different levels? Recently the LOHVE network was funded to look at this question in the context of the health sector. In this webinar our State Programs Manager talks to Kerryn Mitchell and Rachel Winterton about the development of the Capability Framework and where to from here?


2 8  S E P T E M B E R   2 : 0 0  -   3 : 0 0  P M
new member webinar
Volunteering Victoria has started webinars specifically for our new members to find out how you can make the most of your membership. IF you are a new member, or if you just want to some guidance about making the most of your membership you can register for the next one.

As our members would know well, we have been going through our annual membership renewal process. Thank you to everyone who has renewed their Volunteering Victoria membership -  you give us our voice!

We will be following up with Members who have not yet renewed and checking in with them. If you have not received any emails on your membership over the last 2 months, please get contact with Gillian or Alexis by email and we will be sure to get in touch. 

Volunteering Victoria staff have been working very hard behind the scenes to implement a new database, which should make everyone’s life a little easier! From this portal, you are able to update your membership information, register for events, talk to each other through our groups and forums, and find invoices! Some of you may already have started to log your CPD on the system.

Please get in touch with us at if you are having trouble with the system and one of us will support you. Log on is available from our website.

We assist you to lead, manage and support your volunteers more effectively to achieve your vision for volunteering in Victoria.
By joining Volunteering Victoria and working with us, you help ensure there is a formidable, inclusive, and representative voice in volunteering. 

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