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Another successful GCLS conference has come and gone. While I was pretty sad that Elemental Attraction didn't win a Goldie, I am happy that I got to participate in awesome panels, see many friends, and bask in the literary glow in such a fantastic location. Albuquerque was really nice (if hot) and I feel motivationally rejuvenated since my return. And I did win a Lesfic Bard Award for Elemental Attraction so it wasn't a total bust of a book, huh?
(That empty space on the 2nd shelf is for my next Goldie because...goals)

Ceto (my tentacle kitty featured in the profile picture above) made their rounds getting photos with everyone and lots of hugs. Ceto and I sat in on author spotlights, panels, lunches, autograph session, karaoke, pool, and many other fun things.

Latest & Greatest
Topic #1

I've got goals I want to achieve by the end of the year. Tighten up my writing, publish The Last Scion of Ra, finish writing The Rebels of Psiere, reconnect with my GCLS Writing Academy mentee so we can help each other, and maybe start up STS again? (That's up to KD, but cross your fingers!)
Topic #2
Author Spotlight Introduction
      The August Author Astronaut of the Month is Renée Dahlia. An avid reader, Renée Dahlia writes contemporary and historical queer romance. Renée is a bisexual cis woman who is fascinated by people and loves to explore human relationships, with a side of humour, through her writing. Renée has a degree in physics and mathematics, using this to write data-based magazine articles for the horse racing industry. Her love of horses often shines through in her fiction, and she loves a good intrigue and to escape the real world in the pages of a book. When she isn’t reading or writing, Renée spends her time with her four children, usually watching them play cricket.  

Topic #3
Check out the blurb for The Last Scion of Ra below. Note that this novel takes place about 18 years after the main event of Children of the Stars. It isn't a sequel, but you'll see a few familiar faces in it. There are also regular fictional restaurants that are in many of my books, as well as one new one. (Logos are of my own creation)

The Last Scion of Ra

Eighteen years after the Chromodec Uprising of 2020, the world is a very different place. Kaelen Ra-Evon lands on Earth, a planet where aliens exist and refugees are fast-tracked to citizenship in many countries. Her tale encompasses the age-old notions of loss, love, and found family. Kaelen tries to navigate her new life on Earth, as well as a romance with genius CEO, Lea Lockheed-Tuck, all while honoring her family’s legacy as the last of her house.

She’s wary of the Chromodec Office of Restraint and Protection, a US agency tasked with policing people of power regardless of their race or planet of origin. In an attempt to protect the woman that she’s desperately in love with, Kaelen becomes a vigilante: Scion. She won’t let laws or the CORP stop her from doing what’s right.

Taste Tests
For the new subscribers: My wife and I taste test food and/or alcohol to kill time. (Despite the look on her face, the wife is consenting, I swear!) Click below for our full YouTube playlist. The newest video was filmed at GCLS in Albuquerque with special guests: Anne Pace, and Darlene Vendegna!

Writing Updates:

  • The beta read and sensitivity read for The Last Scion of Ra are complete and the book is now in edits. I've got hopes that this one will be better than my last novel. My beta reader said it was her favorite of my books, so that has to count for something, right??
  • Now that the chaos of award and conference season is over for me, I began reading through The Rebels of Psiere from the beginning while Scion was with my beta readers. I'm nearly caught up to where I stopped writing and I'll dive back in when I ship the other book back to my editor. After all, if I want to hit those goals I've got to get busy!
  • I created a compilation of the Supercorp First Kisses Collection series into one fic on AO3 to make it easier for folks to download. It's up to 10 separate works and 62,000 words, each one telling a different tale about the first kiss between Kara Danvers/Supergirl and Lena Luthor. Each of the chapters is one of the separate works. Click the image below to see the all-in-one version.
  • Image below by Meg Alves in Deviant Art.

Use the links and logos in my signature line to find me elsewhere. OTW Member logo will take you to my AO3 fanfic page, where you can read free fiction to your heart's content. Flashpoint logo takes you to my publisher author page, etc.

As always, thank you for your continued support, because a voice is nothing without people to hear. Read, rate, and review. I'm always glad to answer emails and love to see feedback. Drop me a line for all questions, comments, and criticisms. I genuinely want to get better and I'm open to all. Thank you, friends!


