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December 2021

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Leadership is Essential
Janice Jackson's HOPE Chicago


Dr. Janice K. Jackson, former CEO of Chicago Public Schools and graduate of the UIC Urban Education Leadership Program, is the new CEO of Hope Chicago. Hope Chicago (Hope) was co-founded by Pete Kadens and Ted Koenig, both Chicago businessmen and entrepreneurs, who are committed to increasing economic opportunity and decreasing poverty across Chicago. As Chicago is facing escalating violence, the effects of systematic racism and generational poverty, coupled with a slow recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no better time for a bold initiative like Hope Chicago. Residents on the South and West sides face death, job loss, housing insecurities and lack of access to resources at a far higher rate than other parts of the city. More than 32% of Black families live in poverty in Chicago. Additionally, Black and Hispanic residents lag far behind White residents in post-secondary attainment. Racial segregation and poverty costs Chicago over $4 billion in lost economic activity each year. Chicago is becoming two cities and it will not survive unless we collectively extend prosperity to all communities.

Hope Chicago is the solution which seeks to disrupt the higher education ecosystem with our scale while simultaneously uplifting Chicago families and communities through our unique two-generation model. Hope will provide emergency funding and wraparound services to all students in the first cohort of CPS schools, ensuring that all students and interested parents graduate college debt-free and are set-up for future success. As a result of these life changing impacts, Hope aspires to see an increase in household income, lower unemployment, and a reduction in violence in targeted neighborhoods.

Hope is dedicated to removing the barriers that hold low-income, first generation college students back. We will provide last dollar scholarship support to guarantee that Hope Chicago scholars graduate debt-free. In addition, we will provide counseling, mentoring and other necessary wraparound services to students starting in 9th grade to make sure they make it to and through their post-secondary journey. Additional support includes emergency funding to cover unexpected expenses. We will serve over 70,000 CPS students and help more than 24,000 achieve post-secondary success over the next decade.

Hope will also invite and support one parent or guardian of each Hope Chicago Scholar to increase their post-secondary attainment. Career and technical guidance will be provided to ensure that parents have the unique support they need to be placed in jobs that will help create immediate wealth for their families. Hope will serve more than 8,000 parents helping to increase workforce development and spur economic growth.

Chicago has a rich ecosystem of support for postsecondary access. Hope will enhance this with a laser focus on college completion and greater access as there are no GPA requirements. Hope Chicago is currently evaluating the services and success of college access partner organizations that operate within the schools described above. Our goal is to partner with these existing programs as our missions and services align. However, we know many of these partners already have a focused group of students they work with that may exclude some Hope Chicago Scholars.

Wraparound service funding would go to serve two purposes. First, we will provide financial support to help expand the services existing partners provide. Second, where necessary, we will hire Hope Chicago Counselors to fill in the provider gaps and service students that would otherwise not qualify for college access support.

The number one reason students drop out of school is financial. Here’s how you can help: 1) learn more about Hope by following us on all social media platforms @hopechicagoedu. 2) donate at and 3) ask your employer to consider adding Hope Chicago to your list of nonprofits to support.

Congratulations to Cohort 20!

Diamond Bogard - Teacher, Westinghouse College Prep

Marquis Butler - Teacher, Marquette School of Excellence

Violeta Cerna-Prado - 12th Grade Dean of Instruction, UIC College Prep

Teresa Chavez - Assistant Principal, Pablo Casals School of Excellence

Ayesha Crockett - Early College STEM Program Manager, Lake View High School

Mario Ford - Dean of Culture, Great Lakes Academy

Liz Goss - Principal, Legacy Charter School

Michael Gross - STEAM Integration Specialist, Uplift Community High School

Juan Hidalgo - English Language Program Teacher, Rachel Carson Elementary

Araceli Ibarra - Assistant Principal, Eli Whitney Elementary

David Jaramillo - Math/Science GED Instructor, DC Public Charter Schools

Kayla McCabe - Instructional Support Leader, CPS 

Greta Mitchell Williams - Grade Level Principal 11th Grade, Proviso Township High Schools D209

Claudia Muñoz - Teacher, CPS Funston Elementary

Samuel Rasch - Teacher, South Shore International College Prep

Latonia Reynolds - Lead Teacher, Piccolo School of Excellence

Matthew Rosenberg- High School Mathematics Specialist, CPS Office of Teaching and Learning

