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All-Day Sitting


July 27, 2019

Green Gulch Farm

Please join us at our next All-Day Sitting

with Zoketsu Norman Fischer:

Saturday, July 27th
9:00 — 5:00
Green Gulch Farm

Procedures for the All-Day Sitting have changed.
Please read this entire email.

How to Register

Please register no later than end of day Wednesday, July 24th.

Registration for the EDZ All-Day Sittings at Green Gulch Farm (GGF) are handled by the GGF Reservations Office and through their website, unless you are requesting an EDZ scholarship.

To register without requesting an EDZ scholarship, visit the GGF event page by clicking the Register button below. That will take you to the event page on the GGF website where you can complete your registration and advance payment online. On that page you will also find instructions for completing your registration by phone.

Members of the EDZ sangha requesting EDZ scholarships, please register here: EDZ Scholarship Request and Registration.
Register (GGF)


Registration Deadlines & Cancellations

For questions about registering at GGF including cancellations, last-minute registrations, and GGF scholarships, please see Registration, Scholarships, and Cancellations on the GGF website.

For EDZ scholarship deadlines and cancellations, please see EDZ Scholarship Request and Registration.

What to Bring

Zafus, a few sitting benches, support cushions, and zabutons will be provided by GGF. You may bring your own zafus, support cushions, and benches if you wish, but do not bring zabutons or chairs.

If you plan to sit on a chair, please note that on the registration form. 

Zendo Protocols

We will enter the zendo exclusively through the entrance in Cloud Hall. 

Chairs will already be set up in the zendo (see above, under What to Bring, if you plan to sit on a chair). Please do not move chairs to different places in the zendo.

Shoes: No shoes on the wood floor in Cloud Hall, on the wood circling the zendo, and inside the zendo.  Shoes are worn on the stone tile in the Cloud Hall entryways, in the basement of Cloud Hall, and in all other areas of Green Gulch. There are racks for shoes in the entryways of all three entrances into Cloud Hall, in Cloud Hall itself, and on the outside of the zendo.

Bags, coats, water bottles, etc. may not be put on any of the shoe racks, with the exception of those on walkways around the outside of the zendo. There is space for bags, coats, etc. in each of the entry areas of Cloud Hall.  The two entrances with the indoor men’s and women’s bathrooms have coat racks and a rack that is on top of the shoe rack for these items. Additionally, inside and to the right of the entryway that is nearest to the outdoor bathrooms there is a small closet where coats may be hung and bags stored.

If necessary, you may neatly fold a jacket or extra layer of clothing to have in front of your sitting place. However, please keep this to a minimum. Bring as little as possible into the zendo!

Water bottles, food or liquid of any form is not permitted in the zendo.
Photo: Shundo David Haye, 2015


Upcoming All-Day Sittings in 2019

  • August 31: Saturday at Green Gulch Farm
  • September 15: Sunday at NatureBridge in the Headlands
    (opening of the Fall Practice Period)
  • October 5: Saturday at Green Gulch Farm
  • November 17: Sunday at NatureBridge in the Headlands
    (closing of the Fall Practice Period)
  • December 21: Saturday at Green Gulch Farm


Where will the July 27, 2019 event be located?

The July All-Day Sit will be held in the zendo at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, north of San Francisco, off Highway 1 at Muir Beach.

Green Gulch Farm Zen Center
1601 Shoreline Highway
Muir Beach, CA 94965

For driving directions, please see this page on the GGF website: Getting Here

If the room or venue changes, will I be notified? 

The venue for each month is listed above. We do not foresee any changes to the July venue at this point.

Is lunch included in my registration?

Yes, lunch will be provided and is covered by the cost of registration. If you intend to bring your own lunch anyway, you are welcome to do so (but it will not affect the cost of registration).

What happens if my plans change, I get sick, or I can't make the event for any reason?

For changes to your registration through the GGF website, please see Registration, Scholarships, and Cancellations on the GGF website.

For those requesting EDZ scholarships, see EDZ Scholarship Request and Registration.

How do I make a donation to Everyday Zen for attending this event?

The registration cost of $80–$100 at GGF includes lunch, tea/coffee, and Dana to Norman. It does not include gifts to the scholarship fund or Dana for senior teachers. Envelopes for these donations will be on a table in Cloud Hall at GGF. Please leave your donation in the form of cash or a check in the appropriate envelope. 

I usually come to the All-Day Sittings every month. Is it necessary to register every time?


How can I get on the email list for the monthly All-Day Sittings and other EDZ events?

If you received this email, you are most likely already on the mailing list. To check, click on the link to Update Your Preferences in the footer of this email. You can also sign up on the Everyday Zen website, here:  Sign up there for the Everyday Zen News & Events mailing list and subscribe to the All-Day Sittings list.

I don't have a car; can the registrar help me find a ride?

We apologize that we aren’t able to help people find rides. For public transportation options, try

Parking and Arrival Time

On arriving at GGF, follow signs to Guest Parking.

Plan to arrive between 8:30-8:45 AM so as not to disturb the first sitting from 9:00-9:20. Please check in with the registrar when you arrive, who will be at the door of Cloud Hall with a clipboard. 

People attending for the first time are encouraged to meet with the Ino after the first sitting to answer any questions. Otherwise, our intention is to maintain silence throughout the day, including during lunch, outside walking meditation, and breaks.

Evening Service and Dinner at GGF

If you would like to stay for evening service and dinner at GGF, you will need to let the registrar know one week in advance. Please email her at


We look forward to sitting with you!

Header image: Five court painters under the Qianlong Emperor, “Along the River During Qingming Festival ,” reproduction: 1736, original: 12th century. Courtesy National Palace Museum in Taiwan via traditionaleastasia.
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