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Published on Mar 25, 2020 08:00 am:

Reaching Beyond The Pod For Human Connection [Episode 283]

Yesterday I went outside on my tiny little patio and smoked a pipe with 20 other people. Earlier in the week, my friend Rachel wrote dozens of people tiny poems using a tiny typewriter. And last night, my friend Addy led a brainstorming session with lots of people attending. 

None of us were defying CDC/WHO directives. We did all of those things virtually using Instagram’s live video feature.

For me, it was a chance to have a conversation with people that’s different than the conversations I have 4x a week on my podcast. It was similar for Rachel and Addy, both of whom found creative ways to engage with their audience -- including friends and family -- at a distance.

Many podcasters are feeling a loss of connection “in the real world”. Not because we’re podcasters. But because we’re humans.

Yesterday I suggested some ways you might want to modify your podcast to address the reality we face today. Because everybody is impacted by this pandemic. However, there are other ways you can acknowledge and accept COVID19 without changing the format of your podcast.

This new content doesn’t have to be live video. It’s a very popular format, but it's not everybody's cup of tea. If writing is your thing, services like TinyLetter (not a sponsor) make it super-simple to get get a newsletter up and running. Or you could start a Twitter or other social media account you wanted to explore. And yes, I suppose you could start a brand new podcast if you wanted to.

What's going to enable you to feel better as you connect with other people in a new way? And what is it that people want to get from you that they aren’t getting from your podcasting efforts currently? 

This is one of the rare times I’m going to tell you to not pay all that much attention to the listeners of your podcast. At least, don’t try to pay attention to all of them. Instead, niche down and think about the ones with whom you do share certain ideas and passions that might not be covered in your regular podcast.

If this pandemic has you really down or has a segment of your community really down, think about ways you can address that without interrupting what you're doing with your podcast. 

And share this episode with another podcaster who you feel has something worthy of sharing beyond their podcast, please?

Tell them got the idea from Podcast Pontifications and you’d love to see them add some clarity, brightness, or just plain silliness to the world, would you?


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