Vanessa Ruiz - 12th Grade Dean, Chicago Bulls College Preparatory

Ernesto Saldivar, Jr - Director of Language Acquisition, Proviso Township High School District #209

Mark Wesolowski - Special Education Administrator, High School Network 14, CPS

UIC Urban Education Leadership Program Proudly Announces December 2021 EdD Graduates
On December 11th, the UIC EdD program graduated nine students who each successfully defended their capstone.
Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Buys 
December graduate and successful Capstone Defense
Dr. Daniel Buys (Cohort 15) successfully defended his final capstone, “Navigating the Assistant Principal Role to Organize School Improvement”. Dr. Buys is currently assistant principal of Morgan Park High School. Prior to becoming assistant principal at Morgan Park in 2018, Dr. Buys completed his residency at Solorio Academy High School.
Congratulations to Dr. Romian Crockett
December graduate and successful Capstone Defense
Dr. Romian Crockett (Cohort 13) has successfully defended his capstone, “Establishing Purposeful Classrooms, While Building Teacher Leaders in a Marginalized School.” Dr. Crockett is currently in his 6th year as the principal of Thomas Chalmers Elementary School of Excellence. Dr. Crockett is a lifelong resident of Chicago, a graduate of Chicago Public Schools, a former teacher at Fenger High School, and a former Resident Principal at Chavez Multicultural Academic Center. Dr. Crockett takes the work extremely personally because he was the student that is currently in front of him today.
Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Foss 
December graduate and successful Capstone Defense
Dr. Jennifer Foss (Cohort 13) has successfully defended her capstone: "Creating Organizational Change to Promote Equity in an International School." Dr. Foss is currently the Director of Student Support at Singapore American School. Prior to moving to Singapore, Dr. Foss served in Chicago Public Schools for over 17 years as a teacher and IB-MYP coordinator at Peirce Elementary School and as assistant principal at Kilmer Elementary School.
Congratulations to Dr. Derrick Kimbrough
December graduate and successful Capstone Defense
Dr. Derrick Kimbrough (Cohort 11) successfully defended his final capstone, “Cultivating a Climate While Building Trust and Leveraging the Organization.” Dr. Kimbrough currently serves as the assistant principal at Skinner North Classical School where he has worked for four years. Prior to working at Skinner North, Derrick held administrative positions at Nicholson, Lorca, and Fulton.
Congratulations to Dr. Michael Kosko
December graduate and successful Capstone Defense
Dr. Michael Kosko (Cohort 15) has successfully defended his capstone: “Empowering Educators to Carry Out Cycles of Inquiry for Improving Math Achievement." Dr. Kosko is currently assistant principal at Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School. Prior to joining the Bell community in 2018, he served as STEM Initiatives Manager in Chicago Public School's STEM Department and chair of the Science and CTE departments at Al Raby School for Community and Environment.
Congratulations to Dr. Sherisse Lucas
December graduate and successful Capstone Defense
Dr. Sherisse A. Lucas (Cohort 14) has successfully defended her capstone: "Leading From the Sidelines: Leveraging District-Level Leadership to Facilitate Cycles of Inquiry." Dr. Lucas is currently the assistant principal of Mahalia Jackson Elementary School, where she has been since 2020. Prior to becoming assistant principal at M. Jackson, Dr. Lucas held the role of Instructional Support Leader (ISL) with Chicago Public Schools for four years. Throughout her 18 years in education, Dr. Lucas has been a relentless champion for all students to have access to high quality Tier 1 instruction.
Congratulations to Dr. Grace Moody
December graduate and successful Capstone Defense 
Dr. Grace Moody (Cohort 14) has successfully completed her capstone: "A New Principal’s Journey to Gain Confidence and Build Capacity in Her Instructional Leadership Team." Dr. Moody is currently the principal of Alcott College Prep HS where she began as AP in 2012. Prior to being the principal and AP at Alcott she was a dean and teacher at Jones College Prep HS and technology coordinator and teacher at Oscar Mayer ES.
Congratulations to Dr. Andy Rhodes
December graduate and successful Capstone Defense
Dr. Andy Rhodes (Cohort 13) successfully defended his capstone "Advancing Culture at a Divers, "High Performing" Urban School."  Dr. Rhodes has been Assistant Principal of South Loop Elementary for the past five years where he has focused on the intersection of climate and culture.  Dr. Rhodes is also a founding member of Teachers Supporting Teachers, a nonprofit working in partnership with CPS to mobilize and support teachers to have a lasting impact in their schools. 
Congratulations to Dr. Rebecca Shick
December graduate and successful Capstone Defense
Dr. Lorelei Rebeca Shick (Cohort 13) has successfully defended her capstone: "Development of Teacher Responsiveness to the Needs of Students through Equity Grounded Cycles of Adult Learning in an Urban Elementary School." Dr. Shick is currently the assistant principal at John B. Murphy Elementary School.  Shick began her teaching career at Murphy in 2006 as a classroom teacher.  Shick completed her residency at Murphy during the 2015-2016 school year and moved to the AP role in the fall of 2016. Dr. Shick continues to work with staff to develop instructional practices rooted in equity and responsive to the needs of our school community through cycles of adult learning.
Congratulations to Dr. Tai Basurto
CPS Game Changer and recent panelist 

