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Behavior & Enrichment

Exercising Cats and Dogs During the Pandemic

RSPCA Victoria's chief vet, Dr. Emma Bronts, reports that dogs are presenting to Victorian vets with an increasing number of repetitive strain-type injuries, likely from too many walks. Conversely, cats aren’t getting enough enrichment or exercise. Pass along RSPCA Victoria's hints for a healthier pet to your community >>


Effective Internal Communication:
The Problem, Some Solutions & The (Virtual) Meeting

Webinar—Wednesday 9/30, 3-4pm ET
This webinar will discuss some of the reasons why effective communication is so difficult to establish—especially nowadays, unveil internal comm best practices, and explain how workplace meetings—with an emphasis on virtual meetings—can be used to meet goals. Register >>


Track Your Points of Care During COVID-19 & Beyond

Webinar—Tuesday 10/6, 1pm ET
Learn how to use Shelterluv's newest module to document and report all the points of care your team provides to pets and people during COVID-19 and beyond. All the information is now available at your fingertips within our fully mobile software. Register >>

COVID-19 Eviction Crisis: 4 Ways to Utilize Data to Help People & Their Pets

What services and temporary solutions can be offered to help keep people and pets together? And how can data be used to develop these plans and to better understand what is happening locally, nationally, and on a state level? Shelter Animals Count offers four ways to incorporate data collection and analysis into your eviction response plan. Read more >>

The 24Pet® ShelterWatch Report: COVID-19 Impact

This PetPoint report is a bi-weekly gauge of U.S. homeless pet populations in the care of 1,191 animal welfare organizations which represents approximately 35% of our nation’s shelter animal population. Review the most recent report (including an infographic and regional data breakouts) >>

HR & Supporting Staff

How to Support Working Parents as the School Year Begins

Working parents are facing childcare and scheduling issues. For organizations looking to support parents on their staff, the only hard and fast rule is to be flexible in your approaches. Read these tips for employers wanting to help staff facing childcare struggles >>

Veterinary Medicine

World Rabies Day

“Rabies is a virus that makes SARS-CoV-2 look rather underwhelming!” says ACC&D Board Chair Dr. Elly Hiby. Many global vaccination campaigns for rabies were postponed or cancelled because of the pandemic, so the urgency for action on rabies elimination is even greater than ever. Dr. Hilby invites you to commemorate World Rabies Day on September 28 by watching this documentary >>

Genomic Analysis Reveals Species Vulnerability to SARS-CoV-2 Infection

A new study from the University of California, Davis, assesses the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection to threatened, endangered, and other animal species. Read the article >>


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