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Published on Apr 29, 2020 08:00 am:

Today's Podcasting Innovations Will Impact Your Show Tomorrow [Episode 303]

The recent entrants into the pod-tech space are just a harbinger of what’s to come. The world is on lockdown. The economy is in the toilet. Lots of things suck. But things sucked when the housing market collapse of 2008 led to a recession. Yet all sorts of new ideas, products, and services came out of the other end. It’s starting to look at lot like that world all over again. I’m not going out on a limb when I predict a huge wave of new pod-tech soon to be coming at us fast and furious. 

Life under lockdown is horrendous for many. But not everyone. People unencumbered by pandemic-induced harsh realities are tinkering with new concepts and putting together new technologies specifically the podcasting space. 

That's why I say the wave we’re seeing now is just the start. 

As podcasters reliant on technology to ply our craft, our first reaction should be one of curiosity, not scorn, when we are introduced to new tech. But new tech threatens to upset the status quo or the equilibrium we’ve made between getting our next episode out on time and the utter chaos of our lives.

That’s why I don't want to dismiss or even laud any one particular new tool or service just yet. Instead, I’m trying to look beyond the current version of the service and the technology. If some new podcast tech looks interesting -- even if it’s not a perfect fit -- it's probably worth my time and yours time to sign up for their newsletter and maybe even keep the software updated. 

Again, our job is not to pick winners and losers. Our job is to find the promises offered by interesting innovations of today that might impact our podcasts tomorrow.

Some of you are actually playing around with a few of these early-release new tools and services. I would like to hear what you think about them. Love them, hate them… Tell me what you’ve picked up recently that you see promise in. Record a quick minute or two of audio, put the .wav file on Dropbox, and then send the link to

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