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Happy pride month 2022!

Psst, guess what? Not only is Elemental Attraction a Goldie finalist, but it has won the 2021 Lesfic Bard Award for fantasy

Read the book that keeps folks laughing all the way through.
      Tory scowled. “What is it about our imminent death that you find so funny?”
      Ellys waved negligently toward the black-and-red wyrm of flaming destruction and grinned. “Death on the wing, maybe, but certainly not ours. That’s my patron.”
      The former captain’s eyes grew wide as she peered at the dragon laying waste to the retreating men. “You mean the gorgeous woman that was on the back of your horse is the very beast that is currently—” Tory turned her head away and swallowed. “Uh, biting the head off Sergeant Gahn?”
      Ellys twisted again to witness the head in question drop to the ground. It was a balanced act in her book. “Eh, at least she didn’t eat it. And yes.”

Latest & Greatest
Topic #1

I'm leaving this resource link in case new folks would like to investigate. I enjoy helping folks and I do have a lot of resources that I've collected over the past few years from authors, readers, and reviewers. I'm always willing to share my bounty. Last year I shared with Carolyn Elizabeth (who was referred to me) and she liked it so much she convinced me we could expand the information and bring it to a variety of people. Right now it's on Google Docs, and is a work in progress. Some topics we want to fill in but haven't completed them yet, others are pretty expansive. This is and will remain FREE. Click the image to view work-in-progress content, drop me a line if you have requests or suggestions.

Topic #2
Author Spotlight Introduction
      Caitríona started writing when she was still a wee lass. Born mute, the way she learned language was different from most. She first learned to weave worlds and thoughts with an abandoned pen and stolen sheets of her mother’s work printer. As she grew older and the world around her became real, discovering a world bigger than empty pages of a spiral notebook and online message boards, her passion for writing fell to the wayside. Life, as it’s said, happened. Not always pleasant, as can be attested in her writing. That black dog will forever hunt its prey, no matter how strong she gets, always seeking the moment of weakness to pounce.

After living multiple lives, she found her way back to writing. And travelling. She now travels the United States and Canada in her self-converted van, named Gerudo.

Topic #3
      The Golden Crown Literary Society conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a little over a month away. Are you excited? I know I am! I'm not sure how many remember Pittsburgh (it was so long ago) but I'm going to do the same type of book giveaway that I did in 2019. Win a book and take a selfie with me. Read below for details and rules.

Speaking of the conference...there will be swag at my table. You'll be able to roll the digital die to see what you win, and I've got quite a few things to choose from. Items like...
1.5" round stickers

Book plate stickers

Postcards that I can sign
Pens & Sticky Notepads
Elemental Attraction Poster 11"x17" & Thumb drive with eBook of choice
I'll also have snack bars, Space Mints, and bookmarks for anyone, whether or not you play. Stop by and throw the bones with me! 

Taste Tests
For the new subscribers: My wife and I taste test food and/or alcohol to kill time. (Despite the look on her face, the wife is consenting, I swear!) Click below for our full YouTube playlist.

Writing Updates:

  • We're nearly ready for my first edit pass on The Last Scion of Ra. It's predicted to come out sometime later this year.
  • I'm currently 11 chapters and 60,000 words into The Rebels of Psiere. At this point I'll full-on admit to having writer's block and it's been a rough go of it. Feel free to send me words of encouragement in lieu of chocolates or coins. LOL
  • I've got a new addition to my Supercorp First Kisses Collection series on AO3. Confused was inspired by a comment on a twitter post by another person who loves the Kara Danvers/Supergirl & Lena Luthor pairing. Description: Kara takes Alex's hint the wrong way and starts dating, and Lena is accused of hexing all of her dates because our foolish heroes secretly pine for one another. This is a standalone short story about the first kiss between Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor. Click the image below to read the fic. 11,000 words.

Use the links and logos in my signature line to find me elsewhere. OTW Member logo will take you to my AO3 fanfic page, where you can read free fiction to your heart's content. Flashpoint logo takes you to my publisher author page, etc.

As always, thank you for your continued support, because a voice is nothing without people to hear. Read, rate, and review. I'm always glad to answer emails and love to see feedback. Drop me a line for all questions, comments, and criticisms. I genuinely want to get better and I'm open to all. Thank you, friends!


K. Aten

Author and Social Media Manager at Flashpoint Publications
"Some words end the silence, others begin it."



