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Inventiveness Re-Invented
Why should open-ended research be supported in developing countries? We review an article that explores the issues.
News from Namibia: Quasar Jets Are Particle Accelerators Thousands of Light-Years Long
Very high-energy gamma ray emission from quasars is not concentrated close to their central black hole but extends along plasma jets.
Cracking the Problem: The Installation of a Cashew Nut Shell Gasification Plant During the COVID-19 Containment Period
An agribusiness company named SCPL SA called on Professor Lat Grand Ndiaye and his students for support in setting up a new cashew nut production plant.
Women in Science in Africa: A Silent Revolution
In Africa, an increasing number of women engaged in scientific research and technological developments through their commitments are leading a silent revolution in science and beyond.
When Women Build Bridges
Thanks to computational physicist Dr. Raissa Malu, Dr. Maryse Nkoua has been able to establish a laboratory of nanotechnology in Congo.
University of Tunis El Manar Launches a Master’s in Nanophysics and Nanotechnology
The master’s program was launched in 2019, and the first cohort gathers 12 graduate students in physics, chemistry, and engineering.
APS International Engagement Around the World
Highlighting APS engagement with the African physics community.
Changes at APN
A Letter from Prof. Igle Gledhill, APN Editor in Chief 2019-2020.

The Experiences of Students in the Time of COVID

Students have encountered difficult times under the pandemic. Even with uncertainty, and with the pressures of life at home, students are showing great determination to contact each other and push through the hard times. We have an ongoing special call for informal articles about the experiences of students in the time of COVID, and welcome your contributions to the next issue about your own circumstances.

Please do send articles on the response by your university or organization to the crisis! Physicists are ingenious and imaginative, and your colleagues across the continent would like to know about what is being done.
COVID-19 Through the Eyes of a Tunisian Senior Student in an End of Studies Internship
A story of how COVID-19 gave us the most unusual transition to the job market.
How Has COVID-19 Affected My Activities?
My first contact with Europe would have been in Germany, where I was invited for a short visit. But coronavirus decided otherwise.


For funding and education opportunities, we’d like to draw your attention to the following websites. Note that we do not verify or endorse the content of these websites and that several of them contain aggregated advertisements from other sources. Some sites are not strictly physics-related and may list opportunities where closing dates have expired. Suggestions for this column are welcome.
South African National Institute of Theoretical Physics NRF Postgraduate Scholarships 2021
Deadline: 18 December 2020
2021 AIMS South Africa Structured Master’s Applications for January Intake
Late application for January intake being accepted in November and December.
Post-AIMS Bursary Programme
Rolling call
TechWomen Exchange Program for Emerging Leaders
Application for Spring 2022 program anticipated to open in March 2021.
Resources for Future Reference

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