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Happy birthday month to me. September is my favorite month, fall is my favorite season and I don't know about you all but I'm ready to kick 2020 to the curb! I filled my bingo card three times and the bad stuff is still happening. 😲
On a lighter note, check out my profile picture. I took a group photo with my coworkers jut to prove that they're a bunch of slackers! Maya is in the chair, Jill is the doggo, and Clark is the tubby boi in gray and white.

As promised, my #BLM, #AOC, and #BIPOC content in my newsletter and on my website will remain indefinitely for anyone who wants or needs it. It's important so it will not be taken down. If anyone has suggestions for an addition, feel free to send the info my way. Thanks!

KD Williamson recently featured me in her Grrl On Fire spotlight/hot sauce testing video. You may not know this but I absolutely adore Kym, she's a real hoot! Anyway, the hot sauce we all tried (including my wife and KD's wife) was the hottest thing I've ever put in my mouth, AND it tasted terrible. Not even good flavor for all that pain! KD was nice enough to put sound effects in. Click on the image below to watch the YouTube video.

I'm featuring the images by Holly Bunn again this month, except I'm adding another image. I don't have any others in mind right now but I've had a request to commission Alex and Emily from Remember Me, Synthetica. But what do YOU all thing? Drop me a message on Facebook, Twitter, or just respond to this newsletter with your favorite romantic pair in my books. I'll commission whichever pair gets the most votes. Personally I could totally picture nerdy Jamie and curvaceous Kelsey from Rules of the Road!
You can send Holly a message on Twitter, Instagram, or just email  ( her if you're interested. Or drop me a line and tell me if you like the art. 
#funfact - The outfits worn by Castellan and Olivienne above are from The Lost Temple of Psiere, which will come out November 1st.


Author Spotlight
September's Author Astronaut of the Month Jodi Hutchins. Jodi is a healthcare worker by day and writer by night. Along with taking entirely too many photos of their four cats, they drink coffee strong enough to hold up a spoon, pretend to harbor an artistic talent, bake more things than they can possibly eat, and hike with their spouse and children as often as they can despite the omnipresent rain of Western Washington.

In a weird turn of events I received an email from the Bi Writer's Association inviting me to enter the Bisexual Book Awards. Apparently someone suggested that Remember Me, Synthetica would be a good candidate for this year's award because there were pan, bi, etc main characters. Some of you who follow my fiction may have noticed that I've been writing more and more MCs without clearly defined sexuality, usually running toward bi or pan. My wife is bi...I'm queer-of-bi but I don't like labels. I like what I like. Surprised? Rest assured, I'm ALL about the f/f romantic pairs and my fiction won't stray away from that. 

I also entered Synthetica in the Otherwise Awards, which used be be known as the James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award. The main focus of the award is in encouraging the exploration & expansion of gender. I'm planning to enter Children of the Stars and Remember Me, Synthetica in the Goldie Awards soon. I'll enter The Lost Temple of Psiere as well after it releases on November 1st. Other awards I'm looking at are The Rainbow Awards, Lesfic Bard Awards, and possibly Lambda Literary if I have the 3 hard copies required for that one. Wish me luck!

Burn it Down was featured on Autostraddle when they posted an article a few months ago titled: Eight Great Angsty Lesbian Romance Books. I'm proud to say my novel was one of the eight. It was pretty exciting that my dark horse contemporary dramatic romance would get so much traction with the reading community. Click on the article title to check it out.

Writing Updates:

  • With the completion of my Lost Temple edit pass, and much of my renovation done, I've attempted to get back to normal with my writing. It's still very hard (like dragging a wagon through wet cement) but I'm making progress. Elemental Attraction is up to 51,000 words and I'm currently writing chapter 11. Do you want me to include an excerpt in next month's newsletter? If so, let me know. As a side note, the excerpts I sent to Patty Schramm were funny enough that she begged to be one of my beta readers for it. This is the funny, fantasy, fauxmance.
Updated blurb for Elemental Attraction
      Two people find themselves in a quandary. Aderri—a powerful dragon shifter with some light defensive magic and Ellys—a half-elven swordswoman for hire, one of the best across the six nations. 
      When Aderri gets news that she must come home for the naming ceremony of a new hatchling, she's forced to hire Ellys to see her safely across a nation on the brink of war and into her home country. Of course things are never simple as they seem. Not only do they have to traverse the land between two hostile kingdoms, but Aderri's Clan expects her to return with a romantic interest. So, for the added promise of triple Ellys' normal fee, the half-elf agrees to pretend to be Aderri's suitor.
      Ellys and Aderri have to convince a Clan full of magical mixed-shifters for a week that creatures of differing elements can burn with the flames of love. Caught between the weight of the past and expectations of the future, they must find their true destiny within the heat of fire.

