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Published on Apr 23, 2020 08:00 am:

European Podcasters Adapt To Life Under Lockdown [Episode 300]

My body has clearly had enough of this locked-down reality. It’s behaving very strangely and I’ll share that with you in just a moment. But first I want to share a couple of stories from European podcasters (well, podcasters in Europe, at least) caught up in the pandemic like the rest of us.

French podcaster Laetitia Perraut of One Thing In A French Day talks about the extra work required with having three kids at home. She also decided to increase her frequency to daily, which as caused a 30% boost in her audience! And she’s trying out new music, deeper editing techniques, and even sharing non-podcast content with her listeners.

Professional expat Stephanie Fuccio of the Geopats Podcast moved from China to Germany when the virus was just getting going. As an ex-expat myself, I found myself wincing in sympathy for the realities she’s facing. What’s a digital nomad to do when all the not-at-home places to work are closed down, and the at-home environment is only temporary and not very comfortable? 

Back to me for a moment: Is anyone else having trouble eating? I’ve only eaten one meal a day for the last week. Perhaps it’s my body rebelling for the massive amount of food I consumed during the first few weeks of lockdown. Balance, you know?

And it just so happens that it’s the 300th episode of Podcast Pontifications. So… woot! 

But I know not everyone is having a good time with this. So I once again extend my offer to help. If you need any advice, direction, guidance, or just to bounce an idea off of someone, I’m here to help. Email me at No strings attached. I genuinely want to help.

I’ll end with this: Please tell one person -- just one person -- about Podcast Pontifications. Like actually send them a personalized email and suggest that they listen to this program. It makes a huge difference when you reach out to someone personally. I love the retweets. I love you sharing episodes on social properties. But sending one person a single message works really, really well.

Have a fantastic rest of your Thursday. Enjoy your Friday (because I don't do episodes on Fridays). And then have a great weekend. At home. 


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