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It's birthday month. I mean...for me, probably not you. Or maybe you and if so then yay!

You may have noticed the newsletter has smaller footprint, as well as a new logo. I needed something catchy and specfic-oriented to go with the swanky new website. What do you think?

Latest & Greatest
Topic #1
Oh Hey, it's BOOK RELEASE DAY! Who's excited? Not me...nope.
If you haven't already pre-ordered Elemental Attraction, click the graphic below for the Amazon US sales page. You can purchase eBook, paperback, AND hardcover copies!

Topic #2
Something REALLY cool is coming. If you're a fan of speculative fiction, I've got just the giveaway for you. It features more than 20 sapphic authors and runs September 7th through September 15th. Click the image below to learn more about this giveaway.

Topic #3
On a weird, less-exciting note, remember Goodreads Charles, the 1-star troll? You'd be hard pressed not to name an LGBTQIA or BIPOC author who hasn't been targeted by Goodreads trolls. I railed against them years ago, was featured in an article about Goodreads Charles specifically, and reported his behavior numerous times.

In a strange twist of events, one of my old tweets on the subject was featured on a article about Goodreads and their toxic issues. Click the title below to read the article on Time's site.

How Extortion Scams and Review Bombing Trolls Turned Goodreads Into Many Authors’ Worst Nightmare

Topic #4
Author Spotlight Introduction

      To celebrate September birthdays, our Author Astronaut of the Month is Ona Marae. Unfortunately, Ona's birthday is in December but we're celebrating MY favorite month, m'kay? Anyway, Ona Marae is a lesbian, a writer, and artist in a long line of creative women. She lives in Denver, Colorado, near her beloved Rocky Mountains. Ona began writing in high school, publishing in the lesbian newspapers in Denver in the 1990s, and then all heck broke loose. She has twelve short stories in print, one published novel and another in the works. She began playing with visual art just before her brain surgery and since it, Ona has found art to be an extremely expressive medium when she cannot write. Acrylics and mix-media are her favorite mediums, although her work in clay has been exciting as well. 

Taste Tests

Are you really bored and do you like watching authors taste test food and/or alcohol with their wives? Click below for our full YouTube playlist.


Writing Updates:

  • Now that my new book baby has arrived today, I can get back to The Rebels of Psiere. For those of you awaiting the 3rd book in the Mystery of the Makers trilogy, I'm hoping to put this out early next year.
  • I'm supposed to write a short story for a Halloween themed anthology that my local writing group is putting together. Any suggestions? What short story have you wanted to read but no one has tackled?

Use the links and logos in my signature line to find me elsewhere. OTW Member logo will take you to my AO3 fanfic page, where you can read free fiction to your heart's content. Flashpoint logo takes you to my publisher author page, etc.

As always, thank you for your continued support, because a voice is nothing without people to hear. Read, rate, and review. I'm always glad to answer emails and love to see feedback. Drop me a line for all questions, comments, and criticisms. I genuinely want to get better and I'm open to all. Thank you, friends!


K. Aten

Author and Social Media Manager at Flashpoint Publications
GCLS Marketing/Social Media Committee Member
"Some words end the silence, others begin it."



Name: Ona Marae
Publisher: Flashpoint Publications
Reason you started writing: Audre Lorde inspired me with her quote, “Your silence will not protect you.” I found my voice so I wouldn’t be silent anymore.

Next book to release & when: Phone Call from My Mother, TBD release date. 
Why we should read it: My mother and I weren’t resolved on my lesbianism when she died and I had to reconcile with her after her death. I think many women will relate to that. 
K. Aten notes: It seems to be a common theme for many in the community. 
Genres that you've written: WLW Romance and literary fiction/general fiction. Speculative fiction is a new love. K. Aten notes: Specfic is TOTALLY my jam. Welcome to the club, Ona.
List of published books: 

  • Gum For Gracie

Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: I am good at giving my readers, “the feels, all the feels.” K. Aten notes: What am I always telling people make for the best books? Ones that make us #Think #Feel or #Discuss

Click HERE to see all of Ona's books on Amazon.US. & Amazon.

Cats or Dogs: Cats definitely. 🐈🐱
Coffee/Tea/Water: Yes? K. Aten notes: LOL, good answer!
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: Treadmills surrounding my house…they’ll never get to a door or window that way! K. Aten notes: Genius! 🤣😆
Hobbies: Writing. Music. Writing. Butch watching. Writing. Art. Did I mention writing? ✍️🎶🎨  K. Aten notes: As a matter of fact, you DID mention writing! *snickers* 
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: I wrote star trek fanfic a million years ago. LOL.

Facebook: @ona.marae
Twitter: @onamarae1

Gum For Gracie by Ona Marae

      In the summer of 1974, Bobbie Rossi’s life is near perfect. She’s twenty-eight, has a teaching position at a junior college, a new lesbian lover, and a family she adores. There is only one problem. Her twin sister and her nieces live on the other side of Kansas with a man who is abusive, a man who absolutely hates his wife’s twin and will do anything to prove that hatred.

      In trying to help her sister and nieces escape the abuse, Bobbie sets into motion an explosive emotionalprairie fire, with Bobbie’s young niece, Gracie, caught in its direct path.

      Now, in the aftermath, will working through the abuse of a family, and the guilt spawned by the assault of young Gracie, destroy the life that Bobbie has created? Or will it weave three women and three young girls together in a new family as only love and fire can? 


As promised, my #BLM, #AOC, and #BIPOC content on my website will remain indefinitely for anyone who wants or needs it. It's important so it will not be taken down. If anyone has suggestions for an addition, feel free to send the info my way. Thanks!

BIPOC Author & Resource list
Click on the BAM graphic below to see the full list of #OwnVoices & BIPOC WLW fiction Authors in our community, and their genres, that are listed on my website. 

  • If you are a black or indigenous author of color, or know an author who is not listed below, please send me a message and I'll include them next month. THIS LIST IS NOT GOING AWAY!

Thanks to KD Williamson for this graphic

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