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Published on Mar 18, 2020 08:00 am:

Disassembling Your Podcast Media Stack [Episode 279]

Podcasters often fail to understand the fundamental difference between using media for distribution or promotional purposes versus using media for content creation purposes. 

How strategic are you with non-podcast-related content you produce on a regular basis?

I’m far from perfect when it comes to my approach to my media stack. But it might help you better understand yours if I give you a rundown of what I’m doing, warts and all. 

This that you’re consuming didn’t start out this way. Nor did it start with me typing words on a keyboard. Nor did it start as a transcription of an audio file. It started life as a live video on LinkedIn.

From there, I stripped out the good bits from my extemporaneous talk and wrote an article that was published on my website, on my Medium profile, and as an article on LinkedIn. And by “wrote”, I mean it. Those pieces are not accurate transcripts of what I said, though I do include one of those on the page of my website where this article will live. Those articles are 100% re-written so that 100% of the value can be received just by reading.

Let me state that again: It’s OK with me that people who find this article never listen to my podcast. That’s because I get other tangible value from the effort it takes to make those posts.

I also spend time (and money) editing the live video down to a stand-alone video that’s loaded to the Facebook Page for my company, Simpler Media, as up to a playlist on my YouTube channel.

I get effectively zero views on these videos because they aren’t designed to be good video to watch. Each video is nothing more than my head mostly blocked behind a big fat microphone with a boom arm in the way. So of course it’s not good video! It doesn’t matter that I have a great lighting kit and a quality video camera. I'm not creating good video content. I’m merely using (abusing?) these media properties for distribution. Nothing more. Don’t be like me!

I’m better at social media. If you follow me on social media channels, you'll see I'm actively creating lots of content about podcasting in general in my own format and style. Not every forward-thinking, big question about podcasting is worthy of an episode of Podcast Pontifications. But they are great to share on social, mostly on my Twitter account

I could be better at sharing content on LinkedIn and through my company Facebook Page. But I’m not. And I’ve become OK with that. 

Other than my occasional guest appearance on someone else's podcast or getting up on a stage in front of a crowd (not that I can do that for a while, obviously), my media stack is small. Yours may not be. 

Regardless, I hope this helps you understand the difference between using your media stack for content creation versus using your media stack for promotion and distribution of your podcast episodes. There’s a difference.

What media stacks are you using? Where are you creating not your podcast content? And do you think it's effective? I want to know, and I also want you to ask your podcasting friends what they're doing with their own media stacks.


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