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Hello friends and colleagues,

As crazy as summer can be, it is a great time to get out, explore and try new things. Now that I'm back from my overseas travel, visiting sights such as the beautiful Austrian National Library in Vienna (above), I am energized to be digging back into client work that includes government, nonprofit and library projects. I hope that you have had (or will have) a vacation or break that allows you to recharge this summer.

On an unrelated topic, today happens to be my father's 80th birthday. Happy birthday, Dad! As some of you may know, my father worked for 30 years at NASA before retiring in the mid-90s. As I was growing up, he and my mother instilled in me values such as public service, the importance of education and working to help advance our society. So it's probably not a surprise that I ended up working in libraries, government and education for most of my career. They also love to travel the world, so I guess I got that from them too!

Thanks for continuing to keep up with me and my business during your busy summer. 

Cordelia Anderson, APR
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Special Announcement

I'm so excited to share this news: I am writing a book for ALA Editions, the publishing imprint of the American Library Association. The topic will be library marketing and communications.

The book will be available next year, and I am already hard at work writing and gathering content. I can't say much more at this early stage, but I owe a big thank you to the staff at ALA Editions for believing in me and giving me this opportunity! I'll keep you posted as we get further along in the process.

Thanks to my awesome intern Sydney, I now have transcripts of several of the podcasts I’ve been interviewed for.

The first transcript I've posted is from the podcast Library Figures. In it, we talk in detail about library customer engagement, using technology to listen to customers, and engaging with staff and customers through social media.

Here's an excerpt.

Tyler Byrd, Host: So, what do you think is the biggest opportunity that libraries have when it comes to marketing?

Cordelia Anderson: Well, I think one of our biggest opportunities really is customer engagement. Libraries have always been very focused on their communities, have always been very focused on their customers. But as we move into kind of a new era of marketing and communications, we really need to shift our mindset from promotion, which I think is a very common term in the library world, to engagement.

And whereas promotion is kind of this one-way conversation, it’s this megaphone where you're shouting out your message through various different channels, engagement is a two-way conversation. It really takes listening as much as you’re talking and learning about your customers, as opposed to pushing out a story through various channels.

I think libraries still have a lot of work to do to put in place the processes and the tools to really do that kind of listening so that they can really engage with their customers at a new level.

TB: I love that. And I think you’re absolutely right about that, and I see that all the time. I see it with social media. I also see it a lot with the website. I feel like library websites, they all too often are putting content on there and just trying to push out as much information as possible versus looking at it as an engagement point and really a digital branch. So, tell me, when you talk about tools and using tools for engagement, what kind of tools are you using?

CA: There are so many tools, and they can range from super high tech to super high touch. So, on the high tech side, there are a lot of tools that libraries already have, and it’s just a matter of being able to take the time and create that strategic space to use them.

So, for example, website analytics. If you have Google Analytics, back to your example of putting everything on the homepage… If you go in and look at your analytics and see what people are actually clicking on, you will find that probably 80% of that content that you’ve crammed on your homepage is stagnant. That’s a form of listening because you’re paying attention to what people who visit your website are looking for.

Read the full transcript here.

More Good News!

I am now listed in the Library Consultants Directory. A wonderful colleague told me about this great resource while I was at the American Library Association Conference. Check it out the next time you need a consultant specializing in libraries!
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