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I'd like to start things off by congratulating all the winners of the 2021 Goldie Awards. I can't believe another GCLS conference has come and gone. I'm going to miss seeing everyone's faces via Zoom. But let's look on the bright side, hopefully next year we'll meet in person in Albuquerque!

Newest news
Sadly, I didn't win again this year but I'm sending out massive virtual congratulations all those who did. And as with every new year I publish, I will always strive to be better in the next. Perseverance never dies, it merely transforms into success. Not to mention, I did wear one of my favorite ties to present the Historical Fiction award. I mean... I also had cargo shorts on too...but it was Zoom, okay?

I was also excited to see that my two auction donations netted more than $500 for GCLS. It's baffling that someone wanted my signed books enough to justify spending that much. Either way, because of the success of the auction, GCLS hit 123% of their goal! 

Even if I didn't win a Goldie, I did manage to get away for a few days with my wife for her birthday. We stayed at our favorite B&B across the state and they were still making all guests wear masks in the common rooms in deference to the fact that even if we're all vaccinated, people still come from all over. The food was also excellent and I got a few good pics of Lake Michigan at sunset.

The pets also had a pretty chill month, helping me with author readings, moderating author spotlights, and serving on the Fan Fiction panel. Aren't they the cutest?
My wife and I even recorded another taste test on location from the wrap around porch of Sherwood Forest B&B. Haven't seen our ridiculous taste tests yet? Well if you're super curious, you can check it out by clicking the image below. Then watch the rest if you're really bored.

If you like author readings, you should also peruse the Flashpoint Publications YouTube channel. Not only are we adding links to our authors' content to our playlists, but we are also uploading original content.

Specifically, you can watch me (poorly) read all of chapter 2 from my upcoming novel, Elemental Attraction. It's the funny, fantasy fauxmance coming out September 1st. Yes, there is a cartoon dragon watching from my shoulder.

Other-est news
Elemental Attraction releases to the world in exactly one month and is, in fact, available for pre-order right now. Click the pic below to go to the Amazon page. If you pre-order, the eBook automatically downloads to your device on September 1st. You know the drill. Also, the cover art is all done by May Dawney. Fab job, right? She perfectly captured the personalities of Ellys, Rocc, and Aderri. I can't wait for all of you to read this one!

Speaking of books you can pre-order, don't forget that Ink, the anthology my flashfic, Power, is in, will release August 10th. This is put out by Queer Sci-fi, so has all manner of queer characters, genders, etc, and is all sci-fi with the theme of "Ink" in every flash story. Click the cover below to pre-order THAT one, or to book mark it for later purchase maybe?

You can also buy the eBook or the paperback of another anthology that contains my short story, Campfire Tails. It was put together last year by McGee Mathews and features short works from the Facebook group, Lesbian Fiction Campfire. Select either book cover to read more on Amazon.

Shooting the Shit Podcast with KD Williamson
We've had a few good solo podcasts, but everything has really taken off with all our great guests. You can listen to the podcast, or check out the video of our sessions by following the links provided below. Here is a list of our esteemed STS guest, click their name to go to their Amazon pages.
KD Williamson - Episode 1: Take a Ride on the Wild Side, Episode 2: Hold My Beer Not my Vagina
Rae D. Magdon & Virginia Black - Episode 3: Authors who do. Authors who don’t and Authors who write Monster porn
Anne Shade - Episode 4: Why so serious?
Serena Bishop - Episode 5: Cancel me baby! Cancel me hard!
Lise MacTague - Episode 6: The Queer Code
Lee Winter - Episode 7: How Xena Made Us Queer and Other Stories

You can see all the newest podcast episodes by going to Linktree. Or you can subscribe to the Shooting The Sh*t Podcast YouTube channel. Click the image below to see our YouTube Page.

