Summer is here!!

I can feel a collective sigh of relief. Well... at least for those who get to sleep in a bit longer during June and July. At The Set Me Free Project we breathe a sigh of relief too because summer allows us time to make sure what we offer our audience is absolutely the best it can be. Summer is a time for us to re-group, strategize, and create! (And, maybe, sleep in once or twice.)
We hope you have a fantastic and safe summer! We know we will!

~Stephanie Olson
The summer is a perfect time for reflection – a time to step back, consider our year, and improve our curriculum. We take these months to educate ourselves on new learning techniques for our students. This is the season where we study and research human trafficking, because it is an evolving industry.
In the summer, we also turn our attention to educating businesses and organizations. With our kiddos out of school and with the weather nice there are a lot more people out and about. This is the best time to be educated on how to recognize the signs of human trafficking. Business owners have a special role when it comes to identifying potential victims or their pimps. By educating your businesses, you are helping your staff to be better prepared if they see something suspicious. This is how we stop trafficking before it starts.  

~Sarah Wimer
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Nebraska Strong, Nebraska Prepared

This year Nebraska has endured a great deal of unpredictable and destructive weather. There have been isolating blizzards, devastating floods, and frightful tornadoes. This weather forced some families to abandon their homes, some lost cars and others suffered painful emotional distress. As a state, we are so fortunate to have people who genuinely care about each other and reach out to help those in need. However, moments of disaster can teach the value of preparation. I encourage you to sit down with your family and develop emergency procedures. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.
  • 72-hour kits: Purchase a backpack for each member of your family. Fill the backpack with two changes of clothes, high protein non-perishable snacks, water, a flashlight, a whistle, a lighter, wet wipes, battery-powered electric chargers, a blanket, $10 in cash and anything else you might want to include. When you’ve finished, have each family member store their backpack in an area that is most accessible to them. Be sure to change out clothes as children grow and rotate food that could expire. These bags are a useful took if you are ever forced to leave your home quickly due to an emergency.
  • Food storage: Having adequate food stored ahead of time is a vital part of being prepared. It is recommended that a family has enough food and water stored to last 6 months. Purchase foods in bulk and make sure containers are not damaged. Can fresh fruits and vegetables and preserve them in mason jars. Store a variety of bottled water (5 gallon jug, 1 gallon, 20 oz bottles). It is important to check dates and use/replace food as it expires. Also, be sure to keep all your food storage in a dark, dry, cool area.
  • Action Plan: Action plans are important to have when disaster strikes and families are separated. Spend time together talking about different emergency situations and how family members should respond. This can include designating a safe zone, communication tools, individual responsibilities and personal safety skills. Write your family’s plan down and then act out anticipated situations in which the emergency plan might be implemented.
Despite all of the calamity Nebraskans have faced, we are still Nebraska Strong. Looking forward, we should also strive to be Nebraska Prepared. For more tips, visit 

~Amber Smith
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