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Special Focus: Quantum Computing and Information
The newsletter begins focused issues to broaden the topics covered. The first focus (about half the issue) is Quantum Computing and Information.
Quantum Computing?
What exactly is quantum computing and is the hype justified? In this article, we explain the basics and let you decide!
Applications for Near-Term Quantum Computers: Unlocking the Capability of Noisy Quantum Computers for Africa
What are the exciting possible applications of quantum computing in the near and medium terms? Which African challenges might benefit from Quantum Computing for the betterment of the entire society?
Building Quantum Skills and Community for Africa
Africa needs to build up skills and community now to contribute towards the development of future quantum technologies.
Classical and Quantum Regression Analysis for the Optoelectronic Performance of NTCDA/p-Si UV Photodiode
Machine Learning alongside Quantum Neural Networks has proved once again its importance for material science.
Quantum Imaging: Measuring Two-photon Spatial Correlations with a Camera
Spatial correlations in photon pairs are reconstructed with a camera in order to build an image.
Two Giant Radio Galaxies Discovered by MeerKAT
Serendipity or smart observation? Either observers were lucky, or there are more giants than we thought.
Novel applications of Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy (LIFS) at the Laser and Fibre Optics Centre (LAFOC), Ghana
We highlight the advancement of LIFS technique research at LAFOC and share some recent applications of the technique for health, environmental, and agricultural applications.
Organic Electronics: A Promising Way Towards Green Electronics
Researchers from ACE MITIC (Université Gaston Berger, Saint-Louis, Sénégal) developed new electronic devices for green electronics.

Upcoming Events and Activities

16th International Conference on the Dark Side of the Universe
Postponed until 2023
EAIFR, Kigali, Rwanda
ICTP-EAIFR is looking forward to hosting the 16th International Conference on the Dark Side of the Universe. The Dark Side of the Universe (DSU) is a series of international workshops in cosmology and astroparticle physics.

The workshops bring together a wide range of theorists and experimentalists to discuss current ideas on models of the dark sector of the universe and relate them to ongoing and future experiments. Topics covered include: dark matter, dark energy, cosmic rays, neutrino physics, large-scale structure, black holes, gravitational waves, physics beyond the standard model, and more.

2021 Gene Golub SIAM Summer School on Theory and Practice of Deep Learning
19-30 July 2021
AIMS South Africa in Muizenberg, South Africa
The focus of the school will be the theory, implementation, and application of deep learning based on neural nets with many layers. Students will learn the mathematical underpinnings of deep learning using a combination of functional analysis and optimization theory. They will be introduced to applications that include computer vision, nonlinear programming, and forecasting, in addition to attending lectures by practitioners of deep learning in industry.

CIMPA School – Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Data Science
19-30 July 2021
AIMS South Africa in Muizenberg, South Africa

ASP2020 African School of Fundamental Physics and Applications
19-30 July 2021
The 6th biennial African School of Physics, ASP2020, was to be held in July 2020, at Faculté des Sciences Semlalia, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, Morocco. ASP2020 will be organized online  19-30 July 2021.
Main topics: Nuclear and Particle Physics; Astrophysics and Cosmology;  Accelerators, Radiation and Medical Physics; Materials Physics; High-Performance Computing; Physics Education; Physics Communication; Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency; Quantum Information.

Sub-Saharan Africa Astronomy Summer School
Postponed until 2022
Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda
Galaxies, Extrasolar Planets, and Stellar Physics: Gazing Into The Deep Space, Searching For New Worlds, And Insights Into Stellar Interior Physics.

African Nuclear Physics Conference 2021
20-24 September 2021
iThemba LABS will be hosting the second African Nuclear Physics Conference (ANPC), which is scheduled to be held from Monday, 20 September to Friday, 24 September 2021. Owing to the uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic, ANPC 2021 will be completely virtual.

The Third African Synchrotron Light Source Conference AfLS3
15-19 November 2021
Kigali, Rwanda
The AfLS3 and the AfPS2020 were due to be held in Kigali, Rwanda, in November 2020. However, due to the current COVID-19 global scenario, this is postponed provisionally to AfLS3 from 15 - 19 November 2021.
The third African light source conference will review the light source based science and further progress the vision of an African Light Source.

INPC2022 — 28th International Nuclear Physics Conference
11-16 September 2022
Cape Town, South Africa

Federation of African Medical Physics Organizations 2020 Conference
The Executive Committee of the Federation of African Medical Physics Organizations is hopeful of staging the event in the 4th Quarter of 2021. The postponed date will be communicated in due course.

ICTP Conference Notice
PLEASE NOTE: Due to ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 virus, ICTP conferences, schools and workshops that were to be held in person in Trieste this year are cancelled for the first half of 2021. Many activities are now being conducted online. Please check ICTP's Scientific Calendar frequently for updates.

Your Online Resources

Physics World Webinars
Physics World Webinars from the Institute of Physics

APS Webinars
APS Webinars connect you with the expertise of individuals who can offer insight into physics careers, educational programs, and professional development for students, working physicists and educators.

APS Career Guidance Webinar Archive
Career Guidance Webinars Archive of APS

APS Physics Career Exploration Webinar Series Archive
Featured many of the common career paths available to those with physics degrees, as well as many that are “off the beaten path.”

SPS Career Webinars
Society of Physics Students Archived Career Webinars

ICTP Virtual Seminars
ICTP is expanding its free, online, interactive streaming options for its seminars and colloquia to mitigate some of the effects of isolation during the COVID-19 emergency and beyond.

NITheP webinars and mini-schools
The South African National Institute of Theoretical Physics offers colloquia, webinars, and mini-schools. Upcoming events | Recordings of past events |Mini-schools

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)
The TWAS site lists deadlines for Fellowships, Prizes and Awards, Research Grants, Visiting Scientists, and Scientific Meetings.


For funding and education opportunities, we’d like to draw your attention to the following websites. Note that we do not verify or endorse the content of these websites and that several of them contain aggregated advertisements from other sources. Some sites are not strictly physics-related and may list opportunities where closing dates have expired. Suggestions for this column are welcome.
The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)
Upcoming funding or educational opportunities from the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS).

TWAS-CSIR India Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
Deadline: 31 July 2021
For young scientists from developing countries (other than India) who wish to pursue postdoctoral research in emerging areas in science and technology for which facilities are available in laboratories and institutes of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) of India.
TWAS-CSIR India Postgraduate Fellowship Programme
Deadline: 31 July 2021
CSIR and TWAS have established a number of fellowships for foreign scholars from developing countries who wish to pursue research toward a Ph.D. in emerging areas of science and technology for which facilities are available in the laboratories and institutes of the CSIR.
TWAS Research Grants
Deadlines Vary
TWAS Prizes and Awards
Deadlines Vary


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