This month we are spotlighting Dr. Tai Basurto (Cohort 12) who was recently acknowledged as the Network 10 Game Changer. The Game Changer distinction identifies Dore as “family and community centered,” and the theme of “Community” runs through all of Tai's leadership work.  Now in her fifth year as principal at Dore Elementary School, Tai’s capstone portrays Dore’s professional community in, “Cultivating Teacher Leadership for Instructional Improvement in Changing Contexts,”  just completed this past Spring. 

In fact, 2021 has been a memorable year for Tai because of the many communities of which she is a part.  She is a CPS Principal Fellow, as well as a mentor for Michael Marzano (Cohort 15) first year principal at Marquette. As the leader of a Fund-sponsored PLC, Maximizing Teacher Leadership and Learning, she regularly sees PLC member Katie Magnuson (Cohort 10)  Principal at Skinner North Elementary.

Tai emphasizes that these engagements in professional communities are important learning experiences for her.  In fact, she has developed a strength area where she once had little knowledge or experience:  Early Childhood Education.  Taking advantage of UIC Stone Foundation scholarships for early learning leaders, Tai has supported her Early Childhood leadership learning at Dore while at the same time opening a second building for K-8 so that the original Dore building could become a CPS Early Learning Center, feeding six different elementary schools in the area.  She has deepened her learning by participating in the Beginning Early Learning Leaders (BELL) initiative of CPS and the Fund, which connects in turn to the work of VOCEL (Viewing Our Children as Emerging School Leaders), a not-for-profit that “partners with schools and organizations in under resourced communities.”  Tai’s views on leading early learning are featured in a VOCEL video on The Power of School Leaders, in which Tai explains, “I remain grounded in fierce optimism,” a term she happily borrows from past CPS CEO Janice Jackson

Last month, Tai was also featured in a national webinar on school leadership by Education Trust, and that webinar will be posted on In a discussion on leading recovery in an ongoing pandemic, Tai remarks that “You can’t do it alone; you need a leadership community.” The principalship is a notoriously lonely, isolated position.  Tai’s investments not only in the Dore community but in professional communities of leaders have given her strength and support in the most trying of times. 

Congratulations to Dr. Rita Raichoudhuri
Panelist at Ed Summit
Dr. Rita Raichoudhuri (Cohort 9) was recently featured as a panelist in The Education Trust-Midwest’s inaugural summit, Ed Summit 2021: Building a Movement, Building Hope alongside the well-known author Karin Chenoweth. Dr. Raichoudhuri spoke on the importance of having diverse educators, emphasizing the interconnections between educator talent, racial and linguistic diversity, as well as culturally and linguistic responsive practices.  Dr. Rita Raichoudhuri began her tenure as superintendent of Kalamazoo Public Schools on June 1, 2020. A native of California, Raichoudhuri has almost two decades of experience in education. She worked for Chicago Public Schools prior to joining Kalamazoo Public Schools. She was the executive director of Early College and Career Education for CPS from 2017 to May 2020, and during that time she implemented processes and systems of support to provide students with rigorous, relevant, college-level, hands-on, and career-focused courses and facilitated the design and implementation of high-quality STEM learning environments.

