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February 2019

A Recent Saturday at the Roundhouse
Every week an email is sent to all active members of Midwest outlining the planned projects for the coming Saturday, the day when most active members come to volunteer their time. Projects are determined based on priority, volunteers available and the weather.
On Saturday January 26th, there were enough volunteers available to form a number of work groups.  A lot of switching needed to be done in the yard so crews were formed by Steve Emling to operate the trackmobile, the Alco 123 and the bulldozer for rotating the turntable. Jon Jaros of Horizon Rail also chipped in with the use of his trackmobile since a number of the moves involved his and his customer's equipment. The crews braved the cold temperatures and the icy ground and worked through quite a few weather related difficulties to complete their tasks.
Charley Sedgley led a group of volunteers to bring a number of parts previously removed from the Grand Trunk Western 4070 steam locomotive from the warehouse and storage containers into the roundhouse for cleaning, sorting and staging for eventual re-assembly.
Ongoing work was performed on rebuilding the couplers on another one of our trackmobiles so we can get it back into service in the yard. KMT Machine provided the necessary machining and made a new pin for the assembly while Mark Billey lent a hand along with a few others.
The volunteers were all treated to a hearty chili for lunch courtesy of the MRPS gift shop and cooked up by Chef Ken McCown.
There are always things to do here at the roundhouse so if you have the time to help out, come on down.  Keep an eye out for the weekly email to see what's planned for upcoming Saturdays. 
Steve Korpos and Ed Paladar try to stay warm during switching on a frigid Saturday (left).  Switching crews at work near the turntable (right).
Nick Resar and Stephen Thomas work on cleaning parts for re-assembly on 4070 (left).  Newly cleaned parts (right).
2019 RPCA Convention
This years' annual Railroad Passenger Car Alliance Convention was held in Cincinnati, Ohio running from January 16th through the 21st. The convention, hosted by the Cincinnati Scenic Railway was held at the Cincinnati Marriot Northeast and was attended by MRPS members Steve Emling and Steve Korpos. 
The main purpose of the convention is to update members on mechanical, regulatory and operating issues and along with the seminars, gives members opportunities to network in a social setting. 
Activities for the convention included a special event on the LM&M Railroad, a day long trip on the Whitewater Valley Scenic Railroad and a visit to the National Museum of The United States Air Force.
A reception was held on Friday night the 15th at the recently renovated Cincinnati Union Terminal.  Guest speaker for the event was Jim Wrinn, the editor of trains magazine.
The last time Midwest had a number of attendees was in 2014 when the convention was held in Branson, Missouri. Mr. Korpos said that our organization was well received and that there were many favorable comments regarding the progress we are making in restoring the Historic B&O Roundhouse as well as the recent completion of our CT&V power car.  
How to Get to Akron by Train in the 1940's
(A Look Back in Time)
The recent Cleveland Plain Dealer article featuring Executive Director Steve Korpos and Midwest Railway Preservation Society prompted Bernice Scher Rothman to email MRPS and attach a copy of a talk she gave while returning home from Akron.  She had taken the Myers bus to visit an art exhibit at The University of Akron  and gave her talk entitled "How to Get to Akron" on the way home.
Bernice's mother was from Akron and had many family and relatives in the Akron area.  Her father was from Cleveland and she grew up on East 109th Street near St. Clair Avenue.  They didn't own a car so their excursions to Akron would usually begin on Sunday by boarding the streetcar on at the corner and riding west to the intersection of East 55th Street where they would catch a cross-town streetcar to the Pennsylvania Railroad station just north of Carnegie Avenue.
Bernice said that the train ride was exciting, but that was just the beginning. The PRR would take them south to Peninsula where there was a tiny station and some benches and there they would get off and wait for the train from Pittsburgh that would drop off more passengers heading to Akron.
The train from Peninsula to Akron consisted of a steam locomotive and one passenger car. She said that they referred to the train as "The Dinkey" but she could not remember why.
After the train arrived from Pittsburgh they would all board "The Dinkey" for the final leg of the journey. Upon arrival in Akron they would be met by a family member in a car and taken usually to her Grandmother's house where they would feast and visit and then stay overnight.
The journey back to Cleveland was less complicated.  One family member worked in Cleveland and he would pick them up on Monday morning around 6:30 am and they would travel on Old Route 8 (there were no freeways) eventually being dropped off in downtown Cleveland. There they would catch the streetcar home or in some cases she would go directly to Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary School.
Thanks to Bernice for sharing her memories of rail travel in the 1940's with all of us at Midwest.

4070 Update

Although the Grand Trunk Western 4070 steam locomotive is temporarily sitting outside waiting for an open stall inside the roundhouse, the restoration project continues.  As mentioned earlier in this newsletter, Charley Segley is forming Saturday work crews to bring parts from storage inside so that they can be cleaned, inspected and painted.
After cleaning, moving parts will be sent to the machine shop for inspection and if required will be repaired as necessary to bring them back into specification.  Oversized holes will be machined for press fit bushings that have the proper sized holes.
The current work is tedious; find, fetch and clean, but it is necessary and allows us to catalog and store the parts in as new condition so that when we are ready to start re-assembly the project will move at a quicker pace.
If you would like to become part of this work crew, you just need to be an active member and attend one of the two safety classes that will be held on site in February.  You will also need safety shoes, safety glasses and leather gloves or leather palm gloves.  Some tasks may require wearing a hard hat, but there are some on site that can be used.  Dress accordingly for the weather since some of the work will be outdoors and even inside the roundhouse temperatures can be somewhat chilly during the winter months.
Be sure to watch the weekly email for the 4070 work crew calls.
Charley Sedgley and Rich Kulik work outside in the cold to remove parts of the brake rigging on 4070 (left).  A pallet full of parts awaiting cleaning in the roundhouse (right). 
Before and after photos of a part cleaned during a Saturday work session.

2019 Safety Classes

Anyone planning to volunteer here at the roundhouse is required to attend a safety class.  The class is a requirement of CSX and must be attended every year to maintain volunteer eligibility.
The classes this year are scheduled for Saturday February 23rd at 9:00 am and Tuesday February 26th at 6:00 pm.  The classes are approximately two hours long.
The class is also required for all contractors that work or would like to work on site  There is no need to call or email to sign up, just show up for whichever class suits your schedule.
Recent sights around the property.  Working on a trackmobile (upper left).  The new crane (upper right).  Photos taken during Saturday switching (lower left and lower right).


MRPS has a great need for a back hoe so we can continue working on sewer improvements on site.
If you or anyone you know has one that you would like to donate or sell at a reasonable price we would like to hear from you.


In the January newsletter we incorrectly stated that our newest Trustee, Bud Ramkey, worked for the New York Central Railroad when actually, it was Bud's father that worked for the NYC RR.  We apologize for the confusion.

Help Needed

Volunteers with skills and/or experience in the following areas are always needed.  Please stop by and lend a hand. 
Diesel Mechanics 
Project Managers 
Computer Technology 

Dues are annual (1 year) 
SENIOR (55 OR OLDER).$30.00 
PLATINUM LEVEL............$500.00 

Proud Sponsors of The Midwest Railway Preservation Society

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