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June 2020

Midwest Has Re-opened For Small Group Tours

Small Group Sign-up Will Be Available Through Etix for Saturdays in June and July

As posted recently on social media, Midwest has opened it's gates for tours to small groups of ten people or less. The tours are available on weekdays by appointment only and can be scheduled by calling the office in advance to ensure that a guide will be on site to escort the group around the yard. No train rides are available for these tours and access to most pieces of equipment will be limited. We only ask that a donation be made to the 4070 Restoration Fund to assist our ongoing efforts in that endeavor or to our General Operating Fund to offset losses incurred through cancellation of our scheduled open house events. All visitors must wear closed toe shoes appropriate for an active work site and we ask that everyone arrive with their own personal face mask to be worn during the tour. Social distancing will be in force throughout the tour.

On another note, however, the Trustees have decided to cancel the formal open houses scheduled for Fathers Day and in conjunction with Cleveland History  Days on June 20th and 27th. In place of the formal open houses, Midwest will hold small group tours on all Saturdays in June and July. We are making arrangements for ticket sales online through Etix. Purchasing your tickets through Etix, is the only way you can reserve your time slot, available in one hour increments starting at 10:00 am and ending at 3:00 pm. These group tours will include a ride on a caboose pulled by our Alco diesel number 123. Ticket prices are $40 for groups limited to six people, any combination of adults and children. Again, proper footwear will be required and you must bring your own facemasks and if desired, gloves. Temperatures will be taken upon check-in. Watch for upcoming information and links to Etix. 

As always, MRPS members can tour for free as a perk of their membership, but on Saturdays will have to stand by for an open time slot. Calling ahead may eliminate a lengthy wait.

We hope to see you soon. The office phone number is (216) 781-3629.
RPCA Conference Update

Last month in Marker Lights, we outlined the MRPS proposal to the Railroad Passenger Car Alliance to host their annual conference in 2022. The Conference Coordinator of the RPCA, Charles Barthold, came to Cleveland in early May to check out the hotels that were recommended and also see what the city has to offer the attendees.

Executive Director Steve Korpos acted as tour guide, taking Mr. Barthold around town so he could evaluate sites and activities that were included in our proposal. They discussed which activities would be preferred by the group and possibilities for seminars and classes that would be held at the hotel during the conference. He also had the opportunity to tour the Historic B&O Roundhouse and yard to get a better idea of what Midwest is all about.

Before leaving, we were informed that we have an excellent chance to be chosen as host, but the final decision wouldn't be made until the RPCA annual meeting in July. Until then, there is plenty of work to do to solidify the proposal that we will present to their Board at that time.

4070 Restoration Progress

Volunteers struggle to jockey the bell of 4070 out of the box car and onto a pallet so it can be moved into the roundhouse and mounted to the smoke box cover as part of the display. Another volunteer sits among other parts for the display while cleaning and polishing the bell back to its' original brilliance.
The smoke box cover and door lean against the wall where they were staged for cleaning (above left). The bell support (front) and "unibrow" were also staged for cleaning (above right). The bell support will have a new 4070 plate installed on the front to replace the magnetic one shown, and all electrical wiring and light fixtures will be replaced in the "unibrow". Volunteers are still searching for the glass number boards to complete the assembly.
While checking to see if we had the complete set of smoke box door clamps for the smoke box assembly, it was noticed that among the 20 clamps, some were castings that were poured with patterns from the Grand Trunk Railroad (GTR, above bottom left), some from patterns from the Midwest Railway Historical Foundation (MRHF, above bottom right) and a few were original Alco parts with the part number evident on the casting (above, top). MRHF was the precursor to today's MRPS.
Painting of smoke box cover parts has been completed as shown in the above photos and will soon be assembled into the display. The glass number boards for the "unibrow" have also been found and will be installed and lit for the display.

4070 Committee

The Trustees of MRPS have formed a committee to direct and oversee the restoration of the 4070 locomotive. The committee, meeting at regular intervals, has been formulating a comprehensive outline of the project and defining specific areas that can be addressed individually or collectively.

Perhaps the most critical activity being addressed is fund raising to finance the project. Recent donations totaling over $700 have been added into the restoration fund, but the committee is brainstorming ideas to accelerate income.