Publishing Updates:

  • The Lost Temple of Psiere is currently sitting with the 2nd editor. I've completed the updated glossary and map, as well as the dedication/acknowledgements. We are definitely on track for a clean release on November 1st. I've had a lot of people asking me about this one and all I can say is that it's better than the first book. Very similar to how the Arrow of Artemis books got better as you went along. No pressure for the 3rd Mystery of the Makers novel though, right? 
  • Regal Crest Enterprises will be under new ownership as of January 1st, 2020.The publishing company was bought by our Author Liaison's company, Flashpoint Publications. Patty Schramm has some great ideas going forward and I'm excited for this next evolutionary step for the RCE stable of authors. I will miss my publisher, Cathy, more than I can express but now she'll have time to spend with the grandbabies. 
  • Because of the changes, if you were previously planning on submitting a manuscript to RCE, go ahead and send it to Flashpoint instead. Most of the stuff will not change with the exception of potentially adding services that RCE previously didn't have. 
  • I've also taken over post scheduling for the Regal Crest Twitter page (Which will convert to Flashpoint January 1st), the Regal Crest Facebook page, AND the Flashpoint Facebook page. How fun. LOL
  • Do you need reading material but don't have a big budget right now? Don't forget, all my short stories, as well as my short and long fan fiction can be found FREE on AO3.


Podcasts & Panels
The Lesbian Talk Show - Book clip and talk show links:

~Sheena is joined by K Aten to discuss Food And Fated Love
~The Sovereign of Psiere Book Clip
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The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 26b - Interview with K. Aten
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GCLS Fanfic 201: Expanding your Fanfic Reach
Curve Virtual Festival Supernatural Storytelling Presented by The Golden Crown Literary Society
K Aten’s 3 Top Books Of 2018

Now for my links:

Supercorp First Kisses Collection 
Adventures of an Awkward Scientere 
My Amazon Author Page 
My Goodreads Author Page 
Regal Crest Author Page 
The Lesbian Review: Reviewer Profile


As always, thank you for your continued support, because a voice is nothing without people to hear. Read, rate, and review. I'm always glad to answer emails and love to see feedback. Drop me a line for all questions, comments, and criticisms. I genuinely want to get better and I'm open to all. Thank you, my friends!


K. Aten

Author at Regal Crest Enterprises
"Some words end the silence, others begin it."



Name: Jodi Hutchins  (they/them/theirs)
Publisher: NineStar Press
Reason you started writing: I started writing as a teen when I couldn't find many books with queer characters and what little I could find back in the early 2000's almost always fell into the bury-your-gays trope.

Next book to release & when: My life has taken a temporary turn away from writing. I've recently gone back to school to finish my degree in order to apply for nursing school and I'm also homeschooling my kiddos during the pandemic. K. Aten notes: Jodi's novel, Grimmer Intentions, released in December 2019. It is the sequel to The Grim Assistant.
Why we should read it: -- K. Aten notes: Jodi didn't answer this question because they didn't haven any brand new books out. However I did. haven't read the second book yet but I read the first one and reviewed for The Lesbian Review back in the day. My take away when finishing the 1st book: “That was a really freaking cute book!”. I've heard the 2nd book was even better. Click the link to see the TLR review.
Genres that you've written: Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance.
List of published books/novellas:

  •  The Grim Assistant (Tales from the Grim Book 1)
  • Grimmer Intentions (Tales from the Grim Book 2)
  • Rekindled Love
  • Snowed In: Nikki and Brynn
  • Yule Love Her 

Click HERE to see all of Jodi's books on Amazon.US.

Cats or Dogs: I adore cats and have four (Oakley, Patches, Thackeray Binx, and Gollum) but I also have an incredible doggo named Bentley Finnegan. 🐈🙀 K. Aten notes: They all sound so fun but I really want to know howThackeray Binx got their hame! 💕
Coffee/Tea/Water: Coffee, coffee, COFFEE. I wouldn't survive without coffee.
Weapon of choice during Zombie Apocalypse: I'd have to say my cast iron skillet because we don't have any real weapons in the house and I know how to wield that thing! 
K. Aten notes: I's practical and makes a mean peach upside down cake. That's what I use mine for. 🍑🎂🍳
Hobbies: I've recently taken up sewing but I also crochet, read, paint, and hike if I have the time. K. Aten notes: So...not busy at all then, right? 🤣
Do you fanfic? If so, favorite ship: I wish I had the time to fanfic. Maybe one day!

Twitter: @HutchinsJodi
Click Jodi's most recent release below to see its listing on Amazon.US.

Grimmer Intentions (Tales from the Grim Book 2) by Jodi Hutchins
      She screwed up. She broke protocol. She saved a life. Grim Reaper Margo Petrov may have resurrected a drowned surfer on the brink of death, but she isn’t earning any awards or receiving employee of the month from Corporate; she’s under more scrutiny from the Grim governing body than ever before. Since she has a massive secret that could spell disaster if revealed, she sure as hell doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, in any form.

