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In our May 10th research note, we explored the timing and magnitude of the four significant Covid bills that have been enacted. We investigated the frequency of congressional sessions, the number of days between introduction and enactment, and the relationship between S&P 500 price action and congressional spending amounts in the bills.


But enacted bills are not the whole story.

What were the legislative priorities before the pandemic? How have those changed? And how do those changes vary by political party?


To investigate this, we applied our natural language processing system to all bills to automatically label the priority placed on a policy area. We then used our machine learning system to exclude bills that we predicted were unlikely to significantly affect companies.

We found that:

  • Bipartisan bills have focused on essentials such as food and health care.
  • Democrats have focused on emergency costs to consumers and workers.
  • Republicans have focused on public housing regulation, sanctions against China, and reducing foreign aid.
  • Legislation unrelated to the pandemic continues to be introduced and not acted on. Since February 28th, just 12 non-coronavirus bills likely to affect companies have had any action at all, none more recent than March 26th.
We discuss specific bills, methodology, and more insights in the report linked below.
Pandemic Policy Priorities

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John Nay 
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