You are invited to the

Teacher Inspiration Day

at Shiloh Christian School
47334 Church St (in the village of Orwell), RR 3 St Thomas ON N5P 3S7

on Friday, February 17, 2023, 9am – 5pm, Lord willing

9:00 - Welcome and Announcements, Lorne Martin

9:10 - Opening Devotional and Prayer, Daryl Good

9:20 - Learning From Books (Daniel 9:2), Robbin Bauman

10:10 - Workshop Session 1

  • Memory Strategies, Robert Heatwole

  • Lessons On the Playground – The Teacher’s Role, Jonathan Klassen

  • Conducting Kindergarten (sisters only), Ellen Martin

11:00 - Break

11:10 - Rote Learning and Critical Thinking, Robert Heatwole

12:00 - Lunch is provided

1:00 - Inspirational Singing, Luke Stutzman

1:15 - 7 Minute Seminars

Wolves Waiting at the Door

  • Disrespect, Eric Bauman

  • Bullying, Daryn Huber

  • Tardiness, Ike Bergen

  • Incompletion, Derek Zehr

  • Mockery, Matthew Horst

2:00 - Focus on - Ukraine, Rodney Lebold

2:45 - Break

3:00 - The Natural Wonders of the Great Lakes, Nathan Martin

3:45 - Workshop Session 2

  • Trouble Spots in Upper Grade English, Clifton Eby

  • Laying a Good Foundation for English (sisters only), Martha Penner

4:30 - The Art of Listening, Matthew Horst

Message to the School Board Treasurers

We suggest a $50 donation per teacher to help cover the costs for this event.

Payments can be made by
- Cheque payable to The CSRC
- e-transfer to
- Credit Card -
click this link to pay online or call Alvin Burkhart at 519-520-0509

Mail cheques to:
Lorne Martin, 74033 Bluewater Hwy, RR 2, Zurich ON N0M 2T0
c: 519-525-0474

Thank you for your support.

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This annual event on the third Friday in February is sponsored by the
Christian School Resource Committee.

CSRC Members (Christian School Resource Committee)

We welcome your input.
Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions. Thank you.

Philip Horst 519-807-8512
Lorne Martin 519-525-0474
Nathan Martin 807-271-2721
Robert Heatwole 807-271-0442
Brian Bender 519-281-3891
Joel Martin 519-369-8064
Eli Wideman 613-921-5645