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Welcome to the new world I guess. The terrible things (unemployment, health, panic, etc) happening all over the world are in our faces every day now, so I don't think I need to share any details other than me and the family are doing okay. Believe me, I'm grateful because I know not everyone is so lucky. But let's take a moment to release some stress and look for the positive. We've seen a global reduction of pollution in every country. Pets are happy so many people are home with them. Shelters are even emptying out because more people have time to foster pets! Many countries and people are pulling together in ways they've never done before, and we have more time to read and/or write. (If you can focus to do either)

Still super sad? Here is a baby otter with it's mama, you need it. We ALL need it.

In other news, I received the covers for my next two novels from my publisher. This means I also have the animated versions of each, courtesy of the amazing Morgan Wright. Like with the last ones, all are available on the main page of my website.
Here are the new covers for Remember Me, Synthetica and The Lost Temple of Psiere.


Mildred Gail Digby is our April Author Astronaut of the Month. Check out her information below and give her some love.

No news yet but I'll keep you posted. As for the GCLS conference, there have been no announcements of cancellation on that front. It is still three and a half months away so I think they're waiting to see if things begin to improve over the next month. If they do improve, I still plan to attend. A lot is up in the air right now and I'll keep you posted.

Publishing Updates:

  • Remember Me, Synthetica has moved on to my publisher for typesetting so it's only a matter of time. (Tentative release June/July)
  • With Synthetica through the editing phase, I anticipate that we'll be starting Lost Temple soon.
  • Do you need reading material but don't have a big budget right now? Don't forget, all my short stories, as well as my short and long fan fiction can be found FREE on AO3.

Writing Updates

  • My Myth World funny fantasy fauxmance novel has pretty much been on hold for more than a month now. It's hard to write light and funny when there are so many distraction everywhere. It's hard to write at all. I'm still hoping to finish this one sometime in 2020. Current word count: 26600.
  • Because I've been so distracted lately I decided that I'm going to write whatever my brain wants. As a result I started another novel, the previously considered Whispers in the Dark. I'm not sure how spooky it will be, but it's definitely taken a quirky turn. The MC is a private investigator to pay her bills, but is also a paranormal investigator as a hobby. She can see and talk to ghosts, and accidentally picked up three over the years. Stuck with her permanently are: a gay black man named Steve who died in the 80's, Benjamin Franklin, and Gabrielle Dubon, an old retired French prostitute. They guide her, help her, and drive her crazy. Current word count: 2700


The Lesbian Talk Show -
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Now for my links:

Supercorp First Kisses Collection 
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The Lesbian Review: Reviewer Profile


As always, thank you for your continued support, because a voice is nothing without people to hear. Read, rate, and review. I'm always glad to answer emails and love to see feedback. Drop me a line for all questions, comments, and criticisms. I genuinely want to get better and I'm open to all. Thank you, my friends!


K. Aten

Author at Regal Crest Enterprises
"Some words end the silence, others begin it."



Name: Mildred Gail Digby 
Publisher: Regal Crest Enterprises
Reason you started writing: I was starting to forget English...😅
Next book to release & when: Bloodring, August 2020
Why we should read it: It’s a mixture of sweet and kickass, the journey of self-discovery of a young woman who incidentally is a multi-talented magic user on a world-saving adventure that spills over into our own world. 
Genres that you've written: Medical romance, paranormal romance, just plain romance but with lots of action thrown in.
List of published books:
Perfect Match: Book One & Book Two

Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: I guess the usual, managing to get my words published!
😊🌈 I’m also proud that book #4 (Stay) actually got two non-ARC reviews.
Click HERE to see all of Mildred's books on Amazon.

Cats or Dogs: Hedgehogs!
Coffee/Tea/Water: Ummmm....fermented water (aka beer)
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: My tears, shrieks, and falling over my own feet in a panic which is probably not the most effective weapon now that I think about it.

K. Aten notes: She's gonna die, folks! Sorry Mildred. In the meantime, comfort yourself with some beer. <grin>
Hobbies: Reading, writing reviews, finding out which foods go best with beer.
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: I don’t write, but I enjoy devouring a good SwanQueen fic, even though I’ve never seen an entire episode of the show.

Twitter: @mgdigby
Click the book cover below to see two of Mildred's upcoming release and it's description on the RCE website.



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