Author Spotlight
      The August Author Astronaut of the Month (that's a mouthful, innit?) is rocketing in all the way from the UK. Claire Highton-Stevenson won a Goldie in 2019 and was a IBA finalist twice over in 2020. She is known for not sticking to the rules and bouncing around the tropes at will, although every book Claire writes is classified as a romance, they can be murder mysteries, second chance romance, friend to lovers, and with all kinds of mayhem and fun between. 

GCLS Member Spotlight: March
GCLS Virtual Series event: 2 Truths and 1 Lie
Lynn Lawler's Book Blog: Meet Author Kelly Aten-Keilen
 All Stars Lesfic Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Club video interview - Remember Me, Synthetica
12 WLW & Lesbian Phone or Online Romance Novels - Rules of the Road

Eight Great Angsty Lesbian Romance Books - Burn It Down

Writing Updates:

  • July has been a slow writing month because of summer, GCLS, and a slew of other things that ALWAYS make July a slow writing month. I promise that I am making progress on The Rebels of Psiere. We're hoping to have this release by the beginning of next year at the latest. Cross your fingers for me, yeah?
  • If you're interested in the short fiction I wrote, you can always check it out on my AO3 site (see the link below). I post my short stuff there for free for anyone interested.
  • I recently converted my short witch flash fic that I wrote as my writing group challenge. I thought it would be a cute #Supercorp story so I made some changes and posted it to AO3. Read My Love Tastes Like Chicken Soup

Publishing Updates:

  • Elemental Attraction has been scoured by the second editor and by me again, now it's off to be typeset. Things are rolling along quite nicely for the September 1st release. Are you excited yet? I know I am!
  • Do you need reading material but don't have a big budget right now? Don't forget, all my short stories, as well as my short and long fan fiction can be found FREE on AO3.


Podcasts & Panels

~ Shooting the Shit Podcast with KD Williamson
GCLS Virtual Series event: 2 Truths and 1 Lie
Grrl on Fire taste test video with KD WIlliamson
Sheena is joined by K Aten to discuss Food And Fated Love
~The Sovereign of Psiere Book Clip
~ Burn It Down Book Clip
K Aten Talks About the Lesbian Speculative Fiction She Loves
K Aten’s 3 Top Books Of 2018: Podcast
Anna And Kelly Talk GCLS 2018
The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 26b - Interview with K. Aten
The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 26c - Book Appreciation with K. Aten
GCLS Fanfic 201: Expanding your Fanfic Reach
Curve Virtual Festival Supernatural Storytelling Presented by The Golden Crown Literary Society
K Aten’s 3 Top Books Of 2018

Now for my links:

Supercorp First Kisses Collection - 9 works, 51500 words
Adventures of an Awkward Scientere - 2 works, 23000 words
Amazon Author Page 
Goodreads Author Page 
Flashpoint Publications Author Page
The Lesbian Review: Reviewer Profile - I don't review any more but you can see my favorite books when I did.


As always, thank you for your continued support, because a voice is nothing without people to hear. Read, rate, and review. I'm always glad to answer emails and love to see feedback. Drop me a line for all questions, comments, and criticisms. I genuinely want to get better and I'm open to all. Thank you, my friends!


K. Aten

Author and Social Media Manager at Flashpoint Publications
GCLS Marketing/Social Media Committee Member
"Some words end the silence, others begin it."



Name: Claire Highton-Stevenson
Publisher: Indie (Self-published)
Reason you started writing: I just had a story running around in my head and jotted it down, before I knew it, I had Out… and there was so much of it that I had to split it into three books. My friend and fellow author, Michelle Arnold insisted on reading it, then offered to edit it for me on the condition that I published it… So, its her fault! LOL. 
K. Aten notes: Sure, blame it on your friend! Seriously though, I know exactly what she's talking about, folks!
Next book to release & when: I don’t have a set date or title yet, I am currently writing three, The 4th installment to OUT, plus the next in the series of Whitton, and a new one that’s tentatively called blinded by love. 
Why we should read it: Well, obviously if you’ve read the others then you’ll want to know what happens next, but the new one is, I hope, going to be exciting. You can read the unedited prologue on my Facebook group for a little sneak peek! 
K. Aten notes: Find that sneak peek by joining the Claire Highton-Stevenson Facebook group.
Genres that you've written: I tend to stick with contemporary romance, moving around within it in different genres. There’s an ice queen in Forget it, a weepy in The Promise. Lots of second chances in Out, Escape and freedom, and Love’s Witness. I also wrote an apocalyptic with a twist in the Dyer series. And then of course, there is Whitton in The Doll Maker, that’s a murder mystery but with a romantic element. 
List of published books: 

