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All-Day Sitting 

September 15, 2019

Opening of the Fall Practice Period

Please join us at our next All-Day Sitting

with Zoketsu Norman Fischer:

Sunday, September 15
9:00 — 6:00
NatureBridge at the Marin Headlands
in the Sunset Room


Shuso Entering Ceremony at the beginning of the day, about 9:30.

How to Register

To sign up for the next All-Day Sit, click the Register button below.

That will take you to a page where you can register by entering your name and email address and responding to one or two options. After submitting, you should receive an email confirming your registration.
Please register no later than the Thursday before the All-Day Sit.

For cancellations and last minute registrations, please see the Guidelines below. For other questions, see the FAQ, also below.
You are welcome to attend the Opening Ceremony and the All-Day Sit whether or not you are participating in the Practice Period. 

More info on the Practice Period:
Fall 2019 Practice Period Announcement

Please submit your Application and Commitment form by Sept 9.


We provide a final lunch count and attendance commitment to the venue by 9:00 AM on the Friday morning before our sitting. This requires us to hold participants to certain deadlines and commitments.

Registration Deadline

We very much appreciate receiving your registration no later than the end of day on the Thursday before each sitting. Last minute registrations are always possible but if you have not registered by the required date, you must bring your own lunch.

To register after the deadline, please email the registrar at or simply reply to this email.


If your plans change after registering, please notify the registrar right away by sending an email to the registrar at or by replying to this email.

If you cancel after the registration deadline, you will be asked and expected to pay the $60/person cost that covers our obligation to our venues.

What to Bring

A zafu or bench, zabuton, mat or blanket. Padded chairs are available.
Norman Fischer at the Marin Headlands
Photo: Renshin Bunce, 2019


Upcoming All-Day Sittings in 2019
  • October 5: Saturday at Green Gulch Farm
  • November 17: Sunday at NatureBridge in the Headlands
    (closing of the Fall Practice Period)
  • December 21: Saturday at Green Gulch Farm


Where will the September 15, 2019 event be located?

NatureBridge Golden Gate is in the Marin Headlands, north of San Francisco and west of Sausalito, within the larger Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The Golden Gate Conference and Retreat Center, where we meet, is located in the Headlands at Fort Cronkhite on Rodeo Beach.   We will be in the Sunset Room. Watch for signs as you arrive directing you to Everyday Zen to determine your best parking option. 
If the room or venue changes, will I be notified? 

The venue for each month is listed above. Room changes at NatureBridge in the Marin Headlands sometimes occur. But you can simply follow the signs to Everyday Zen when you arrive at Rodeo Beach. Or check the website the day before the sitting.

Is lunch included in my registration?

Yes, lunch will be provided if you register before the 9:00 AM deadline the Friday before the event. After that, please bring your own lunch. 

If you intend to bring your own lunch anyway, or to attend only for half a day without having lunch, please indicate this in the form when you register. Or if your plans for lunch change, notify the registrar via email at or by replying to this email before the 9 AM Friday deadline; otherwise EDZ will be charged for your lunch. 

What happens if my plans change, I get sick, or I can't make the event for any reason?

The final count of attendees is sent to the sitting venue at 9:00 AM on the Friday before the sitting. If you have to cancel for any reason after 9:00 AM Friday, we ask that you notify the registrar by email at or by replying to this email and that you cover our $60 cost, the amount we are obligated to pay under our contract for holding your space and lunch. 

You may pay by sending a check payable to Everyday Zen and addressed to:

Everyday Zen
c/o A. Jacoby
431 Belvedere St.
San Francisco, 94117

Thank you for your understanding.

How do I make a donation to Everyday Zen for attending this event?

A suggested donation of $80-120 includes lunch, tea/coffee, Dana to Norman, and gifts to the scholarship funds. Envelopes for donations will be on a table near the door at the venue. Please leave your donation in the appropriate envelope. 

Scholarships from EDZ are always available. Please request a scholarship or partial scholarship if needed when you register. 

I usually come to the All-Day Sittings every month. Is it necessary to register every time?


How can I get on the email list for the monthly All-Day Sittings and other EDZ events?

If you received this email, you are most likely already on the mailing list. To check, click on the link to Update Your Preferences in the footer of this email. You can also sign up on the Everyday Zen website, here:  Sign up there for the Everyday Zen News & Events mailing list and subscribe to the All-Day Sittings list.

I don't have a car; can the registrar help me find a ride?

We apologize that we aren’t able to help people find rides. For public transportation options, try

What should I bring to the All-Day Sitting?

Bring what you need to sit on — zafu or bench and a zabuton, mat, or blanket. Padded chairs are available on site.  Plan to arrive between 8:30-8:45 AM so as not to disturb the first sitting from 9:00-9:20. Please check in with the registrar when you arrive, who will be at the door with a clipboard. 

People attending for the first time are encouraged to meet with the Ino after the first sitting to answer any questions. Otherwise, our intention is to maintain silence throughout the day, including during lunch, outside walking meditation, and breaks.

We look forward to sitting with you!

Header image: Five court painters under the Qianlong Emperor, “Along the River During Qingming Festival ,” reproduction: 1736, original: 12th century. Courtesy National Palace Museum in Taiwan via traditionaleastasia.
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