UIC Contributions to University Council of Educational Administration

The University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA) had its first in-person convention since the pandemic in Columbus, OH in November and a notable number of Ed.D/CUEL faculty and students contributed to this year's program and/or to the organization more generally.  UCEA is a premier national organization in the field of educational leadership. It represents a consortium of roughly 110 higher education institutions that are committed to advancing the preparation and practices of educational leaders for the benefit of schools and children.  In addition to their contributions to the UCEA convention, both Dr. Shelby Cosner and Dr. Jason Salisbury are active on governance structures of UCEA.  In 2019 Cosner, who had been a member of the organization's plenum since 2012, was elected to the organization's 9-member Executive Committee. Since 2019 Jason Salisbury has taken Cosner's vacated spot on the UCEA plenum, which includes a representative from each of the member institutions. 


We are excited to report that this year's program included a number of individuals from our Ed.D./CUEL community including but not limited to the following : 

  • Dr. Irby had a significant presence at the conference and among other things facilitated a Networking Table:  Designing Qualitative Studies with Ann Ishimaru from the University of Washington; Critical Conversations session on "Strengthening Antiracist Educational Leaders in Turbulent Times." He also facilitated a session that engaged other EdD colleagues and Alum, which is elaborated below. 

  • In addition to Dr. Cosner's UCEA governance role she also collaborated with Dr. Barron to give two presentations: 

    • ""How Are University-District Partnerships Using Improvement Science to Address Current Problems of Practice?"

    • "Shaping a Principal Supervisor Learning Design Through a Research-Practice Partnership."
  • Dr. Superfine collaborated with an EDPS Alum Dr. Craig DeVoto for a session on "School Leadership in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic”

  • EdD Alum Dr. Kyla Mathews (Cohort 15) (Assistant Principal, Simeon HS, CPS);  Dr. Amber Henderson (Cohort 13) (Principal, King Literacy and Fine Arts ES, Evanston, IL District 65); and Dr. Nakeisha Knight (Cohort 15) (Assistant Principal, Thornwood HS, District 205), presented with Drs. Irby, Salisbury and Allen, Jr. “B-Slides:  Urban School Leadership and the Undertold Stories of Instructional Improvement.”  Our Black practitioner-scholars presented what we refer to as B-Slides, undertold stories, and insights from their school-based action research projects that were designed to improve teachers' instruction and student outcomes.  Dr. Decoteau Irby was the facilitator.

  • EdD Alum Dr. Janice K. Jackson (Cohort 2), Former CEO Chicago Public Schools and current CEO of Chicago Hope  and a Senior Fellow with Carnegie, keynoted for the General Session:  “Superintendent Spotlight:  Lessons From a  Leader.” Her keynote address focused on equity issues she was able to move forward in Chicago, such as improving high school and college attainment nationwide and ensuring that African American, Latinx, and Indigenous students receive exemplary education and social and emotional support.

  • EdD Alum Dr. Paul Riskus (Cohort 13) presented “Leadership in Transition,” a case study of how an assistant principal navigated a principal transition.

  • Megan Richard, a CUEL research assistant and dissertator in the EDPS program, presented on "The Role of Districts in Supporting Emancipatory Leadership Practice Within Educational Market Contexts."

Congratulations to our Early Childhood Education Panelists 


Congratulations to Carrie Cole (Cohort 16) (Jamieson Assistant Principal), Dr. Sade Adekunle (Cohort 13) (Sayre Principal), Dr. Seth Lavin (Cohort 12) (Brentano Principal), and Dr. Chris Zelenka (Cohort 2) (Murphy Principal), who presented a well-received panel discussion on November 1 at the annual CPS Universal Preschool Administrator Training for North Side CPS school leaders with new PreK Programs.

