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A return to innocence

Where there is innocence, there is also a sense or feeling of right relationship and simplicity. A beautiful feeling of trust and love.

Isn’t this photo delightful? The fingers of our three month old daughter of our niece, gently resting on the hands of my two sisters. There is such an element of trust and love and beauty.

(Photo with thanks to Leigh Gardiner)

None of us wish to be a helpless babe again, but we can experience those feelings of right relationship, simplicity and joy again. Our soul is always sending us messages of some kind, in order to lead us to wholeness.

In working with soul inner healing, we discover more about ourselves to allow our soul expression using imagination and creativity - leading to a clearer understanding of ourselves and our soul consciousness.

We are spiritual beings regardless of our own personal faith. And allowing our soul more expression of its inner light is complementary to our own faith. Our soul gives us messages through the metaphysical symptoms as well.

As adults, working with soul is such an empowering thing to gift yourself, and I love guiding adults this way to resolve problems or loss, or to find out more about themselves with self understanding. My work with soul is to bring more of a sense of wholeness to you.

With children, they are able to be in touch with their soul so easily when they work in this safe and powerful manner. The delight in a child’s eyes as they resolve a problem in the sand or paint is such an honour to witness.

The benefits ripple out through your life to those close to you and at work, as you work in holistic processes to become unstuck, reconnect and recover from past loss, and restore the parts of you that were hidden or forgotten.

It’s at the very heart of us.
And this can empower us to go forward and be the best that we can be.
Please feel welcome to contact me if you wish to know more or book into an individual session.

You are so much more than you believe yourself to be. 

"Learning to live from your heart helps you to live authentically instead of the way you were conditioned through experience."  
COMING SOON: The new, self paced, online program for improving your own self wellbeing and understanding will be released in the next couple of weeks. More details soon.
Many blessings,

Karen Curran
Transpersonal Art and Sandplay Therapist

Holistic Counsel - one on one in studio or online working with soul using creative processes - we can let go of the old stories we tell ourselves. We can live a different and more empowered way.

Holistic therapies such as Sandplay, art, music, visualisation journeying, mindfulness meditation, and writing or movement can truly surprise you in helping you with loss, or feeling stuck, or grief or trauma, or the feeling of something gnawing at you to know ...

If you aspire to a more vibrant life but feel something is hidden or unknown within is holding you back from expressing your full potential - either in personal or in work or relationships - I look forward to you getting in touch.


DISCLAIMER: Working with soul for inner healing is not a medical treatment. It is intended to inspire you to reflect on your own personal journey to wellbeing. It is not intended to replace care best provided by qualified professionals, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 
However, it is complementary to medical treatments in that it can assist you and empower you to make the right choices for yourself as you work towards wellbeing of body, soul and spirit.
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