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Everyday Zen's mailing lists have moved to a new email service provider. This email confirms that your address has been successfully transferred to the new list.


How it Works

New & Events List

The main News & Events list sends announcements of programs such as Dharma Dialogues, our annual Practice Period and Sesshin, Women's Retreats, and occasional news and special events, including news of Norman's publications.

Like this email, most email sent to the News & Events list will come from the address You might want to whitelist that address to ensure they land in your inbox.

All-Day Sittings and Dharma Seminar

For announcements related to the monthly All-Day Sittings and weekly Dharma Seminar in the Bay Area, you must specifically subscribe to those lists. In the interests of reaching everyone who might want to hear about these events, we've automatically subscribed everyone on the lists we transferred from our old provider.

If you prefer not to receive mailings about the All-Day Sittings or Dharma Seminar, you can unsubscribe by updating your preferences. Find that link in the bottom of this and every email from these mailing lists. Click the link and then, on the Change Your Preferences page, uncheck the boxes for one or both of those lists and submit your changes.

Registering for the All-Day Sittings and other programs that require advance registration will work differently than in the past. We'll explain the process in the announcements for each of those programs.

Emails to the All-Day Sittings and Dharma Seminar lists will come from and, respectively. If you subscribe to those lists, you might want to whitelist those email addresses to ensure that those emails reach you.

What else?

We hope the new arrangement will help our emails consistently reach everyone who wants to receive them. We're also looking to streamline the process for our registrars and for all of you signing up for programs.

And we hope the transition will go smoothly. But of course there will be wrinkles and glitches! Our apologies for anything in the transition that trips you up. Please bear with us.

If you need to reach out, you can simply reply to this email.

Thank you!

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