Background:  The 2017 Stanford study showing 6 years of growth in five years of schooling in CPS noted that a disproportionate share of that “extra” learning came before the end of 3rd grade. Something important has been happening in P-3 in CPS that continued to show up in assessments right up to the time of the pandemic. CPS has made a multi-year commitment to increasing its capacity for strong PreK programs, and the Office of Early Childhood Education, led by Chief Brian Stokes, is working on multiple fronts to deepen the work in P-2 programming and Universal Preschool.  The annual Universal Preschool Administrator Training session offers principals with new PreK programs an opportunity to become part of a community of practice of other CPS principals with established programs.  This year, Stephanie Lerner (Cohort 16) Director of Early Childhood Programs, led her team in planning the Administrator Training session on November 1, and the four UIC leaders presented a panel discussion to share their experiences in leading exemplary PreK programs in their schools.   Professor Emeritus Dr. Steve Tozer moderated the panel, which highlighted early childhood leadership issues, presented on the new NAESP/National P-3 Center guide, Leading Learning Communities (2021), a unique resource for principals. 

Congratulations to Vince Iturralde
Superintendent Endorsement

Vincent Iturralde (Cohort 1) currently works with two Chicagoland area school districts as an Independent EdTech/Transformational Leadership Coach and has recently completed the Superintendent Endorsement process through UIC and is also in the process of completing his EdD. He has also worked for UIC’s CUEL as a Visiting Leadership Coach, and an Adjunct Professor at UIUC and Concordia Universities. Prior to these positions, he was the founding principal of the Tarkington School of Excellence for ten years, where he successfully coached and mentored 18 individuals to become outstanding principals and district leaders. Vincent was selected as a 2008 Leadership Greater Chicago Fellow and in 2009 received the Re-Generation Award for Excellence in Environmental Education by the U. S. Department of Green Building Council. He is an active member of the Illinois Principals Association and the International Society for Technology in Education. He is a strong advocate for the improvement and retention of highly qualified teachers in the neediest inner-city schools and continues to be an advocate for advancing the college and career path for K – 12 students

Congratulations to Daniel Perry
Superintendent Endorsement

Daniel Perry, the Chief of Schools for Network 13 in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), recently completed the Superintendent Endorsement process through UIC.  As a Network Chief of 31 CPS schools, Daniel is committed to continuous improvement efforts through cycles of teaching and learning, teaming structures, collective efficacy, and transparency.  Daniel began his educational career as a sixth-grade teacher in a Catholic school before joining CPS as a teacher at Bret Harte Elementary. Eventually, Daniel became the assistant principal of McDade Elementary while keeping his foot in the classroom by teaching technology and math in addition to his administrative duties. Daniel then served as the principal of Wacker Elementary and led the school out of probationary status before returning to McDade as principal. Under his leadership, Chicago magazine ranked McDade as seventh out of all CPS schools in 2016; McDade also ranked third in English Language Arts and eighth in Mathematics in the state of Illinois based on the PARCC exam in 2015.  Additionally, during his principalship, Daniel was a Chicago Principals Fellow as well as a CPS Mentor Principal.

The Chicago Principal Partnership
Spotlight on the Principal Engagement Survey and Spotlight on Dr. Will Daniels

The Chicago Principal Partnership has released the results of their 2021 Principal Engagement Survey. Since 2015, the survey has collected confidential information about principals’ experiences in schools; the results and trends over time continue to drive our work every day. This year, 60% of Chicago’s principals responded to the survey and were representative of the 512 principals serving in district schools. The survey results can be found here.

The Chicago Principal Partnership also highlighted Dr. William Daniels (Cohort 14) in their most recent newsletter.

Dr. Daniels is the former assistant principal of Lincoln Park High School and the new principal of Mollison Elementary School in Grand Boulevard. Principal Daniels is an alumnus of our Leadership Bridge program and our Aspiring Principal Professional Learning Community program.

In the spring of 2021, the Local School Council for Mollison Elementary in Bronzeville hired Dr. William Daniels to lead as principal. Under his stewardship, Daniels aims to build a culture of care at Mollison. 

As Mollison welcomes students back for the 2021-22 school year, Daniels’ top priorities are: 

(1) to provide intensive academic support to Mollison's youngest students,
(2) to coordinate re-engagement efforts for older students, and
(3) to extend social-emotional support to all.

As Daniels explored the possibility of a principalship, participating in our Aspiring Principal Professional Learning Community sessions (AP PLC) in 2019-2020 helped him solidify his goals. Daniels appreciated Assistant Principal Armando Rodriguez, one of the PLC session leaders, for providing "fundamental and sound advice about what it takes to be on the next level."

