State of Volunteering Report Launch

Volunteering Victoria, the Institute of Project Management and the Victorian Government have produced the attached State of Volunteering Report. The report is the first of its kind in Victoria and provides critical information about the value of volunteering in Victoria.  

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summary of findings

  1. In 2019, 2.3 million Victorians aged 15 and over – 42.1% of the adult population volunteered. 
  2. Victorian volunteers contributed $58.1 billion dollars of value to our economy last year, including: 
  3. $19.4 billion in costs to replace the labour volunteers contribute to Victoria  
  4. $8.2 billion contribution to Victoria’s Gross State Product (GSP). 
  5. Collectively, our findings show investing in volunteering provides a net return of approximately $3.70 on every dollar invested.  
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S O V R   2 0 2 0 
impact of covid-19

The initial COVID-19 impact in April-May 2020 saw a 50.2% decline in the volunteering participation rate, from 42.1% (2.3 million) to 21.0% (1.1 million). There was a net decline in volunteering hours of almost two-thirds (64.1%) during this period. 

In response to the devastating impacts of COVID-19, we are pleased to be delivering weVolunteer in partnership with the State Government. weVolunteer is a single state-wide database platform that enables community collaboration and effort to be quickly matched to needs being expressed at a local level.

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