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As a community, we’re in uncharted waters as we face the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak. Through this second update, we want to to share with you some resources and links on how we can collectively improve this situation.

Through our dedicated COVID-19 page, we’re keeping you, our community, updated with relevant developments affecting the sector as well as information/resources that help you lead your volunteers and volunteer program through these unprecedented times.

Finally, please join me on Wednesday next week as JI discuss the current COVID situation with Josephine Beer from the DHHS Volunteering team as we discuss any questions you may have.

Scott Miller
Introducing Volunteer Management Girl! In this video, she outlines our seven steps to effectively managing your volunteers during this time.
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1 april 2pm
Webinar: Volunteering Victoria COVID-19 Support for Organisations

Join VV Chief Executive, Scott Miller and Josephine Beer, Manager Volunteering Team at DHHS as they discuss what volunteer involving organisations can do to manage the impact of COVID-19 on volunteers, organisations and the wider community. The session will be followed by a 20 minute Q&A.

2 april 2pm
Webinar: Skilled Voluteer Involvement

In this webinar our Sector Development Manager Sara Sterling talks to Madeline Townsend from Beyond Zero Emissions and Laura Lynch from Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre about how to support and develop skilled volunteer involvement.

1 may 9:30am
Virtual Masterclass: Understanding Volunteer Motivation

In this workshop, Associate Professor Art Stukas will explore volunteer motivations. He’ll address how understanding volunteer motivations can assist with volunteer involvement across all stages of the volunteer lifecycle.

National Volunteer Week Event: Virtual 

We will be running a virtual event during national volunteer week. Details will be released on our website soon.

Voluneer Expo 2020

Being the first of its kind, Volunteer Expo 2020 will bring together the talent and diversity of Victoria’s volunteer involving organisations. Details will be released on our website.

Special Interest Group Meetings

Details of up-coming details will be released soon on our website and through these communications. 

All Training & Workshops

Moving forward, we will be updating our training & workshops page depending on resources and capacity. Please check our website for updates, as some will continue virtually and others will be cancelled.

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volunteering australia
COVID-19 Position Paper No.1: Volunteering and National Policy Setting

This position paper sets out our shared views on how national policy settings and messaging might need to adapt to help ensure volunteers are safeguarded during the COVID-19 emergency and that volunteers can be facilitated to best support the emergency response to COVID-19.

volunteering australia
COVID-19 Position Paper No.2: Safegaurding Volunteers and Volunteer Organisations

This position paper sets out our shared views on how volunteers can be safeguarded during the COVID-19 emergency and how volunteers can best support the emergency response to COVID-19.

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Australia COVID-19 Informal Mutual Aid Database

This searchable database for informal volunteering allows people to rapidly find local community mutual aid support and resources.

Volunteer Engagement Plan for COVID-19 Response

A plan is a GPS that can help you reach your destination. While we may not know our exact destination amidst this pandemic, we do know that having a plan will help us continue moving forward. Develop a plan to guide your way. Download your template today.

Celebrating National Volunteer Week Virtually

Volunteer recognition isn’t just about events. Volunteering Canada have identified plenty of ways to recognize your volunteers and celebrate their efforts without gathering in person.

mental health support 
Coping with Stress

The following information from Headspace outlines things that might be helpful to manage any changes to daily life as a result of containment measures for COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Your Organisation

The NCVO have outlined useful information to help you decide what steps you and your organisation may need to take in light of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

continuity and recovery guidance
COVID-19 and Volunteer Organisatins: Business Continuity & Recovery Planning

Should volunteers be included in the response effort in organizations that can’t shut down due to the nature of their essential services? How can volunteers be protected? How can volunteers continue to be engaged, if they participate in person? What impact will the pandemic have on future volunteering levels?

Informal Volunteering Guide

Informal volunteering is defined as unpaid volunteering that is not coordinated by a volunteer-involving organisation. This guide highlights different way you can offer assistance to your neighbours and the elderly in your local community

Looking After Your Mental Health During a Pandemic

Beyond Blue recognises and understands the feelings of anxiety, distress and concern many people may be experiencing in relation to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and offers the following well-being advice.

Messaging Guide for COVID-19

How we act and what we say in this moment can help define perceptions, assumptions and policy preferences in our communities, states and country. This guide promotes cross-racial solidarity and a vision for our country moving forward.

Risk Assessment Template

A basic template to risk assess volunteer roles during COVID-19. It is important to make sure the level of risk assigned aligns with the risk/hazard. This can be downloaded and adapted to the needs of your organisation.

Responding to COVID-19: Actionable Steps for Volunteer Managers

How are Volunteer Managers keeping themselves and their volunteers safe while responding to the persisting needs of their communities? Here are actionable recommendations to help Volunteer Managers respond effectively to the COVID-19 outbreak.

search engine
Search for Emergency Housing, Food, Health and Support Services

Ask Izzy is free and anonymous, and you can search over 360,000 services to find housing, meals, healthcare, counselling, legal advice, addiction treatment and a whole lot more.

australian red cross 
Talking to Children and Young People 

Like adults, children are navigating something they have never experienced before. Finding the right way to talk to them about COVID-19 can help protect children and reduce their fear.

Tools and Approaches for Adapting to a Digital World

For some, working remotely is commonplace and for others, a totally new concept. No matter where you are on the scale, these tools and approaches can help.

Volunteer Management During an Emergency

Depending on the nature of your volunteer program, you may have to curtail activities, or you may need to ramp up the activities you provide. Here are some suggestions of things you can do now.

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28 march 10am
Managing Virtual Volunteers During a Pandemic 

Join Israeli Volunteering Network as they share innovative best practices for digital volunteering and practical tools and methods of training and managing a network of virtual volunteers.

2 april 11am
The Shelter-in-Place Volunteer: Don't Let Your Supporters Get Sidelined By COVID-19

Join Tobi Johnson, President of VolunteerPro as she shares how you can maintain connections with volunteers, offer them support, and engage those who are working remotely in meaningful service (even in the face of fear and uncertainty).

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During this difficult time where many are feeling isolated and disjointed, it’s important to stay connected and share how we are responding to the crisis. Email us
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