Research is underway regarding whether the locomotive should be restored to run with coal or be converted to run with oil. There are advantages to both methods but it will be up to the committee to present all of the facts to the Board so the Trustees can make an informed decision on which direction to proceed.

Since the roundhouse has re-opened to volunteers, members have been sorting through the storage buildings and box cars to identify and tag parts so they can be inspected for restoration. Work groups will be incorporated and led by group leaders to facilitate multiple tasks simultaneously.

Currently, volunteers have found all of the parts for the smoke box cover and they are being cleaned, painted and assembled. It will then be mounted to a stand and bolted to the wall and will serve as a photo op and centerpiece for donations to the 4070 Restoration Fund. Work will then continue on the cab and the tender.

The committee members are Steve Korpos, Steve Emling, Pete Stojsavljevic, Greg Antz, Ken McCown, and Mitch Karibinus. Anyone that has a desire to help with this project should contact the office. A variety of skills are needed, but it is also a great opportunity to learn some new skills in the process. Volunteer crew calls appear in the weekly weekend work notice that also contains a link which enables you to sign up directly for specific projects. Please consider lending a hand. We can use many! 
Calling All Volunteers!

With Midwest's current push toward restoration of 4070 it is imperitive that we develop a comprehensive log of interested volunteers containing their email addresses, phone numbers and special skills or expertise that can be offered to help achieve the end goal. If you would like to be part of this, please let us know by calling or emailing the office with all of the pertinent information. Also let us know if you are available on weekdays and/or Saturdays. There may be times when a group leader will call in advance to set up a special work session. If you are already an active volunteer, sign up for this project the next time you are at the roundhouse. 

America Update

Work continues on the America.  A new hot water heater was purchased and installed that will service the kitchen and crew quarters. When researching replacements, it was determined that the old heater likely didn't have the capacity to provide sufficient hot water for that area of the car. The new heater will have more than enough capacity even with the redesigned kitchen. The bathrooms and shower at the opposite end of the car run off of a different heater that is sufficient for that area.

Plumbing also had to be replaced in the crew bathroom when leaks were discovered while working on installing the new water heater. Like most projects of this scope, it is two steps forward, one step back.

The exterior of the car was given a thorough inspection resulting in one side requiring repainting. Cracked and peeling paint has been sanded and prepped and we will check with our supplier for a proper color match. The opposite side of the car only needs to be touched up in a few areas.

We are still in need of donations to help us to complete the project. The matching goal is close to being met, and if we can surpass our goal any excess funds will be used for future maintenance on the car.
The new hot water heater (above left) has been installed and the temperature can be adjusted by remote control. New plumbing has been completed in the crew bathroom (above right).
The America Fund Lucky 777's Update

Midwest is well on its' way toward reaching our goal to raise $7000 for the refurbishment of the America private railcar. The amount is being raised to match the initial donation of $7000 made earlier this year by members who wish to remain anonymous, along with an added incentive for an additional $7000 donation if we could match their original donation by the end of September. To date, our current total stands at $5834.90. Please help us reach our goal by making a tax deductible donation to the America Fund.
This was the view from the MRPS parking lot on a Saturday morning in mid-May. The steel mill is just beginning to be visible in the background. 

Glenwillow Depot

The Glenwillow depot has been lifted off of its foundation and moved to a temporary location so the contractor can begin excavation of the new basement in Pettibone Park. Moving the depot allows the contractor to fill in the old basement alongside the tracks with dirt and debris removed from the new location in the park. When the excavation is completed, the foundation will be poured and then the building will be moved into position above the foundation where the basement walls will then be constructed. The Depot will then be lowered to its' final resting place.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

On recent Saturdays at the roundhouse, a group of enthusiastic volunteers took on the job of putting a fresh coat of paint on the interior east wall in the shop area. Last painted over ten years ago, the paint was peeling and large areas were coated in dirt and grease. Soon to be the backdrop for the new 4070 front end display and photo op, it was decided to paint it while the wall was easily accessible, having already re-located cabinets, job boxes and the like to other areas of the shop.

