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The Sternal Journal

A thing some people swear they look forward to
Sternal Journalists!

First of all, an update on the The Hot Dog On a Train.

Today, it was ONE HUNDRED AND SOMETHINGTEEN degrees in Los Angeles, which is pretty unbearable. For most of the day, I have been sitting in a mysterious underwear made of my own sweat and jamming fla-vor-ices under my toenails to beat the heat.

My only time spent outside was when Kristen and I took some cold water bottles to unhoused people in the neighborhood. It is a very easy, helpful (and literally life saving) thing anyone can do, which is why it's such a bummer the city can't do this and oftentimes will actually throw out people's water and belongings and medication and all that jazz for street cleaning.

Like come on, city. I know ennui and self-destructive behavior are very LA, but they are not very municipal.

Anyway, there's this guy who stays by our park who I had interacted with briefly at another outreach event. Though polite, he had been experiencing some paranoia that other day and didn't want any of the services or refreshments the event had to offer.

(This, by the way, is normal and fine if you're ever thinking about doing outreach in your neighborhood. Some people want help, others do not. It's nice to ask just in case.)

So today, I thought I'd go see if he was in the same spot just to double check, assuming he would be in the same state of mind. When he wasn't in his usual spot at all, I started to double back towards the car when...

I saw the most brilliant cloudscape above--you guessed it, journalists--The Hot Dog On a Train Billboard. And I thought, "Well, fuck I need a picture of this."

And as I jogged over in 110 degree heat to, yes, get a better angle on a picture of a hot dog billboard I like, I saw the guy! He was at a bus stop a block away. 

And I said, "Sir, would you like some water?" And he said, "Oh, sure!" And gladly took a couple waters and we wished each other stay-cools. And that never would have happened if I hadn't tried to take this fucking amazing picture:

I mean, come on. I'm no photographer, but it's a beaut. And while I stand by my claim that seeing this horror come down would give me the truest sigh of relief, it was literally and figuratively reframed today. 

I ain't had nothing yet of that guy's warmth and kindness. All of us ain't had nothing yet of water (I've had multiple refills of the beer growler I use to make sure I drink enough water and I still feel dehydrated). And maybe, just maybe... I ain't had nothing yet of You Ain't Had Nothing Yet. 

More updates as they come. For now, check on your neighbors, freeze some water bottles, and of course get ready to vote!

Recs for the week?

Man, I churned out so much uke-Zoom content on instagram this week, you can't have seen it all. Watch them if... always get uncomfortable when your boss shares their screen. think you can get away with skipping this Zoom respect people's time. can't see this, but you can hear it

...[BONUS] you miss and love your friends, but don't think a trip is a good idea rn.

Also watching Perry Mason and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Both not what I expected, and both very enjoyable! 

Also, you can still check out my Patreon page. The first Esqueechamug has been claimed!

But really just vote, read, laugh, drink water, and bring water to others :)

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