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Newsletter ~ August 2019

Focus Area Committees Begin Their Work After the Finance Committee Completes Their Initial Review.


Time to Sharpen Our Pencils!
Applicants for the grants have done their work; now it’s time for us to do ours. Qualified non-profits submitted over 80 applications by the June 18 deadline! The applications went through an initial broad brush review by the Grants Committee, led by Michelle Fisher, to ensure that all major requirements were met and proper documents were submitted. Next the applications were under review by the Finance Committee, led by its chair Toni Schemmel. Toni and her team of women with varying backgrounds in finance and/or non-profits have reviewed the grant applications with a specific emphasis on the financial documents relating to the organization and project, including the profit and loss statements, balance sheets and applicable tax returns.
“We are looking at several areas,” explained Toni, “but we are primarily establishing whether the organization has provided enough evidence of financial stability and sustainability and that it falls within our grant eligibility guidelines."
After the Finance Committee review, the applications are released to our Focus Area Committees (FAC's led by Amy Tupper) for overall project review and potential site visits.  This process takes place in August and September. In our first year of fundraising $228,000 was raised and two significant grants of $114,000 each will be awarded to two non-profits in November.  On October 15th, the five non-profit grant finalists representing each focus area – Arts & Culture, Education, Enviroment & Recreation, Family, Health & Wellness - will be announced! On November 3 at our annual celebration our members will vote for the two non-profits to receive the grants.
We pride ourselves by modeling Impact 100 SRQ after the very best. So, we fashioned our grant vetting process after Impact 100 Pensacola Bay Area, which has been operating for 15 years now and has funded 98 grants totaling $10,498,000 since 2004! Yep, we are big dreamers!
Contributed by:  Karen Irvine, Founding Member
Member Social ~ Thursday, September 12th
Grant Finalists Announcement - Tuesday, October 15th
Annual Celebration and Grant Awards - Sunday, November 3rd
Having Fun (on the roof) at the June "Member Social" at Art Ovation Hotel in Downtown SRQ!
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More Fun at our July Member Social at Grand Cru Wine Bar!
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 A Message from Impact 100 SRQ President, Jane Watt:
Many emotions come to mind every time I think about Impact 100 SRQ! Your dedication to making our community better is truly inspiring & I am grateful! Whether you joined to actively review grants or simply vote at the annual meeting, wanted to meet like-minded, strong women or be a part of transformational change by pooling resources – together – we are making a difference.

Our Grant Review Process is underway after receiving 84 applications by the June 15th deadline!  The vetting process is a time to learn of the amazing non-profits in our community.  We have streamlined the review process to encourage member participation in any capacity!  Thank you to everyone that signed up to review grant applications on a Focus Area Committee.  This process is the heart of our organization and what sets us apart from other philanthropic organizations.

There are many more members working tirelessly behind the scenes to send emails and social media posts, arrange meet & greets, coordinate finances, data entry information, find sponsorship funds from Friends of Impact who believe in our mission, and plan the Annual Celebration where we will gather together to celebrate, vote, and award 2 transformational grants. Thank you to all our Members working behind the scenes for making this possible!

Remember, we are only as strong as our Members and as transformational as the non-profits that apply. Together we are changing how women approach philanthropy in Sarasota/Manatee counties in a positive way! 

Imagine Our Impact!



2019 Timeline for Impact 100 SRQ
Introducing New Member Rose Dalsandro and IMPACT CARES
Rose Dalsandro, 2020 Impact 100 SRQ Member and our launch of "Impact Cares"
IMPACT CARES is the vision of our engaged and engaging president, Jane Watt.  As an arm of Membership Engagement we hope to provide a totally Member focused resource and communication network. Ideally we would like to reach Members who may need an extra measure of support during difficult times. These universal life experiences - loss, illness, surgery – may often be ameliorated by sharing them. This is especially true in our community where so many Members are far away from family and old friends. It’s important to know that people here do care and may be able to help.  Additionally, we want to be there to celebrate you and your successes! Are you getting married? Are you planning your daughter’s wedding (you’ll definitely need at least an “attagirl” if not a cocktail)? Did you get a promotion? Is your new business experiencing great success? I’m not sure we know what the limits of this initiative will be or where it will take us – but I’m very excited to be a part of it. As a retired State Farm agent, I really missed helping my clients. There is no better feeling! IMPACT CARES came along at just the right time.

So please let us hear from you! Our email connect should be up and running soon – check in with us at
Rose Dalsandro


There is still time for all Members to register for the Impact 100 Global Conference in Pensacola, FL.  For more information, go to:

"The conference is an opportunity to meet and interact with women in IMPACT 100 organizations from all over the country and abroad – those that are well-established and those that are just getting started. We will explore all aspects of this unique philanthropy model."   Wendy Steele, Founder

Once you have registered for the event, email  You will be placed on a list of attendees from our chapter, so we can arrange travel plans and time together at the conference.

Your HELP is needed…With 100% of our Member's contributed funds going towards our grants, we are seeking engagement from our community to help contribute to our operational costs.  Costs to be covered include insurance, website design, printing, our annual meeting, and special events.  If you are a business owner or know any business owners that would be willing to help, please send me the info and I will reach out to them!  There are so many ways to support…underwriting a specific event or advertising opportunity, sharing your meeting space, or ANYTHING you feel would help us in our mission!

Please feel free to call Jamie directly at 941-961-3470.  She can also be reached by email at 
Jamie Black
Community Engagement Director
Donations can be made online at, or you can mail a check to Impact 100 SRQ, P.O. Box 49887, Sarasota, FL 34230.


The mission of Impact 100 Council is to encourage collaboration and sharing of best practices among Impact 100 chapters to allow for continued growth and sustainability of Impact 100 around the world.  We will create world-class, strategic philanthropy and transform communities with significant grants while we equip individuals to become effective philanthropists and guide them to amplify their success for positive change.

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