K. Aten

Author and Social Media Manager at Flashpoint Publications
"Some words end the silence, others begin it."



Name: Renée Dahlia
Publisher: Harper Collins Australia, Carina Press, Saga Audio, and Indie
Reason you started writing: I’d been writing non-fiction for about a decade and I thought writing fiction would be a good challenge. K. Aten notes: It sure can be!
Next book to release & when: Strum Me Hard came out 20 July 2022
Why we should read it: It’s a fun novella with older characters. The first book in the series is Count Me In, which is permanently free. 
Genres that you've written: Contemporary and Historical Romance.
List of published books:
(Listing only the Sapphic romance for my readers, you can see all her books by following the Amazon link below)

  • Show Up: A Lesbian Romance Novel (Seraph's Burlesque Club Book 1)
  • Show Off: A Lesbian Romance Novel (Seraph's Burlesque Club Book 2)
  • Show Queen: A Lesbian Romance Novel (Seraph's Burlesque Club Book 3)
  • Her Lady's Melody: A Lesbian Historical Romance (Great War Book 1)
  • Her Lady's Fortune: A Lesbian Historical Romance (Great War Book 2)
  • Her Lady's Honor: An Historical Lesbian Romance
  • Count Me In: A Sapphic Romance Novella (Bisexual Sing Team Book 1)
  • Strum Me Hard: A Sapphic Romance Novella (Bisexual Sing Team Book 2)
  • Her Pregnant Rival: A Lesbian Romance Novella (Kapow Book 4)

Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: I write great banter. I probably should mention that my novella HIS LORD’S SOLDIER is a finalist in this year’s Romance Writers of Australia RuBY Awards.  K. Aten notes: This is awesome, big congrats!

Click HERE to see all of Renee's books on Amazon.US.

Cats or Dogs: Horses! 🐴 K. Aten notes: I say nay! Kidding, horses are just fine and I totally don't hold a grudge since the time I had to jump off one when I was a kid...
Name of pet(s) you’re bringing on the Rocket Ship: I don’t have a pet currently, but my son wants a goat…🐐 K. Aten notes: He's in good company, my wife wants a goat too...and an otter. LOL
Coffee/Tea/Water: Coffee 
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: A boat so I can go far away.🛥️  K. Aten notes: I'll admit, that's a strategy I haven't heard yet. 
Hobbies: Reading, watching sport (especially cricket, horse racing, and F1), scrapbooking. One day I hope to be able to afford to have travel as a hobby; doesn’t dreaming about travel count? K. Aten notes: Dreaming counts for a lot!
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: NA 

Facebook: @reneedahliawriter
Twitter: @dekabat

Instagram: @reneedahlia_author
Strum Me Hard
: A Sapphic Romance Novella (Bisexual Sing Team Book 2) by Renée Dahlia

      A down on her luck popstar meets a polite socialite entrepreneur with a scandalous secret life
      Job musician and ex-lead guitarist for 90s band BeST, Vivian Koranne had been living her best life when the pandemic stopped all live music. The offer to create music for a lingerie brand is a lifeline, and she jumps at it, and gorgeous Nancy who runs the company.
      Nancy Bozeman’s trust fund would keep most people happy, but she wants more. When she hires compelling musician Vivian Koranne, she knows she’s going to shock her friends all over again, just like when she became an "aunt" or started a plus-sized lingerie company. She doesn’t expect to be shocked herself by their mutual attraction.
      Despite being worlds apart, they're both hiding their true selves under what people expect, and as they work together, their chemistry is undeniable. But how can two very different women find love together?


As promised, my #BLM, #AOC, and #BIPOC content on my website will remain indefinitely for anyone who wants or needs it. It's important so it will not be taken down. If anyone has suggestions for an addition, feel free to send the info my way. Thanks!

BIPOC Author & Resource list
Click on the BAM graphic below to see the full list of #OwnVoices & BIPOC WLW fiction Authors in our community, and their genres, that are listed on my website. 

  • If you are a black or indigenous author of color, or know an author who is not listed below, please send me a message and I'll include them next month. THIS LIST IS NOT GOING AWAY!

Thanks to KD Williamson for this graphic

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