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How to Replace Competitive Fundraising Events

When it comes to competitive events, many participants are there to support the cause, but for some the cause may take a back seat to the activity itself. It's for this reason that re-imagining competitive fundraising events requires us to harness the essence of the competition, while creatively building a virtual or socially distanced community event. Read about creating new competitive experiences >>

HR: Supporting Staff

Bring Your Child to Work Program

When the pandemic first hit, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando regularly asked staff how they were doing and what they needed. Their top 3 concerns? Their safety, their paycheck, and their families. In order to fully support employees who needed a safe space for their children to attend school remotely, they set up a Bring Your Child to Work Program. Learn more >>


Wildlife Markets and COVID-19

This Spring, HSUS and HSI joined with more than 240 other groups to call for a ban on wildlife markets and an end to the commercial wildlife trade around the globe. Read the facts about wildlife trade and markets >>

Resilience & Well-being

4 Ways to Care for Your Heart During COVID-19

Jessica Dolce wants you to take care of your heart. Your heart is your powerhouse, and it’s been working overtime this year. Self-care and community care are more important than ever. Read Jessica’s tips >>

Shelter Medicine

Contagious Disease Poll

American Pets Alive! is collecting information about contagious disease intake in your organization during and after the COVID-19 pandemic to help experts better understand the effect of shelter population on disease. Take the confidential poll >>


Transport Survey

American Pets Alive! is collecting information about how COVID-19 has impacted transport programs. Source & Receiving Organizations, take the confidential poll >>

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Clinic Access and COVID-19 Risks

Dr. Scott Weese says, “There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to veterinary medicine in the COVID-19 era” and comments on basic concepts of COVID-19 prevention in a clinic. Read >>


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