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Published on Apr 28, 2020 08:00 am:

It’s Curious More Podcasters Aren't More Curious [Episode 302]

More people than ever before are deciding to launch their own podcasts. That takes a certain amount of curiosity to get started. What is it about podcasting that takes that curiosity away?

With newness comes a healthy amount of uncertainty, which often leads to fear. The layperson curious enough to investigate what it takes to make a podcast can be quickly overwhelmed by equipment choices, service providers, time constraints, and more.

Most people aren’t blessed with an abundance of time. In fact, if it were not for a lack of available time on my clients’ part, I wouldn’t have a podcasting business. Clients pay my firm to inject that curiosity into their podcast. Layered in with good processes and procedures, obviously.

It may seem odd, but a lot of podcasters just don’t care enough to become curious. It’s as if someone is forcing them to podcast. Which, in some cases, might be true. Some people cohost a show because it's part of their job. Some don't want to offend or disappoint the other host of the program. Which sucks for them and sucks for listeners, because their lack of caring bleeds through the mic.

The hyper-connected, always-available hivemind is a powerful force that can short-circuit our curious nature. Some are much more likely to turn to a Facebook group of 17,000 podcasters or a Reddit sub with 57,000 podcasters with their question rather than doing their own research. But what if the people who reply also aren’t all that curious and are just repeating un-researched advice they were given when they asked the same question a few weeks ago? 

We need a twist on an old saying: A lack of curiosity killed the podcast.

Luckily, we can fix most of those problems at the source so you’re no longer stopped from being more curious.

If it’s uncertainty and fear that stops you in your tracks, I’ll help by reminding you that you probably won’t screw things up if you experiment a little. If something you try doesn’t work, no one but you will know. Unless you decide to release it. But your listeners will forgive you.

If you’re lacking time, find someone with time. You can take yourself out of the time equation, but it’s going to take time to experiment with your podcast. You might be able to lean on someone close to who is curious. Or you might need to bring in some outside talent and pay for their time.

If it’s a lack of caring, then you should stop. Period. It’s not worth it to you or the listeners to keep putting out something you're not feeling.

 And if you find yourself relying on the tribe to do your research - stop. Do your own research first and then turn to your hivemind for validation. If you need them at all. 

As politicians and civic leaders around the globe are either thinking about or are in the process of lifting lockdown restrictions, I'm curious what that means to you as a working podcaster looking forward to the end of the lockdown. Record me a minute or two of audio and send that to me via a Dropbox link, which you can send to

If you're curious what happens when you go to, I encourage you to scratch that curious itch. And you help support the making of this show. Win-win!

Finally pick up the phone and use it like a phone to call another podcaster and ask them if they listen to Podcast Pontifications. That’ll get them curious about what sorts of goodness they’re missing out on over here. 


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