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NACA Recommendations for Continued Modified Shelter & Animal Control Operations

As communities around the U.S. reopen for services, NACA is providing updated guidelines for animal services operations to ensure physical distancing and public safety. Learn more >>

Spay/Neuter Survey

The purpose of this new survey is to gauge the resources needed for organizations to prepare to reopen or continue S/N services. This survey is intended for any organization that provides S/N services to owned and unowned animals in your community.
This is a collaboration between American Pets Alive!, The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement, and the University of Florida Shelter Medicine Program.
Take the S/N Survey

Animal Services

Interactions with Wildlife During COVID-19

Animal Care & Control professionals may be required to interact with sick, injured, or displaced wildlife as part of their essential duties, and because of the unknown risk, they should do so with an abundance of caution. Review these resources for responding to wildlife safely >>


Find Love Online: Best Friends Virtual Super Adoption Event

This national online event, running May 27-31, will gather adoptable animals from around the country into a central “venue” where adopters can browse, meet, and complete the check-out process in one sitting. Participating organizations only need to physically deliver or facilitate the pet’s pick up. Register your organization by May 18 >>

ASPCA's National Adoption Weekend: #AdoptFromHome and Save More Animals

Registration for the ASPCA's National Adoption Weekend, scheduled for June 5-7, is now live on ASPCApro and open to all shelters and rescues! Learn more and register here >>

Cats & Kittens

Preparing for Bottle Baby Kittens During COVID-19

Webinar—Wednesday, 5/13, 3pm ET
The National Kitten Coalition discusses what to expect and how to prepare for fostering kittens less than 4 weeks old, especially during the pandemic. Register >>

Surviving Kitten Season During the Pandemic

Use this “Don’t Kit-nap Kittens” messaging from Arizona Humane Society to educate and rally your community to continue keeping healthy kittens out of the shelter. Read this >>

Portalmania 2020: Thousands of Free Cat Portals!

Thanks to some very generous sponsors, the Million Cat Challenge is making available more than 1,500 portals for free! And now is a great time to install portals in those empty cat cages and convert them into double compartment housing. 

Community Engagment

What to Do If You Find Kittens

Kitten season is here and cats are the number one at-risk animals in our shelters. Share this video from Best Friends to help your community know what to do if they discover kittens >>


Humane Canada’s National Animal Welfare Conference 

Virtual Conference: Wednesday, May 20 – Thursday, May 21
Canada’s biggest annual professional development and community-building event–now online–is for anyone who works with, cares for, or advocates for animals. Learn more >>

The 2020 Spring Conference for Animal Welfare Advancement

Virtual Conference: Tuesday, June 16 – Wednesday, June 17
Featuring two important sessions on COVID-19: The COVID-19 Response: Using Science to Separate Fact from Fiction and Communicating Collectively for Greater Impact During COVID-19

Fundraising & Grants

Your Top 3 Fundraising Mantras During COVID-19

Jim Tedford, CAWA, President & CEO for The Association, and fundraising guru Trish Dewald at Phoenix Innovate offer their recommendations to achieve powerful, far-reaching fundraising results. Read their tips and watch the interview >>

Emergency Financial Resources for Nonprofits & Individuals

Grantspace has compiled this list to help nonprofits and individuals with COVID-19 hardships. Learn more >> 

How to Ask For $ in Tough Times: 12 Tactics in 24 Minutes

Webinar—Tuesday 5/19, 2pm ET
Matt Lehrman of Social Prosperity Partners will provide actionable recommendations to help you ask for – and get – the financial support you’re depending on. Register >>

Leadership: Ask the Experts

Why Access to Pet Resources is a Social Justice Issue

Webinar—Tuesday 5/12, 4pm ET
Institutional bias and systemic inequity can have a negative impact on pets and there is a great need to understand and deepen the connection between animal welfare and social, racial, and economic justice. Join Amanda Arrington, HSUS Pets for Life program, in a webinar hosted by UW Shelter Medicine Program. No registration required! Save the date and click here to join the meeting. 


The Roundtable: Surviving A Hot Spot

Roundtable Discussion—Thursday 5/14, 5pm ET
Leaders from three major COVID-19 hot spots, Seattle, New York City, and Detroit, will offer valuable insights on battling COVID – let their hot spot experience help you prepare to better support your community.


Updated State & Local Shelter-In-Place Orders + S/N Directives

Best Friends and the HSUS are monitoring current Stay-at-Home orders – including when Stay-at-Home orders are lifted – and are now tracking relevant, clear directives related to Spay/Neuter. View the latest information >>

Preparedness Planning

Customizable Resources to Promote Pet Preparedness

As you continue to adjust your operations during the pandemic, it’s vital that you share the most up-to-date and accurate information with your community, staff and volunteers. The North American COVID-19 Communication Task Force, a collaboration of animal welfare organizations across the U.S and Canada, created ready-to-use materials to help you communicate with a variety of audiences—pet parents, shelter staff, law enforcement and foster families in your community. Click here for Best Friends COVID-19 Pet Preparedness Plan resources >>

Resilience & Wellbeing

How to Spot and Treat Team Burnout from COVID-19

Mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion is a continual problem among veterinary professionals — and working during COVID-19 has only made it worse. Read these recommendations to help you spot and mitigate emotional fatigue in your team >>

Are you juggling parenting, at-home teaching, and working?

Facilitated Conversation—Tuesday 5/12, 2pm ET
Join experienced homeschooler Jyothi Robertson, DVM, DABVP, for this discussion circle for parents who are juggling parenting while serving animal welfare organizations. This facilitated conversation will tackle topics around how to stay resilient and engaged with our families while also balancing all the needs of the animals in our care. Register for The Parents Gathering >>

Veterinary Medicine

The Origins of COVID-19: Links to the Global Wildlife Trade

HSVMA Town Hall—Wednesday 5/13, 8 pm ET
Dr. Teresa Telecky, VP of Wildlife for Humane Society International, will explain the suspected origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its relationship to the wildlife trade, and outline HSI’s efforts to move governments around the world to ban wildlife trade, transport, and consumption in order to reduce the risk of yet another pandemic of zoonotic origin. Register >>


Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic Preparedness Resources

The guide is a collaborative effort led by shelter and S/N professionals representing different aspects of veterinary clinic operations. It is intended to help clinic leadership formulate the safest and most reasonable approaches to operating S/N and wellness clinics, and maintain lifesaving functions.


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New & Improved Webinar Calendar & Archives

UC-Davis is now maintaining a list of upcoming and past COVID-19-related webinars presented by animal welfare organizations. Bookmark this >>
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