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Hello friends and colleagues,

Today is September 30, which means it is now officially autumn. It also means we are closer the one-year anniversary of Cordelia Anderson Consulting.

In some ways, it's hard to believe that a year has gone by. In other ways, it's even harder to imagine that it has only been one year. I have much to say, and many to thank, but I will save that for the "official" anniversary next month. 

I wish you the best as we enter October!

Cordelia Anderson, APR
CEO and Owner
Cordelia Anderson Consulting L.L.C.

Providing marketing and communications consulting and services to community-serving organizations such as libraries, nonprofits, educational institutions and government agencies.


Recent Content

Several of you have asked me how my book for ALA Editions is going. The short answer is, great! The staff and editors there are extremely supportive and helpful. I feel honored to be able to work on this project with them. 

As most authors will tell you, writing a book is fun but hard! Staying on track to meet your book deadline, while also juggling other responsibilities, requires a balancing act. So I wrote a blog post about my approach. Here's an excerpt. 

Book Writing Process

Because I am a creative person and a process person, I have developed a method for keeping myself on track so that I can reach my deadline of 60,000 words by the end of 2019. For those of you who might be writing books or considering it, I thought I'd share a few strategies I've developed to stay on track.

When I first started working on my manuscript, I needed a way to visualize my progress, so I created what I like to call a "thermometer chart." You know what I'm talking about - in fundraisers, they will often have a thermometer with the fundraising goal at the top. Then they fill in the "temperature" levels as they get closer to the goal. I wanted one of those!

When I couldn't find an app to do this, I created a simple spreadsheet. Not only does it help me visualize my goal, I also set it up so it gives me the percentage of words I've written out of my total goal. [If you'd like to do something like this yourself, simply do a web search for "thermometer chart excel." That's how I figured it out.]

It's a great motivator each day I write, to plug in my new word count and see that thermometer and percentage go up. This is a way to hold myself accountable. It also gives me an answer when people ask, "How is the book going?" I can answer, "Oh, I'm at 48 percent!" or wherever I happen to be at the moment.

As I got into the late part of August, I needed a more specific way to measure my progress compared to how much time I had left before my deadline. So I calculated how many words I would need to write per week to get me from my current word count to my 60,000 target. Then I created a simple line graph to track my weekly word output. [You can find instructions for this by searching "line graph excel."]

Want to learn more? Interested in sharing your strategies for completing writing projects? Visit my blog!

Recap: Storytelling Event

Storytelling is a fundamental part of being human, which is why I love to tell and share stories. I also spend time coaching my clients and audiences on how to find and share great stories of impact.

I recently had the opportunity to be a part of Storyteller's Night at Jesse Brown's Outdoorstelling the story of how my bike trip along the Avenue Verte helped inspire me to start Cordelia Anderson Consulting. I was joined by two other storytellers who had their own inspiring journeys to share!

You can see this event on the Jesse Brown's Facebook Page.  (I encourage you to watch the other storytellers, but I come on at the one-hour mark.) You can also hear an interview about this story on the Carolina Outdoors Podcast.

Upcoming Appearances


I'll be delivering the keynote address at the SEFLIN 2019 Fall Membership Meeting in North Miami, Florida, November 1. My topic will be “Customer Engagement and the Library Marketing Funnel."

I'll be delivering the closing day keynote address at the Carolinas Chapter of the Special Libraries Association Inaugural Annual Summit in Concord, North Carolina, November 14-15. My topic will be “Finding and Telling Stories of Impact.”

I look forward to seeing some of you at these events!

New Client Announcement

I'm excited to announce that I am now working with Panhandle Library Access Network (PLAN). I will be delivering two webinars on library marketing and communications to their members in November and January.
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