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Hello Everyday Zen Friends,

Last week Wednesday, June 12, we held our annual Everyday Zen community meeting, as we usually do, during the last Dharma Seminar for the summer (seminar resumes in August). What emerged were two proposals for small dharma discussion groups providing opportunities for sangha members to gather and discuss matters of importance to them in the context of zen practice.

This email follows up on that discussion, introducing the proposals and inviting interested sangha members to participate by replying as described below. We’ve also been adjusting the structure of this mailing list and have a small request related to this at the end of the email.

Please reply by June 28.
We’ll send out group emails shortly after that. 

Dharma Friends

Small Geographically Organized Groups

First, Sue Moon introduced the idea of forming small geographically-defined groups as a way to nourish dharma friendship and more intimate face-to-face connections in our practice. She noted that Berkeley Zen Center has had such groups for years.

These would be leaderless peer groups of 6 to 10 people who would meet monthly at peoples’ homes or wherever and whenever the members choose. Sue proposed three regions: Marin, San Francisco, and the East Bay, and offered to help these groups get up and running.

If you’re interested in participating in a Dharma Friends group, and didn't already sign up at the community meeting, email Sue Moon ( and include this information:

        ___EAST BAY
        ___SAN FRANCISCO

Once she’s collected names and contact info, Sue will send the lists to the members of each group and they can organize themselves from there.

Practice Discussion Circles

Thematic Dharma Discussion Groups
Sue’s proposal led to a spirited discussion of possible small Practice Discussion Circles based on topics of particular interest, modeled on the Precepts Study Group which by request will continue again in August, meeting on a monthly basis, before seminar. Similarly, these small discussion circles might meet once or twice a month, led by whoever steps forward with a topic that resonates with others. We don’t have a venue for these gatherings, and do not yet know if meeting at the church before seminar would be possible, but we want to keep the momentum going.
Rondi Gilbert volunteered to coordinate the formation of these groups and has been collecting topics proposed at the meeting. Attached below is a working list of those topics (click to download the PDF):

The list can be added to and/or winnowed down, whatever makes sense to participants. We might want to find a time and place to meet together as a large group to further shape this proposal once more information has been gathered.
If you’d like to participate in a Practice Discussion Circle and/or have an idea for a topic that isn’t listed, email Rondi Gilbert ( and include this information: 
TOPIC YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE ON THE LIST (and might be interested in leading):

Mailing List Preferences

Finally, we’ve made small adjustments to our mailing list now that we’ve had time to settle in with our provider. Our goal is to allow people as much flexibility as possible to select the kinds of email they receive from us while reaching everyone who wants to hear from us.

Please take a minute to review and update your preferences as best serves your needs.
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Thank you,


Jane Flint and Laura Trippi for Everyday Zen

Header image: Kano Motonobu, Eight Views of the Xiao-Xiang Region (Shosho Hakkei), first half 16th century. Hanging scroll: ink on paper; with ivory rollers. Photo credit: Yale University Art Gallery.
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