Name: Caitríona Page
Publisher: Winter Rose Publishing, LLC (aka, fancy self-publishin) dc
Reason you started writing: I was born mute. I do speak now, but growing up writing was always the best way I could communicate. Add in a huge dose of being a millennial, I spent much of my childhood expressing myself through texting… I mean, writing…  
K. Aten notes: This is a really cool reason.
Next book to release & when: Call Me Rory and hopefully August 1st. It’s a Young Adult New Girl To Town novel set in the 1990s.
Why we should read it: Because I would be sad if you didn’t? In all seriousness, Rory, the MC, suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), is a new transplant learning to not only find acceptance, but also how to fight to keep her relationships when her biggest enemy is herself.
      It’s based on a lot my own past and struggles with BPD. Her trauma isn’t the same cause as my own, but that part of the story is something that did happen. Not as Hollywood-like, of course.
      But a lot of people don’t understand how subtle BPD is, or how drastically it can alter your perception of the world. That the smallest hint of “betrayal” can be world ending, and yet the most obvious show of affection and loyalty is something you’ll never see. Or that unlike other mental health conditions, we remember our “others” but we can’t necessarily control them. Rory deals with this in every aspect of her life. With her sister who just wants to be the best big sister she can be, to her girlfriend, to just trusting the boy walking her to school every morning is really her friend.

Genres that you've written: Contemporary New Adult/Young Adult, and fantasy.
List of published books:

  • Traveller: A Ríona Kilbride Novel

Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: Hopefully accurately portraying what it’s like having Borderline Personality Disorder. K. Aten notes: I think writing characters with struggles of all types realistically is as important as writing characters without disability. Everyone needs to see themselves in fiction to feel seen.

Click HERE to see all of Caitríona's books on Amazon.US.

Cats or Dogs: Cats, of course. Used to live with seven cats. Long story… Though I am an equal opportunity cuddler. Like children, I do have a favourite, but they don’t need to know that. 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 K. Aten notes: That is...a LOT of cats. 😲
Name of pet(s) you’re bringing on the Rocket Ship: Midna, though she doesn’t exist yet. Yes, I have already named the cat I haven’t adopted yet. What can I say? I’m a plotster. K. Aten notes: She is totally fibbing. Marley is all suited up and ready to go!
Coffee/Tea/Water: Hmmmm I go both ways. Some days I’m more of a coffee drinker. Others, tea. And even then, I could be making myself some French press with a dash of homemade creamer, or maybe I’ll spend the extra time with my moka pot. But I do always enjoy a good Irish Breakfast. ☕☕
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: Oof. Depends on the kind of zombie. Fast zombies? A remote (wet) island with enough land to grow my own food. Fun fact: the presence of wet islands means there are in fact “dry” islands. Which just means they don’t have any fresh water. But if they’re slow zombies? A short sword. Doesn’t run out of ammo and unlike a long sword, you can wield it in tight spaces. K. Aten notes: I like your rationale. I'm on team Caitríona. I'll bring a few swords and a naginata (for when we're NOT in tight spaces. ⚔️
Hobbies: Sword fighting. With real swords. Archery too. Add in a bit of mountain biking and watercolour painting and that’s me. Let’s also not forget the fountain pen collecting. My wallet certainly doesn’t. K. Aten notes: The fountain pens ARE fantastic. 🗡️🏹🎨🖋️
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: I do not, sadly. I do enjoy reading all the Supercorp fics even though I haven’t actually watched all of Supergirl. Plus, I’m more of an animation girl so I’m torn between Catradora and Lumity. But if I’m being honest, I only like Lumity more because they’re too cute. K. Aten notes: Supercorp is my #1 ship, then Catradora and Korrasami. But, if you like animation you should totally try Arcane: League of Legends on Netflix. One of my new favorites! Piltover's Finest (Vi & Caitlyn) may have taken my #2 ship spot overall. 🥰

Facebook: @RedheadedCaitriona
Twitter: @Caitriona_Page

Instagram: @caitriona_page
: A Ríona Kilbride Novel by Caitríona Page

      Ríona isn’t out yet. After her mother passes away, she wants nothing more than to leave her small, rural life but when she finds her perfect escape, she finds the perfect reason to stay.
      After she meets Tomi, the strong, handsome mechanic with a tragic past of her own, she is forced to confront the secret she’s kept to herself, the same secret she’s trying to escape from. Reeling from a brutal heartbreak, the loss of her mother, and the end of a friendship she once thought unbreakable, Ríona has to learn to live her truth.
      A coming of age story about learning to love yourself, and to trust those who call you family.


As promised, my #BLM, #AOC, and #BIPOC content on my website will remain indefinitely for anyone who wants or needs it. It's important so it will not be taken down. If anyone has suggestions for an addition, feel free to send the info my way. Thanks!

BIPOC Author & Resource list
Click on the BAM graphic below to see the full list of #OwnVoices & BIPOC WLW fiction Authors in our community, and their genres, that are listed on my website. 

  • If you are a black or indigenous author of color, or know an author who is not listed below, please send me a message and I'll include them next month. THIS LIST IS NOT GOING AWAY!

Thanks to KD Williamson for this graphic

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