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Happy book release, friends! As you probably already know, Children of the Stars released yesterday and is currently available for download. I'm SUPER excited to bring my own brand of hero book to your shelves. It's  a long one so plan for a couple days if you give it a go. But look at this cover by Ann McMan, isn't it gorgeous?

Oh, and HEY, check out my brand new author spotlight, the Author Astronaut of the Month. Starting this month, my newsletter will include a brand new component at the bottom. I will add an author spotlight, featuring one of my fellow authors. (in my own unique style) The inaugural debut was gifted to K.D. Williams who gave me the phenomenal idea. Thanks, KD!

If you remember, I entered multiple books from the 2019 publishing season across 4 different awards. (Lambda Literary, Golden Crown Literary Society, Rainbow Awards, and Lesfic Bard Awards) My goal this year was to win 2 awards for any of my books. The only award with results to day was the Rainbow Awards, which I got a 3rd runner up in the sci-fi category. Still crossing my fingers, let's hope for a win or two elsewhere. 

As usual, keep watching for my promotional work over the next few months on the following sites.

  • Golden Crown Literary Society - What winning a Goldie means to me (on the banner at the bottom)
  • GCLS Book Club will feature Children of the Stars as the March read. You can see what's coming by joining the GCLS Members-only Book Club Facebook page. Note: you must be a GCLS member to join in.
  • - Read about my Dessert Island Book choices.
  • Jae Author - I've sent 3 books to be used in Jae's new The F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge coming in 2020

Publishing Updates:

  • Children of the Stars is available for purchase
  • My editor has Remember Me, Synthetica in her hot little hands and I'm expecting the 1st pass back soon. This novel is scheduled to release mid year. (June/July)
  • No covers yet for Remember Me, Synthetica and The Lost Temple of Psiere, but I'm hoping to see something from my publisher maybe sometime this month.
  • Don't forget, all my short stories, as well as my short and long fan fiction can be found FREE on AO3.

Writing Updates

  • Remember Me, Synthetica and The Lost Temple of Psiere are complete and awaiting the loving gaze of an editor.
  • NEW STORY ALERT!! Sadly, my fickle muse decided they didn't WANT to write about any of the 4 cool books I conceived of last year. My mind started thinking about contemporary romance, and how I don't read it much with the exception of a few tropes, and I certainly can't WRITE it on the regular. That made me think about my favorite tropes but in a speculative fiction Myth World was born. My own fantasy world where I can write standalone "contemporary trope" fantasy novels. So yeah, I'm currently 21,000 words into a funny, fantasy, fauxmance between a half-elven swordswoman with a snarky elven steed, and a dragon shapeshifter. Good times. The Myth World map is at the bottom, because...of COURSE I have a map. But I don't yet have a name for the fauxmance I'm working on. <grin>

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Now for my links:

Supercorp First Kisses Collection 
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The Lesbian Review: Reviewer Profile


As always, thank you for your continued support, because a voice is nothing without people to hear. Read, rate, and review. I'm always glad to answer emails and love to see feedback. Drop me a line for all questions, comments, and criticisms. I genuinely want to get better and I'm open to all. Thank you, my friends!


K. Aten

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Name: KD Williamson
Publisher: Dirt Road Books
Reason you started writing: Too many voices in my head. Had to get them out. I discovered writing in high school
Next book to release & when: Just released one in December, Big Girl Pill
Why we should read it: It's full of heart, laughter with a little bit of heat thrown in.
Genres that you've written: Contemporary Romance and Drama
List of published books:Cops and Docs Series, Pink and my new one Big Girl Pill
Name something you're proud of in regards to your writing: I'm very big on creating characters that read like real people.
Click HERE to see all of KD's books on Amazon.

Cats or Dogs: Both! I have three pugs and two cats.
Coffee/Tea/Water: Coffee
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: Machete and wits
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: I used to. Was very into Rizzzles, Swanqueen and SuperCat

[What is fan fiction]

Click the book cover below to see KD's newest release!


No name cover mockup


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