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Summer 2020
In this issue:
  • How to make wellness a priority
  • Top tips to protect your skin
  • Our Kyneton Clinic is now open for business
  • Does your lifestyle compare favourably to the rest of the Hepburn population? Check out our Fast Facts
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Our specialised clinics can help you achieve your wellness goals

To help you live your best life, Springs Medical provides specialised clinics offering you excellent medical care close to home. We have a wide range of specialised clinics including: 

A focus on preventative health, through cancer screening programs, skin checks and immunisation services, as well as quality wellness management has been shown to contribute to an improvement in physical and mental health, and may significantly improve overall quality of life.

To ensure you have access to the best possible care locally, the GPs, nurses and allied health professionals who run our clinics at Springs Medical have a special interest and are experienced in that particular area, usually having gained higher qualifications or undergone further professional training. This is particularly useful for patients with ongoing health conditions, such as allergies, diabetes and heart or breathing issues.

Springs Medical now also offers Bulk Billed Health Assessments for people aged 45 to 49 and for people aged 75 and over. At your Health Assessment Clinic appointment, you will receive a full health check from a Springs Medical nurse and GP. 

If your assessment raises any potential health issues, your GP may refer you to a specialist consultant, or to one of our Springs Medical specialised clinics. 

Even if you are normally well, it’s important to visit your GP regularly for assessment and monitoring.  Regular visits may identify possible health changes early and allow your GP time to provide you with information about issues relevant to your age group and lifestyle.

Springs Medical GP, Dr Meg Jordan, who sees patients in our Women’s Wellness Clinic, previously worked in a Melbourne women’s health clinic before joining the Springs Medical team. She has completed extra training and education in women’s health and recently received accreditation for IUD insertion. 

‘IUDs are a good, long-term form of contraception for women who can’t tolerate the pill or who have heavy or painful periods,’ she says.

Meg also completed extra training with hospital Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists and sees patients at our Ear Wellness Clinic offered at our Daylesford practice. ‘This clinic uses an operational microscope and an ear micro-suction device and allows us to visualise the ear and is safer than ear washouts because it reduces the risk of perforation of the ear drum or infection.’

Meg says Spring Medical’s specialised clinics allow patients to be seen by a doctor and nurse best suited to their needs. In most cases, patients can book an appointment either online or with reception. Providing services locally often reduces wait times and overall costs for patients. 

Top tips to protect your skin
Click the image above to hear Spring Medical's Dr Brad Wyer talk about your skin cancer risk.

Dr Brad Wyer leads the Skin Cancer Clinic at Springs Medical, Daylesford. He also sees patients at our Trentham and Kyneton Clinics. 

Your skin can burn in as little as 11 minutes this time of year, so remember to protect it adequately from the sun’s damaging UV rays before heading outdoors. UV radiation is the main cause of skin cancer and tanning and sunburn are signs your skin cells are already traumatised.

Springs Medical skin cancer doctor Brad Wyer says it’s a mistake to rely on sunshine or temperature as an indication of the UV level, even in winter, because you can get sunburned on cloudy days or while snow skiing.
SunSmart has a
free app that tells you what the UV level is in your region and when it’s time to cover up. When the UV index is 3 or above, apply generous amounts of broad-spectrum sunscreen (at least SPF 30+) and, slip on long protective clothing, a broad brim hat, sunglasses and seek shade where possible. 

While anyone can get skin cancer, you are at increased risk if you have fair or red hair and light-coloured eyes. Two out of three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70.

You are also at higher risk of skin cancer if you:

  • have had a skin cancer before or have a family history of melanoma
  • have been sunburnt badly in the past
  • spend a lot of time outdoors without adequate protection
  • have lots of moles

Dr Wyer says people should pay close attention to their skin throughout the year and see a doctor if they notice new spots or changes to existing spots. ‘You can get skin cancer any day of the week, so it’s important to check your skin regularly.’

He says a baseline skin check is a good idea for people aged 18 years and over. ‘As well as checking for skin cancers, your doctor can assess your general skin cancer risk and make an appropriate health plan for your skin.’

Dr Wyer heads our Skin Cancer Clinic in Daylesford and on Fridays does skin checks at our Trentham Clinic. Dr Jake Osborne is now also available for skin check appointments. 

Springs Medical’s Skin Cancer Clinic team works closely with Plastic Surgeon Scott Ferris, who regularly visits Kyneton Hospital.

Skin changes to look out for:

  • a mole, spot or freckle that has changed shape, size or colour
  • a new spot that is different from nearby spots
  • a new pink or dome-shaped lump
  • a lesion that ulcerates and doesn’t heal
  • a  lesion that bleeds
  • a lesion that’s painful

Please indicate you want a skin check when making your booking and remember to remove makeup prior to your appointment.

Drum roll please!
Dr Brad Wyer, Abby Conroy (Medical Receptionist), Laura Ryan (Primary Care Nurse) and Josh Mackay (Administration/Reception Support) outside Springs Medical, Kyneton.
Springs Medical is pleased to announce our new clinic in Kyneton is open for business. We welcomed our first patient on Wednesday, 29th January. Dr Sandeep Dhaliwal, who lives in Kyneton, will consult at the Kyneton Clinic initially before being joined by Dr Dr Jake Osborne, Dr Fortunato Mazzei and Dr James Smith. Our Kyneton doctors will continue to see patients as usual at our Daylesford and Trentham Clinics.
To make a booking online, go to our website or click here.
There are many important reasons to have a regular health checkup. Statistics from a population health snapshot for the Hepburn region in 2018 (the 2019 stats haven't been released yet) gives solid evidence that many of us are falling short in maintaining a lifestyle that supports long-term health and wellness. 

Health Risk Factors for people aged 18 years + living in the Hepburn Shire
  • 19.8%   are current smokers
  •   4.3%   are complying with fruit and vegetable consumption guidelines
  • 41.7%   meet physical activity guidelines for adults
  • 30.7%   are overweight
  • 21.8%   are obese
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