  • OUT (A Camryn Thomas Story Book 1)
  • Next (A Camryn Thomas Story Book 2)
  • Yes (A Camryn Thomas Story Book 3)
  • The Promise
  • Forget it
  • Escape and freedom
  • The Doll Maker (The Detective Whitton series Book 1)
  • Grave Decisions (The Detective Whitton series Book 2)
  • It’s a Date
  • Love’s Witness
  • In Dyer Need (The Dyer Series Book 1)
  • In Dyer Circumstances (The Dyer Series Book 2)
  • Leaving Bree
  • What Happened in Vegas

Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: Winning a Goldie in 2019 for The Promise. I don’t think we ever truly believe that anything we write is good enough, so to be honoured like that was something special. K. Aten notes: It really is a special moment and can I point out the fact that I didn't touch her spelling of "honored" to the American spelling? *snickers*

Click HERE to see all of Claire's books on Amazon.US. & Amazon.UK HERE.

Cats or Dogs: Both, I have two cats now, but it used to be four, and two dogs. 🐈🐱🐈🙀🐕🐶 K. Aten notes: That's a zoo, right? Claire, just admit that you had yourself a zoo! Doggies and kitties are the best though..
Coffee/Tea/Water: Coffee… I can’t function without it. K. Aten notes: I thought people in the UK all drank tea, or is that just a rumor? If it is, it's been around for a few hundred years. Tell us, what other secrets are you harboring? (Get it, tea...harbor? Is it too soon?)
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: My wits! Being able to think quickly, hide, organise and survive. K. Aten notes: I mean... it could work, right?? (I'm smart but I'm still gonna bring my naginata and a few swords)
Hobbies: I really love taking photographs, I’ve usually got at least my phone handy for a quick pic wherever I am. 📷 K. Aten notes: Such a great hobby! 
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: I have done. My only ship was the Rizzles ship, and I write occasionally for that when I get a bit stuck elsewhere.  K. Aten notes: Fanfic is great for stress-relief writing, when you can't make your brain behave but still need to create.

Facebook: @ClaireHightonStevenson
Twitter: @clastevofficial

Love's Witness by Claire Highton-Stevenson

      When Frankie Shaw moves 250 miles south, hoping to start a new life without the ghost that haunts her, the last thing she expects to see is her ex-girlfriend Lisa Bittern.
Because Lisa was murdered fourteen years ago.

      Alice Trent is the mother of two little boys and the wife of a local police officer, could she have any answers that would give Frankie peace of mind, or is it really just a case of mistaken identity?    




As promised, my #BLM, #AOC, and #BIPOC content in my newsletter and on my website will remain indefinitely for anyone who wants or needs it. It's important so it will not be taken down. If anyone has suggestions for an addition, feel free to send the info my way. Thanks!

BIPOC Author & Resource list

Thanks to KD Williamson for this graphic

#OwnVoices & BIPOC F/F fiction Authors in our community
If you are a black or indigenous author of color, or know an author who is not listed below, please send me a message and I'll include them next month. THIS LIST IS NOT GOING AWAY!
Amazon Author Page Links (99 and counting)
Alice Walker - Romance
Allysyn Jones - Romance, Erotica, Humor

Alyssa Cole - Historical Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
AM McKnight - Romance, Short Stories