      Margo vows to keep her head down and stay out of trouble, reaping her quota of spirits lest she cause more problems for herself and the woman she saved with an illegal blood bond. She certainly shouldn’t be opening doors to the Fae lands or offering her neck to an Empusa woman suffering from bloodlust, but Margo’s laundry list of bad decisions keeps growing. With the threat of becoming decommissioned by Corporate looming in her periphery, Margo stumbles deeper into the politics of her people and soon realizes their intentions are far worse than she initially thought.



BIPOC Author & Resource list

Thanks to KD Williamson for this graphic

#OwnVoices & BIPOC F/F fiction Authors in our community
If you are a black or indigenous author of color, or know an author who is not listed below, please send me a message and I'll include them next month. THIS LIST IS NOT GOING AWAY!
Amazon Author Page Links (99 and counting)
Alice Walker - Romance
Allysyn Jones - Romance, Erotica, Humor

Alyssa Cole - Historical Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
AM McKnight - Romance, Short Stories

Aminah Mae Safi - Romance, Young Adults
Anna Stone - Romance

Anne Shade - Erotica
Anondra Williams - Fantasy, Science Fiction
April Sinclair - Historical Fiction, Young Adults
Arizona X Tape - Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
Ava Freeman - Romance
Becky Birtha - Poetry, Short Stories
CB Lee - Science Fiction, Young Adults

Celeste Castro - Romance, Horror, Paranormal
Cheryl A. Head - Crime, Mystery
Chinelo Okparanta - Historical Fiction
Darlene Burns - Horror, Science Fiction

Delores Cremm - Historical Fiction, Drama, Short Stories
Destiny Hawkins - Science Fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Teen, Young Adults, Short Stories
Dillon Watson - Romance
Eija Jimenez - Romance

Elizebeth Andre - Romance, Thriller, Paranormal
Fiona Zedde - Action, Erotica, Romance
Gabrielle Goldsby - Romance, Historical
Ileandra Young - Fantasy, Science Fiction
J. Nichole - Romance
J.Y. Yang - Fantasy, Science Fiction

Jacqueline Koyanagi - Science Fiction
Jade Winters - Romance, Short Stories
Jennifer Linsky - Science Fiction, Romance
Jewelle Gomez - Erotica, Play (Theatre), Poetry, Short Stories
Junauda Petrus - Play (Theatre), Romance, Young Adults

K Arsenault Rivera - Fantasy
K. Ancrum - Romance, Young Adults
Kalynn Bayron - Young Adults
Katrina Jackson - Romance
KD Williamson - Action, Romance
Ki Love - Action, Science Fiction

Krystal Smith - Science Fiction, Short Stories, Romance
La Toya Hankins - Romance
Larissa Lai - Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction
LaShonda Katrice Barnett - Historical Fiction
Laurinda D. Brown - Erotica

Lea Santos - Romance
Leah Johnson - Romance, Young Adults
LM Bennett - Poetry, Short Stories, Lesbian Studies
Lynda Sandoval - Romance, Young Adults
Makeda Silvera - Romance, Short Stories

Malinda Lo - Young Adults
Mason Dixon - Romance
MB Guel - Teen, Young Adults
Mercedes Lewis - Poetry
Mia McKenzie - Drama
Misa Sugiura - Romance, Young Adults

Monique 'B.T' Thomas - Romance, Drama
Nalo Hopkinson - Science Fiction, Short Stories

Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk - Erotica, Short Stories, Romance
Nghi Vo - Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction
Nicky Drayden - Speculative Fiction
Nik Nicholson - Historical Fiction, Poetry
Nikki Harmon - Romance, Science Fiction
Nikki Rashan - Romance
Nisi Shawl - Fantasy, Horror, Short Stories
Octavia Reese - Children, Speculative Fiction

Penny Mickelbury - Mystery
Rachel E. Bailey - Fantasy, Romance
Raven ShadowHawk - Erotica

Rebekah Weatherspoon - Erotica, Romance
Rivers Solomon - Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction
RJ Samuel - Romance, Suspense
S. Renée Bess - Mystery, Short Stories
Sara Farizan - Teen, Young Adult
Shamim Sharif - Action, Historical Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Young Adults
Sheree L. Greer - Drama, Short Stories
Sheryn Munir - Romance
Shonia Brown - Drama, Romance
Skyy - Romance

Sonora Ryes - Young Adults
Stephanie Andrea Allen - Science Fiction, Short Stories, Speculative Fiction
Tanai Walker - Paranormal, Thriller
Tasha Suri - Fantasy, Young Adults

Tenea D. Johnson - Horror, Poetry, Science Fiction, Short Stories, Speculative Fiction
V Castro - Paranormal, Horror, Erotica
V.A. Fearon - Crime

Yolanda Wallace - Romance
Zaina Arafat - Drama

Zen Cho - Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Zoraida Córdova - Fantasy, Romance, Young Adults

#BLM support pages with many resources links
Black Lives Matter Resources
BOMB Magazine
Lecture In Progress
Time Out
FINIMPACT (UK business resource)

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PBS - 10 Black Authors To Read
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