Let´s go uphill again! 

OCTOBER 17, 2020, Beskydy Mountain Hiking Trip vol. 2 
We will explore another place in Beskydy called FILIPKA.
The restrictions are changing from day to day stay informed! The Radio Prague International brings you fresh news in English!
Need a language course???

Do you want to learn Czech or another language? New Language school BAYO in Ostrava prepared for you 20% discount for online and offline lessons after using a promo code: EXPATS20
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What is happening in Ostrava in October?
According to what principles to develop Ostrava to be a great place to live? 
This will be shown by the exhibition
"Vize prostorového rozvoje Ostravy" (Vision of Spatial Development in Ostrava.) It reveals the process of the creation of the Vision, the data from which it draws and the new principles it brings to the development of the city.
Come to Black Kale Food to taste great tropical fruits grown for you by small farmers. Everything is just ripe, guaranteed to be fresh and without any chemicals. African Market in Ostrava Oct 11, 2020.
Sightseeing rides to Vysoké pece by historic trams.
A: Hlavní nádraží – Stodolní – Don Bosco – Dolní Vítkovice and back.
B: Hulváky – Mariánské náměstí – Krajský úřad – Don Bosco – Dolní Vítkovice and back.
If you are considering how to start with swing, dance, and you do not have time for regular lessons or you can't stand it until the next wave of courses, then we have a workshop for you in the form of a three-hour lindy hop course.


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!!! We follow the Government regulations. All events will be adapted to the current situation, we adhere to hygienic standards and the Jamm Party will be only instrumental without singing !!!

!!! The situation around Corona can change scheduled  events from hour to hour. Please follow us and get up to date information about our Events !!!
Even now we can still hear the rhythm of the music, smell the incense sticks and remember how the great Indian food tasted! Unforgettable event! See the whole album here.
Many thanks to Fajna Dílna that we could experience and learn something new, especially to create a product by our own hands - It was fun!
Check all pictures here.
Best of Foreign cuisine in and around Ostrava
by Roberto, expat living in Ostrava 

Ok, so now that I’ve got the restaurant service thing off my chest (last month’s blog ), let’s get back to the topic of food. In this five-part blog, I will be sharing my top choices for food in and around Ostrava for those of you who are getting fed up with all the pork and dumplings places that seem to be on every street in the city. Truth be told, I like pork and dumplings and even have a weakness for fried cheese. However, I do need a bit more variety to satisfy my curious appetite on a daily basis. So, for those of you looking for something a bit more exotic, these next four blogs will bring you closer to Italy, Mexico, the United States and, of course, the best local places for Czech cuisine. 

Since I was born in Rome and love Italian food, and all things Italian best, I’ll start there. The criteria I judged on in my personal review of great places to eat in and around Ostrava more.

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