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What's happening in the Dental Sleep Medicine industry?

Below are updates in the dental sleep medicine industry, hand-picked from our expert faculty at Tucker Educational Excellence.  Enjoy!

 "If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, you need a team".  John Wooden

2019 World Sleep Congress - Did you go?


I was asked to speak during the 2019 World Sleep Congress in Vancouver, and it was an incredibly monumental and impactful experience for myself, and I am sure for other attending dentists involved in this area of practice.  My intention is to share my experience, in hopes of drawing attention to such a great organization - offering progressive strategies and methods in the area of Airway and Breathing Disorders.  I encourage my fellow dental professionals, involved in any capacity of sleep, to consider attending the next World Sleep Congress in 2021.  It won’t disappoint, as there was something worthwhile for any level of involvement in dental sleep medicine.

I was asked to speak on the topic of "Patient Management Before and After OA Insertion", and to say I was delighted would be an understatement.  In fact, I would be so bold as to say it was the pinnacle of my speaking/teaching career. The focus of my keynote presentation was based on the clinical aspects of how we manage the sleep related breathing disordered patient.  The best part, I was included in a group of professionals that got to focus on the research, the evidence and the data.  I was able to offer findings through science and practical implementation on what actually happens in a clinical setting. After my lecture, a few keynote speakers commented that they appreciated the clinical setting discussion, as most dentists and team members find hurdles here, which oftentimes makes them want to give up. 

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A few pictures from the congress.

Amplification course with a special breakout session - Just for the team

Nationwide Courses

A HUGE draw to our Tucker Educational Excellence Amplification courses are the special breakout sessions JUST FOR THE TEAM.  A first of its kind, this program was developed exclusively for team members involved in sleep and airway health, and is presented during one of the two-day seminars, 'Airway and Breathing Disorders Amplified'.  Dentists and team members are all together for merged learning on one day, and the team breaks away on their own for the following day.  Tammy Caldwell does a fantastic job leading the breakout segment, 'Clinical Management of Your Dental Sleep Medicine Patients' and shares critical protocols with team members that will help them thrive in their respective roles.

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Pictures from the breakout session in Chicago with Tammy Caldwell.

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Article spotlight

A concise recap and take away message

Is an epidemic of sleeplessness increasing the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease?

Louisa Lyon

Brain, Volume 142, Issue 6, June 2019, Page e30

Published: 01 April 2019


 (Recap)  Approximately 15% of Alzheimer’s disease cases in the population may be attributed to sleep problems. That was the sobering conclusion of a recent meta-analysis of 27 studies containing a total of almost 70,000 participants (Bubu et al., 2017). People with sleep problems were found to have an approximately 1.5 times greater risk of Alzheimer’s disease than those with normal sleep. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has pointed to a ‘global epidemic of sleeplessness’ with roughly two-thirds of adults sleeping less than 8 h a night. Are too many of us getting too little sleep and, in so doing, increasing our risk?

(Take-Away-Message)  Helping people to sleep better with less disturbed and fragmented sleep may have long-term implications as it relates to neurodegenerative diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  There may also be a relationship to intermittent hypoxia that is associated with sleep related breathing disorders.

Articles and studies of interest related to obstructive sleep apnea

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Below are a few sourced articles that can help in educating on the topic of airway and breathing disorders in the dental space.

Do you dabble?

Master instead

Are you a dentist who 'dabbles' in the dental treatment of airway and breathing disorders?  TEE offers an Amplification course, designed to turn the dabbler into the master.  We hope to see you in the classroom soon!
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Looking for a friend in the area of team training, medical billing and diagnostics?

We know people

The main hurdles in dental sleep medicine success are training the team, obtaining a diagnosis, and getting paid.  TEE has teamed up with some pretty amazing rockstars, and we are willing to share.

-Team Training-
If the team needs more than a two-day TEE Amplification course, OSA University has a great program.

-Obtaining a Diagnosis-
Let the experts do what they do best. has been many dental offices go-to for diagnostics.

-Getting Paid-
Pristine Medical Billing is the only billing service dedicated to OSA in the dental office, who can turn frustrations into opportunities.

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