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Hello friends and colleagues,

I hope you are having a productive and enjoyable month as we wave goodbye to summer and hit the "reset" button for the fall.

Just like the kids got into "back to school" mode last month, I am deep into my own busy season as I dive into new projects, line up speaking engagements and continue to work on my book.

Thank you for continuing on this journey with me as we approach the one-year anniversary of Cordelia Anderson Consulting. 

Cordelia Anderson, APR
CEO and Owner
Cordelia Anderson Consulting L.L.C.

Providing marketing and communications consulting and services to community-serving organizations such as libraries, nonprofits, educational institutions and government agencies.


Recent Content

Thanks to my awesome summer intern Sydney, I now have transcripts of the podcasts I've been interviewed for. Here's an edited excerpt from the transcript of "Business Resilience Decoded," in which I spoke about the value of good crisis communications in libraries.

Vanessa Vaughn: Welcome to Business Resilience Decoded. I am your host, Vanessa Vaughn, the founder and resilience officer of Asfalis Advisors ... [let's] start us off with what our listeners can learn about you and how you got into the world of crisis communications.

Cordelia: [I've worked] in public relations and marketing for twenty years, so crisis communications is something that I learned on the job over those two decades.

Early in my career I observed other people doing crisis communications, because I was a younger person and still learning the industry. I even worked for a consultant really early on who trained executives on how to handle crisis communications, which was really interesting and good experience.

But I would say my first experience as a leader doing crisis communications came when I was Director of Marketing for a small Pre-K through 8th grade private school. This was in 2006/2007 when sadly, at that time (and even more so today), concerns over school shootings were becoming more common. It was a montessori-inspired school, which meant it had a very open campus, so there was a lot of concern on the part of the parents and teachers.

So I took it upon myself to create a campus-wide crisis plan and we ran things like lockdown drills and [things] like that.

Then, in 2008, I became Director of Marketing and Communications for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, which is a huge library system. At the time, we had twenty-four locations open to the public seven days a week, and we had two large facilities within the urban core of the city, one of those serving youth ages 0-18. So, I remember walking into that youth facility one day with my own children and realizing, “Oh my gosh, if anything happens here, it is on me.” That was a sobering moment and also really a kick-start to my interest in crisis communications and planning.

Vanessa: Wow! Twenty-four locations at a public library... that seems like a lot of people, lots of community members, lots of stakeholders. ... What is the scope of crisis communications specifically for public libraries? 

Cordelia: Yeah, it’s not a simple process, but you start with baby steps. I think the first thing everyone thinks about with a large public institution like that, and kind of the first thing I thought about, was really safety and security incidents. That absolutely is a top priority to be prepared for. Those kinds of things… They happen very quickly, and you have to be prepared, and there’s a lot at stake.

Read the full transcript on my website.

Tomorrow: Community Engagement Webinar

Join us for a live webinar reprise of our OCLC-hosted panel discussion at ALA.

Community Engagement as a Mindset
Description: Community needs shift fast. To stay relevant and have the most impact on people’s lives, public libraries have to pivot just as fast. Join us for an energizing conversation with three passionate public library leaders who are redefining community engagement as a mindset—with customers at the center, inspiring every aspect of the library.
How to participate: This webinar will be offered on September 17, 2-3pm Eastern. I hope you can participate! Here’s the Link to Register.

This Week: Storytelling Event

If you're in Charlotte, come out and join us for Storyteller's Night at Jesse Brown's Outdoors in SouthPark this Thursday, September 19.  I'll be one of three storytellers, talking about my life-changing travel experiences. Click here for event details. You can also hear an interview with me and "the outdoor guys" on the Carolina Outdoors Podcast, previewing the story I will tell on Thursday. 
Listen Now

New Client Announcement

I'm excited to announce that I am now working with Southeastern Florida Library Information Network (SEFLIN). I will be delivering the keynote address at their Fall Membership Meeting. My topic will be “Customer Engagement and the Library Marketing Funnel.” 

Change in Schedule

Insert "sad" emoji: due to a scheduling conflict, I won't be attending the Library Marketing & Communications Conference in St. Louis this November after all.  I hate to miss it, but I will be following along remotely, and look forward to attending in 2020! If you were planning to meet up with me there, don't worry - just email me and we can schedule a call instead. 
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