The center section was completed in one day with both ends completed the following week. Enough volunteers were on hand that besides the wall, the restroom doors and wood shop doors were also repainted giving the area a bright new look.
The contrast is evident in the before and after photos of the machine shop wall above. Spring cleaning was elevated a notch in the roundhouse.
Trustee Elections

Every year in May a number of Trustees come up for re-election as their respective terms expire. Ballots were sent to the general membership in April along with brief bios of the five Trustees seeking re-election. Votes were tallied during the May 12th meeting and all were retained. They are, Tom Hunt, Mark Billey, Pete Stojsavljevic, Mitch Karibinus and Ken Yandek. They will serve another three year term on the Board.

Happenings "aROUND the HOUSE"

This menu found on the America was from a private excursion that took place in 2006. The menu featured Astara Osetra Caviar at $50 for 3/4 of an once. Full meals were offered with 2,3,4, or 5 courses priced at $50, $62, $72 and $80 respectively. The courses included Creamy Parsnip Soup, Cured Duck, Buttered Maine Lobster, Kobe Beef Ribeye, Pancetta Wrapped Quail, Roasted Colorado Quail and Caramel Apple Flambe. That sure beats pizza delivered via Uber Eats!
A volunteer work crew tore out a section of brickwork on the floor of the turntable pit in preparation for excavation to replace the sewer drain. Upon completion, the bricks will be replaced as removed to maintain the historical appearance of the turntable. 
The exhaust fan (top photo) was recently installed to the ceiling structure above stall 3 in the roundhouse in the location where the smoke jack was originally (bottom photo). The fan will ensure better ventilation in the roundhouse while performing tasks such as paining.
A key part of the kitchen redesign in the upstairs crew room at the roundhouse included a full sink. The sink is now fully operational and will make it much easier to clean up after Saturday lunches are once again underway. The electric stove that came out of the America had been previously installed. 
The May issue of Marker Lights had a follow up story to our April Fool's article the previous month. Nancy Wendell, the previous owner of the locomotive that the JDNX cab came off of, and the subject of the story, is shown above sitting in the cab of 2362 which is owned by her son.
Just a reminder that Authentic Roundhouse Beam Pens are still available for purchase in the office or on line. The cost is $65 and all proceeds go to the Building Fund for the restoration of roundhouse stalls 6 through 10. Made from an original piece of the roof structure, they still have the smoky aroma left by locomotives from the past.
Wildflowers are blooming on the grounds of MRPS. Hopefully, the good weather has finally come to stay and we can continue with the drain replacement from the turntable pit.

Run a Locomotive for an Hour!

Sit at the throttle of our vintage Alco RS3 locomotive under the watchful eyes of a Midwest engineer. An experience that you will never forget! 
If you are looking for a unique experience or a one-of-a-kind gift for that special person, consider our "Run a Locomotive for an Hour" program. People travel all over the country for an opportunity to do just what we offer here at MRPS in your own back yard. The cost is just $375 but members pay a discounted rate of only $175. Interested? Contact us at 216-781-3629 or email us at

Help Needed

Volunteers with skills and/or experience in the following areas are always needed.  Please stop by and lend a hand. 
Diesel Mechanics 
Project Managers 
Experienced Welders 
Dues are annual (1 year) 
SENIOR (55 OR OLDER)  $40.00 
PLATINUM LEVEL............$500.00 


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Open House Dates

Fathers Day & Cleveland History Days
June 20th & June 27th

Watch for small group tours including a ride in a caboose on Saturdays in June and July. Tickets will be available online through Etix to guarantee a time slot of your choosing. Links to Etix will be posted soon via email and social media.

Open House Events
for the remainder of 2020
have yet to be determined.


Midwest Railway Preservation Society.
Historic B&O Roundhouse
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Get guided tours of the site 
Learn how railroads helped make Cleveland an industrial giant 
Climb on board an original, elegant “parlor coach” from the 1920's 
Hear the history of the famous “4070” steam locomotive 
Share in our vision to save the Roundhouse 
Visit our gift shop 
Donation for Admission:  $10 adults, $5 children 12 and under 
Free admission to all members in good standing 
All proceeds to be used for Roundhouse restoration efforts 
Please wear weather-appropriate clothing and closed-toe shoes as the site is still in rough condition.  
Children must be under the supervision of an adult at ALL times.  Visitors with disabilities are  
Welcome but should know that the site and equipment are NOT ADA-accessible. 
For more information, call (216) 781-3629  

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