But Daniels did not stop there; he believes that "any time you have an opportunity to better yourself, you should take advantage of it." And Leadership Bridge was just that: as he puts it, Leadership Bridge was "a great opportunity for one to see gaps in their leadership that will take them to the next level." Principal Daniels worked closely with his program coach, Dr. Cynthia Barron at the University of Illinois-Chicago, during his year in the program. 

Despite participating during a pandemic and shifting to a virtual delivery, Daniels feels he gained a lot from his experience in Leadership Bridge. Particularly, Principal Daniels emphasized that his experience in Leadership Bridge with Dr. Barron reinforced the importance of community engagement. Daniels acknowledges that, in his previous roles, he had not "always had a strong community presence; I've had a presence, but it's varied." In his role now as principal of Mollison Elementary, Daniels is committed to working closely with school community members. He wants teachers, families, and the Local School Council to "feel like they have a partner in me" and to understand that he is always working in the students' best interest. 

The Fund is proud to have supported Dr. Daniels throughout his leadership journey and wishes him well at Mollison! We look forward to continuing our work with our partners at the University of Illinois-Chicago and Dr. Cynthia Barron to identify and support aspiring school leaders across the city.

The rest of the newsletter can be found here

Illinois Administrator Licensure Information

Is your Illinois Professional Educator License due for renewal next year in June 2022?

The answer to this question is at your fingertips.  Please go to your Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) account to review your records ( If your records show a license expiration date of "06/30/2022," then this coming school year is your renewal year. 

Please check your professional development records. Make sure you have entered your required amount of "Continuing Professional Development Hours," and be sure you have completed your required number of Illinois Administrator Academy courses.  

If you need additional IAA courses, don’t delay. Register for the courses you need. You can find courses in a variety of places. Visit the IPA link for more information.

Upcoming EdD Information Sessions
The strength of our program lies in its diversity, and if we are going to achieve our goals, we must strive to ensure our leadership reflects the diversity of the students we serve. 1 in every 10 CPS schools is led by a UIC principal, and 1 in 7 CPS schools is led by a UIC principal or assistant principal. School leaders’ race and ethnicity influences student outcomes (Grissom, 2021).  Of all current UIC principals, APs, and system-level leaders, 94 (54%) are leaders of color--and among current UIC principals, 50 of 79 (63%) are leaders of color.

The EdD in Urban Education Leadership is a nationally-recognized program designed to prepare and develop principals who are able to lead and significantly improve teaching and learning in urban schools. We seek applicants who are outstanding teachers and assistant principals who want to transition to school leadership positions, as well as principals desiring to take their schools to the next level.

We are ready to begin our search for the next Ed.D. Urban Education Leadership cohort.  In efforts to recruit candidates with potential in becoming strong leaders, we look to you for assistance. Please contact Dr. Sharon Spears @ and copy Dr. Barron with information on “leaders to watch” and those you believe would be a good fit for our program.  Please also share with potential candidates details on our upcoming 21-22 information sessions

Our deadline for applying to the EdD Program in Urban Education Leadership will be July 15, 2022. Information session dates and the registration link is below.  Interested candidates are encouraged to register for an information session and/or reach out to Dr. Cynthia Barron at for an individual one-on-one.

2021-2022 Information Sessions:
January 22, 2022; 9:00-10:30 a.m.
February 15, 2022; 3:30-4:30 p.m.
March 12, 2022; 9:00-10:30 a.m.
April 2, 2022; 9:00-10:30 a.m.
May 3, 2022; 3:30-4:30 p.m.
May 28, 2022; 9:00-10:30 a.m.
June 18, 2022; 9:00-10:30 a.m.
Here is the the link for participant registration

For general program inquiries you may contact Dr. Cynthia Barron ( If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Elise Wilson (
Superintendent Program
We are now accepting applications for the newly revamped superintendent program. If you are interested in learning whether the new UIC Superintendent program is the right match for you, we encourage you to fill out an interest form. At the end of the interest form, you will see a prompt to submit your resume to Superintendent Program Coordinator, Dr. Cynthia Barron ( Shortly after your submission, she will contact you to set up a phone call to learn more about your background. For any questions about the program, do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Barron.  
We are Proud of our UIC Team:  Faculty, Coaches and Support Staff
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