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Dear Members

2022 was a year of growth for our members as well as for our region. We are excited to celebrate it with all of you on our Holiday Event on 12/14/22 at a "Givers' Gain" Holiday Party. We will recognize our members, eat, drink, and celebrate us all. Please come and support our recognized members - "it may be you" and celebrate with us. 

We are collecting lightly used coats in support of our Veterans during the event. Please bring your lightly used coats. 
Kudos for creating $ 733,255 in Thank You for Closed Business in November 2022. A special thank you to the biggest givers in the region: 
BNI Capital Business Alliance Trinh Le  $               105,834.00
BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch Joey Chambers  $                 48,602.00
BNI Capital Business Alliance  BNI  $                 36,044.00
BNI Chevy Chase Online Exchange Gregory Gray  $                 35,773.00
BNI Capital Business Alliance Eris Norman  $                 34,000.00
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions  BNI  $                 33,776.00
BNI Bethesda Business  BNI  $                 28,850.00
BNI Alliance Michael Richards  $                 28,350.00
BNI Capital Business Alliance Brian Loebig  $                 24,476.00
BNI Bethesda Business Justin McCarty  $                 22,800.00
BNI Wealth Builders  BNI  $                 14,821.00
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions David Freedman  $                 14,072.00
BNI Capital Business Alliance Cristin Caine  $                 14,000.00
BNI Capital Business Alliance Ryan Malet  $                 13,067.00
BNI Wealth Builders Mary Ann Aellen  $                 12,952.00
BNI Bethesda Business Katie Smeltz  $                 12,250.00
BNI Bethesda Business Steve Lorberbaum  $                 10,798.00
BNI Millionaire Makers Nancy Bowlus  $                 10,001.00

Congratulations to the people who
scored 100% in the
Power of One Report

                             Cristin Caine 
                                 Eric Smalls
BNI Capital Business Alliance 
BNI Chevy Chase Game Changers
                                 Trinh Le BNI Capital Business Alliance 
                                 Mary Ann Aellen BNI Wealth Builders
                Brian Loebig      BNI Capital Business Alliance
                         Ann Brennan              BNI Capital Business Alliance 

For the complete report, please click here.

The Power of One is our method to keep accountability. In the month of November the majority of our region has been in the Green/Yellow! That's a great achievement. Way to go! Some members have excelled in their activity and scored 100 in The Power of One.

Thank you to all who sponsored new members in the month of November! Sponsoring a new member is an opportunity to help another business owner to grow their business and develop. Inviting them to BNI can be the biggest gift that you can give.
Member in Focus
Guy Brami

Guy Brami is a dynamic business-owner who has led the innovative efforts of his sign-shop into the 21st century. Guy is a Principal Partner at Gelberg Signs, one of the region's leading designers and fabricators of commercial signage.

Guy has a special place in his heart for Covenant House Washington. As a Chairman of the Board, he is active and very dedicated in upholding the organization’s holistic approach to ending youth homelessness.

Guy of BNI Bethesda Business has been in BNI for more than 20 years. He exudes dedication, loyalty, and sincere appreciation and has put himself forward as a model of business involvement, both in words and deeds. 

Guy Brami is the biggest Thank You For Closed Business Giver in our region, and has given $523,543 in the past 12 months. Since 2011 - the longest that our PALMS report can calculate Guy gave $2,617,060 in Thank You For Closed Business. 
Our Holiday Event this year is an opportunity to Celebrate Our Givers' Gain. While we celebrate we collect Coats for the Veterans. For more information on our Coat Drive please click here.

Please make sure that you come with guests and visitors - to purchase your ticket click here
We want to thank our Sponsors of the Holiday Event
                            Nancy Alert                                    
      Nancy Alert & Associates       

             Ann Brennan                                    Olivia Coffey                                         Gregory Gray
Ann's Social Media & Marketing     Youth EmpowerMe Foundation, Inc.                  KW Metro Center  

               Susie Kim                                  Christopher Logan                                   Patricia Watts
       Education-One Center                        RE/MAX Allegiance                               WEModel USA LLC           
BNI Capital Business Alliance invites us for our BNI Central Maryland Regional Podcast Discussion Group! We listen to a podcast live in the meeting and discuss it as a group on Zoom. Education plus networking! 

December 8, 2022 at 11:00 AM with Joe Dyton - Episode 714: Relationships + Referrals = Revenue 
December 13, 2022 at 6:00 PM with Kevin Driscoll 
December 22, 2022 at 11:00 AM with Naheed Oberfeld - Episode 513: Creating a Great Chapter Culture (Official BNI Podcast)    

Please click here to register.

Upcoming Events

December 12th - 7:30 am - New Member Orientation - Register here
December 13th - 2:00 pm - Leadership Meeting - Register here
December 14th - 5:30 pm - BNI Annual Holiday Event - RSVP 

Weekly events
Launch New BNI Chapter" Interest Meeting every Tuesday at 7:30 am - Register here 
National BNI Speed Networking every Tuesday at 4:00 pm - Register here

For regional events please check our calendar here.

"Grow Our Thriving Community" is our vision for this year. Growing our businesses through supporting others is the best way to do it. Let us appreciate what we have accomplished so far, and plan for greater growth next year. In BNI, growing together is what we do best. 

We cannot wait to see you and celebrate with you at our Party! 

Sarit Arbell
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