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The volunteering sector is an important part of Australia's economy. The level of volunteering can indicate the cohesiveness of the community and how readily individuals are able to contribute to that community.

Did you volunteer through an organisation or a group? Let us know in the 2021 Census. Official data is crucial to building an evidence base of volunteering’s contributions.

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The Census is happening in August.

Census data is used to build a better future for us all. It’s used to inform decisions on issues that touch our lives every day, from schools, healthcare, transport and infrastructure to local services for individuals, families and communities.

For example:

  • the number of people in remote areas tells doctors where life-saving help is needed most
  • local birth rates help plan local playgroups that connect families
  • understanding languages used at home links migrants to community services like English lessons.

Make sure you participate this August. When you complete your Census, you’re helping to build a better future for all of us.

Visit or call 1800 512 441 for more information.

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B E N E FI T S   Y O U

Having the right numbers means the right services can be provided in your community. Information from the Census helps communities, governments and businesses across the country make informed decisions.

Census data helps inform services that improve the lives of people, families and communities. For example:

  • Royal Flying Doctor Service uses the information to make sure people in rural Australia can get the health care they need
  • Council on the Ageing uses the information to help understand the issues affecting older Australians.
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Resource: Download resources for use including image library, audio, video & infographics
First Nations Media Australia uses Census data about communities to help keep Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people informed

Homelessness & the Census: Dylan Langley shares his experiences and why the Census is so important for people experiencing homelessness

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