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Dear Members

November is the month of Giving, and this is a perfect opportunity for us to celebrate the BNI Culture of Givers Gain. We want to thank our Chapters' Leaders for their unconditional Giving in leading your chapters and ensuring that our BNI community Grows and Thrives. 
Kudos for creating $ 1,074,768 in Thank You for Closed Business in October 2022. A special thank you to the biggest givers in the region: 
BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch Marc Sushner  $     60,000.00
BNI Bethesda Business  Visitors  $     52,500.00
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions Lawrence Pappas  $     29,846.00
BNI Bethesda Business Greg Ford  $     26,723.00
BNI Alliance Michael Richards  $     26,419.00
BNI Alliance Alex Heitkemper  $     21,869.00
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions David Freedman  $     21,032.00
BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch Beth Kittrell  $     15,120.00
BNI Millionaire Makers Nancy Bowlus  $     13,168.00
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions Michael Haddad  $     11,419.00
BNI Midcounty Connectors Romina Mozaffarian  $     10,788.00
BNI Midcounty Connectors Beth Borrego  $     10,350.00
BNI Bethesda Business Guy Brami  $     10,200.00

Congratulations to the people who
scored 100% in the
Power of One Report

                             Brian Loebig
                                 Mary Ann Aellen 
BNI Capital Business Alliance 
BNI Wealth Builders
                                 Trinh Le BNI Capital Business Alliance 
                                 Eric Smalls BNI Chevy Chase Game Changers
                Cristin Cane      BNI Capital Business Alliance
                         Ann Brennan              BNI Capital Business Alliance 

For the complete report, please click here.

The Power of One is our method to keep accountability. In the month of October the majority of our region has been in the Green/Yellow! That's a great achievement. Way to go! Some members have excelled in their activity and scored 100 in The Power of One.

Thank you to all who sponsored new members in the month of October! Sponsoring a new member is an opportunity to help another business owner to grow their business and develop. Inviting them to BNI can be the biggest gift that you can give.
Member in Focus
Mary Ann Aellen and C. Edward Mack
Sponsored 6 members

Mary Ann Aellen is a Certified Public Accountant in BNI Wealth Builders. She is the Mentor Coordinator for her chapter and has been an enthusiastic BNI member since 2016. Mary Ann Aellen is one of very few people who hold the perfect score of 100 in the Power of One for almost three years. 

 Edward Mack is one of the founders of BNI Chevy Chase Online Exchange. Edward who serves as the President of the chapter, is an internationally savvy mortgage professional, with over fifteen years of sales, relationship management, and mortgage expertise

We appreciate your dedication to other Professionals who are interested in growing their business, and introducing them to BNI 
Congratulations to the members who had the biggest jump in their score in the Power of One report. You are a testimony to what is possible when we focus on giving.
It's time to Eat, Be Merry and Celebrate! BNI Central Maryland - 2022 Annual Holiday Event  happening on December 14, 2022 at 5:30pm  

RSVP today.

We look forward to sharing this special event with you all!
BNI Capital Business Alliance invites us for our BNI Central Maryland Regional Podcast Discussion Group! We listen to a podcast live in the meeting and discuss it as a group on Zoom. Education plus networking! 

November 10, 2022 at 11:00 AM with Naheed Oberfeld - Episode 779: Enrolled, Not Sold (Official BNI Podcast)
November 15, 2022 at 6:00 PM with Kevin Driscoll - Episode 310: Misconceptions (Power of One Podcast)
November 29, 2022 at 6:00 PM with Brian Loebig 

Please click here to register.

Upcoming Events

November 8th - 2:00 pm - Leadership Meeting - Register here
November 8th - 3:00 pm - Ambassadors' Meeting
November 9th - 3:00 pm - DEI Panel — Networking After Military Service - Register here
November 14th  - 7:30 am - New Member Orientation - Register here

Weekly events
Launch New BNI Chapter" Interest Meeting every Tuesday at 7:30 am - Register here 
National BNI Speed Networking every Tuesday at 4:00 pm - Register here
BNI Connect: Deep Dive for Members/Leaders every Wednesday at 12 pm- Register here

For regional events please check our calendar here.

It may feel like summer, but the end of the year is arriving quickly. What is your strategy for growth next year? How much would you want to create? What do you need to do in BNI to make your goal happen? 

Your BNI Chapter is your marketing Team - How much you give, and how much you receive is impacted by your actions. Let us "Grow Our Thriving Community" - let us grow together. 

Sarit Arbell
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