Aminah Mae Safi - Romance, Young Adults
Anna Stone - Romance

Anne Shade - Romance, Fiction, Fairytale Retelling
Anondra Williams - Fantasy, Science Fiction
April Sinclair - Historical Fiction, Young Adults
Arizona X Tape - Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
Ava Freeman - Romance
Becky Birtha - Poetry, Short Stories
CB Lee - Science Fiction, Young Adults

Celeste Castro - Romance, Horror, Paranormal
Cheryl A. Head - Crime, Mystery
Chinelo Okparanta - Historical Fiction
Darlene Burns - Horror, Science Fiction

Delores Cremm - Historical Fiction, Drama, Short Stories
Destiny Hawkins - Science Fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Teen, Young Adults, Short Stories
Dillon Watson - Romance
Eija Jimenez - Romance

Elizebeth Andre - Romance, Thriller, Paranormal
Fiona Zedde - Action, Erotica, Romance
Gabrielle Goldsby - Romance, Historical
Ileandra Young - Fantasy, Science Fiction
J. Nichole - Romance
J.Y. Yang - Fantasy, Science Fiction

Jacqueline Koyanagi - Science Fiction
Jade Winters - Romance, Short Stories
Jennifer Linsky - Science Fiction, Romance
Jewelle Gomez - Erotica, Play (Theatre), Poetry, Short Stories
Junauda Petrus - Play (Theatre), Romance, Young Adults

K Arsenault Rivera - Fantasy
K. Ancrum - Romance, Young Adults
Kalynn Bayron - Young Adults
Katrina Jackson - Romance
KD Williamson - Action, Romance
Ki Love - Action, Science Fiction

Krystal Smith - Science Fiction, Short Stories, Romance
La Toya Hankins - Romance
Larissa Lai - Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction
LaShonda Katrice Barnett - Historical Fiction
Laurinda D. Brown - Erotica

Lea Santos - Romance
Leah Johnson - Romance, Young Adults
Lianyu Tan - Dark Fantasy, Romantic Horror
LM Bennett - Poetry, Short Stories, Lesbian Studies
Lynda Sandoval - Romance, Young Adults
Makeda Silvera - Romance, Short Stories

Malinda Lo - Young Adults
Mason Dixon - Romance
MB Guel - Teen, Young Adults
Mercedes Lewis - Poetry
Mia McKenzie - Drama
Misa Sugiura - Romance, Young Adults

Monique 'B.T' Thomas - Romance, Drama
Nalo Hopkinson - Science Fiction, Short Stories

Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk - Erotica, Short Stories, Romance
Nghi Vo - Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction
Nicky Drayden - Speculative Fiction
Nik Nicholson - Historical Fiction, Poetry
Nikki Harmon - Romance, Science Fiction
Nikki Rashan - Romance
Nisi Shawl - Fantasy, Horror, Short Stories
Octavia Reese - Children, Speculative Fiction

Penny Mickelbury - Mystery
Rachel E. Bailey - Fantasy, Romance
Raven ShadowHawk - Erotica

Rebekah Weatherspoon - Erotica, Romance
Rivers Solomon - Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction
RJ Samuel - Romance, Suspense
S. Renée Bess - Mystery, Short Stories
Sara Farizan - Teen, Young Adult
Shamim Sharif - Action, Historical Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Young Adults
Sheree L. Greer - Drama, Short Stories
Sheryn Munir - Romance
Shonia Brown - Drama, Romance
Skyy - Romance

Sonora Ryes - Young Adults
Stephanie Andrea Allen - Science Fiction, Short Stories, Speculative Fiction
Tanai Walker - Paranormal, Thriller
Tasha Suri - Fantasy, Young Adults

Tenea D. Johnson - Horror, Poetry, Science Fiction, Short Stories, Speculative Fiction
V Castro - Paranormal, Horror, Erotica
V.A. Fearon - Crime

Yolanda Wallace - Romance
Zaina Arafat - Drama

Zen Cho - Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Zoraida Córdova - Fantasy, Romance, Young Adults

#BLM support pages with many resources links
Black Lives Matter Resources
BOMB Magazine
Lecture In Progress
Time Out
FINIMPACT (UK business resource)

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