Postmarked Abroad
Location: Reutlingen, Germany

Hello Everyone, 

I want to start with a thank you! I got encouraging messages from many of you. It was great to hear from friends and family, and know that you are supporting us from afar.

That being said- we have broken the curse!

Since last week when I wrote, we got word from the train company that nothing was retrieved from our cabin. Immediately we had made an appointment for the consulate in Munich. There was only one appointment available in October on the 24th; the next was in November. I took the appointment in October, and Cale scheduled one around his class schedule in November. Then, it was sitting and waiting and more sitting and more waiting. We started to look into the possibility of us going to Greece, which we planned as a week-long trip during Cale's fall break that is happening this coming week.  On Monday, We kept looking at how to get there and guessing on if we would have our documentation in time and decided that maybe Munich consulate wouldn't be our best bet. We looked at Frankfurt's schedule to see if we can get in together sooner. Once the calendar loaded, I did a double-take; there were two appointments in Frankfurt on the next day (Tuesday). 

We quickly took to those appointments and planned for the next morning to get to Frankfurt. On Tuesday, We woke up at 2:30 am to walk to the train station for our 4:30 am train reservation. The buses in Reutlingen don't run that early, so we walked the 30 mins into town. We arrived in Frankfurt at 8:00 am and got to the consulate building around 8:45 am. 

After 3hours at the consulate, we walked out with temporary passports in hand!!!

These passports will last us until we get home, where we will send them in to be replaced by full-validity passports. We came back from the consulate around 4 pm. After a good night's sleep,  this morning, we ordered new Eurail passes that will arrive on the 31st to Cale's University.  So everything got replaced! 

Best of us less than ideal circumstances, we were stuck in Reutlingen for the week. If I am honest, you could tell me it was a month since we came back from Italy, I would believe it. This week dragged on! During this week, we spent a lot of time in the local area of Reutlingen, where Cale is going to school. We made the best of being stuck in Reutlingen and tried to get out as much as we could. On Friday, I, Cale, and Cale's roommate Ethan headed out to walk around the city and do some shopping. Cale made a hair cut appointment; we shopped, we ate and just, in general, got out of the dorm. Later that evening, Cale and I found the  original English showing of The Joker was playing, so we went to a movie (and got POPCORN!!!)  

On Saturday, We had a slow morning. I went to the park with my yoga mat and spent time practicing. I haven't been on my mat for any right amount of time since we have arrived, so it was incredible to move. As I was walking back, I passed the University Futbol Statium and realized that they were about to kick-off a match. I dashed back to the dorm to grab Cale to watch. We got student tickets at the door and made it before half-time and just in time to see Reutlingen score the first goal! The game ended up being a 3-2 win for Reutlingen! 

Sunday, We got up earlier and headed out to go for a hike to the Alchem. It's a steep but beautiful trail up the mountain to castle ruins, where you can climb up a watchtower, have a picnic and get a fantastic view of the city and surrounding foothills. Later that evening, Cale's mom came into town, and they headed out for a late dinner and drinks while I said back to the nurse a migraine. 

I spent Monday with Mrs. Gray, walking and shopping until we meet Cale for dinner at a brewery. We headed to bed as early as we could to wake to head to the consulate in the morning. Following the consulate, we had a great Italian dinner with Cale's mom and checked into my Airbnb I got for the week. 
This morning we got up and met Mrs. Gray for lunch around the corner from the Airbnb before she headed to Stuttgart to fly back to Michigan. 

Cale headed to class, and that brings me to this moment, writing to you. This week was slow, filled with pressure about our situation, last-minute changes, and tiny adventures that felt like nothing in comparison to what we planned on.  Yet, through it, I pushed to find the little adventures. We are so so excited to head to Greece on Friday, and I am so excited to share more with you! 


Reutlingen University Campus 
Futbol Game at Reutlingen University
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