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January 18, 2019 – Issue #12

Sanctuary Coffee: In the News

A letter from Mayor Naheed Nenshi

As part of our application for a Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) large grant from the province of Alberta, we submitted support letters from Druh Farrell (our ward councillor), Kathleen Ganley (our MLA), Kent Hehr (our MP), and Mayor Nenshi. We’re grateful for the support provided by our elected representatives at all levels of government. 
A decision on the grant application will be made by April 1, 2019.


Calgary Alliance for the Common Good and Knox

Listening Campaign

As part of our involvement with the Alliance, we will be conducting a listening campaign here at Knox. It will be held this Sunday, January 20th, after our 10:30 service. The idea is to listen to one another to learn:

What keeps you up at night?In other words, what are the real issues pressing in upon you and your loved ones?  And…

What gets you up in the morning?  In other words, where is your energy focused right now?  Here at Knox, we are also interested in listening to learn how the life and ministry of Knox is impacting your real life. 
Sometimes our first response in a “how are you” discussion is to think of how life does, or does not, meet our hopes and expectations.  In these discussions we are looking deeper, for the heart stuff, the places where we are genuinely struggling in life and the places where we genuinely feel called to make a difference. 
After this initial listening session, our team will be organizing some listening meetings, and some 1-1 conversations. The results of the meetings will be compiled at the end of February.  City-wide concerns (particularly the ones that have some energy and leadership associated with them) will be passed on to the Alliance for the discernment assembly on March 11, at which we will choose the issues with which the Alliance will work in the coming year.  Local Knox matters will be passed on to the appropriate bodies here, and we’ll try to let folks know what we’ve heard. 

If you would like to be a part of one of these, please contact Sue Forsyth by either email or dropping by the office. 

UN Work Interfaith Harmony Week

January 31st - February 7th

The theme of this year’s Inter-faith Harmony Week is I choose civility:  listening, caring, and engaging.  In a society that increasingly is divided along religious, political, and racial lines, it seems to us that civil and respectful relationships, and conversation, is an important practice for society.  This year the Calgary Interfaith Council (of which Knox is a founding member) is asking Calgarians to take a civility pledge – to listen, care, and engage with others in a way that is civil and respectful.  It seems pretty basic, but given the state of public and political discourse these days, it also seems pretty significant!  Some of the events to look for are: 
  • Knox people will be introduced to the civility pledge and invited to sign at our 10:30 worship on January 27 and February 3.
  • January 31, 6:30-8:00 pm in the Atrium at City Hall:Opening ceremonies with our Mayor, government representatives, and a collection of faith leaders from a variety of traditions. 
  • Interfaith breakfast:location and time TBA at this point
  • February 7 at 6:00pm:Concluding dinner and celebration of inter-faith harmony at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 2021-17 Ave SW.
For more information and to RSVP for any of these events, go to

Noon Service has started!

What is Noon Service?

After our Noon Service this past Sunday, we are looking forward to our next two! Our trial run continues this Sunday, January 20 with Jess Werner, and January 27 with Laura Schoenberg. These trial runs are a chance to get comfortable with the setting, see how the liturgy flows, fix technical bugs, and refine the overall experience.

The Sunday noon service at Knox is explicitly designed to connect with adults age 25-54 who are not connected with a church community, or rethinking their connection to an existing community or church service. If you have friends or family in this target demo, please let them know. It will take time to build a new core community for this new service and word of mouth is an excellent way to promote this new ministry.


PAX Musicians

Get to Know Jess Werner

We conducted an interview with one of our PAX musicians: Jess Werner! Get to know Jess in the interview below.

Where do you consider home? 
Home for me is more of a feeling than a specific place. I feel at home when all of the different aspects of my life are in harmony, I'm relaxed, and I can be myself.

What brought you to music?
As cliche as it sounds, music has always been a huge part of my life. I've always loved to sing, and my Mom tells me that as a baby the only thing that would stop me from crying was either her singing or playing a CD. However, I think that I really fell in love with the idea of performing music when I got my first Britney Spears CD at five years old. On one side of the CD, there was a music video for the song "Hit Me Baby One More Time", and from the first time that I watched it, I was hooked and thought "That's what I want to do someday"!

What kind of music do you create as an artist?
Most music that I create tends to be acoustic folk pop with a flare of soul and blues. However, when I'm creating, I try not to put labels on what I write. My main priority is to make authentic art that expresses truths, whatever the sound. I think that we as people connect wit hart that speaks an authentic message, regardless of the style, instrumentation, and genre.

How do you define connection? How do you connect with people through music?
I define connection as the coming together of souls through shared emotion and experience, directly and indirectly with the people involved.I connect with people through music in many different ways. I think that the most obvious way that I connect with people through music is performance, (they or myself could be performing), but I also connect with people through sharing similar interests in songs, instrumentation, emotional responses, and even dance! I think that it
s almost impossible to list just one way of connection with others through music because music is such a huge part of every life within our society.

Where can we find you outside of PAX?
You can find me playing around Calgary in my duo Jess and Robb!



Jess Werner will be providing music at the January 20th Noon Service at Knox

Please click any of the links or icons below to listen to Jess' music!


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