Regaining Resurrected Vision this Easter

Today is Maundy Thursday, a day we traditionally observe The Last Supper and events surrounding that sacred evening. Christ gathered with friends to bear witness to a new covenant in which God’s love reigns over evil. Even still, we need visible reminders of this promise, and so we continue to gather. We commemorate Holy Week with tangible worship intended to draw us closer into the heart of Christ. Tonight we gather at 7pm in pews and online for a Tenebrae service of candles and communion. Tomorrow you are invited into the sanctuary for self-guided prayer stations from 10am-2pm. On Sunday at 10am, the Easter Service draws our voices together in praise of our resurrected Redeemer. No matter what condition your spirit is in this Holy Week, rest assured that nothing can separate you from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. Regain your resurrected vision through worship!

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The Altar Guild wishes to THANK everyone who gave lilies to create a beautiful Easter setting in our sanctuary!

Brenda and Loren Paul – just because
Jo Cummings and Family in MEMORY of Ed Cummings
Sandra Kangas in HONOR of Pastor Emily
Frank and Shirley Halligan in HONOR of Cherlyn Christiansen
Larry and Cherlyn Christiansen in MEMORY of their parents
Cecil Bassett in MEMORY of Judy Bassett
Phyllis Petersen in MEMORY of Dana Petersen
Bev Badger in MEMORY of Larry and Nancy Ice
Keith and Patti Jennings in MEMORY of Marshall Miller
Keith and Patti Jennings in MEMORY of Pam Buchholz
Karen Wooley in MEMORY of John Wooley

Enjoy a 5-Minute Worship Experience with “An Easter Hallelujah”

Next Sunday, April 11th, our worship will be ONLINE ONLY, as the worship team and Pastor Emily take rest. Join our UCC siblings in online worship led by our UCC conference ministers, 10am on Facebook!

Weekly E-News & Bulletin will not be sent next week.

HOLY WEEK AT HOME Daily Activities

Thursday Apr. 1st 7pm Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Service
During this annual commemoration of Christ’s Passion Story, we reach the tender places of our soul. Join us in-person or online as we reflect on our need and appreciation for Christ’s promises made ours in the midst of suffering.

Friday Apr. 2 10am-2pm Self-Guided Prayer Stations in Sanctuary
You will encounter 6 different prayer stations, each with self-guided instructions and activities. Prayers of Peace, Petition, Presence, Praise, Purpose, & Patience follow a flow of praying through Psalm 27, David’s Triumphant Song of Confidence. Especially after this past year, we all need extra moments of prayer.

Sunday Apr. 4 10am Easter Worship w/ children’s egg hunt outside at 11am! Christ is Risen, Christ is Risen Indeed!

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Worship & Events

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Community Connections

Waving Those Palms at Home

We know many of our consistent online worshipers, including 4 year-old Aya and parents Elicia & Richard Lenius, don’t get a whole lot of face time! Thanks for worshiping with those palms at home, we appreciate staying connected.
Do you worship at home and have a photo to share? Please send Pastor Emily’s way!

Sandra Kangas To Lead Senior Center

Sandra Kangas is no stranger to taking the lead in ways that enrich our community. We rejoice with Sandra as she begins a new position at the Senior Center, further investing in the lives of her neighbors.

Claire Mohr Sends Thanks

Dear scholarship committee, Thank you for awarding me this generous scholarship. I am continually grateful for the support my education receives from this congregation. This academic year has been challenging as we learn to adapt to an online format, but I am encouraged by the faith placed in my abilities by this church. I continue to enjoy my studies and opportunities that would not be possible without the generosity of scholarship such as this. THANKS! -Claire Mohr

Prayer Requests

We are here for those who desire corporate prayer through life’s many joys and challenges. Share your PRAYER REQUESTS in this way.

All families who are dealing with the compounded impact of grief in a year of pandemic and during the Easter Holiday.

The families of victims of the mass shooting in Boulder, CO.

Victims of recent fires in Rapid City, among other places.

Glenn Kietzmann
, Dorinda Daniel, Connie Deyer, Kay Swenson, Gail Neuman, Debby Wagner, and all who continue on healing journeys.

Everyone who suffers with private concerns, who struggle with mental health, who wrestle with the continued grief of losing loved ones, who feel the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, who need community more than ever. God of grace, hear our prayers.

April Celebrations


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Michelle Olson- April 05
Dax Quinn- April 05
Joyce Tidball- April 07
Greg Lemieux- April 08
Kerry Kelly- April 09
Marc Petersen- April 10
Vicki Vanden Bos- April 11
Avery Vanden Bos- April 13
John Opp- April 15
Nancy Dewell- April 18
Chuck Frieberg- April 18
Teresa Bremser- April 20
Gary Cutler- April 23
Gregory Gall- April 25
Melinda Christiansen- April 27


Are we missing your name? Please fill out our Contact Update Form!

Dave & Kim Kietzmann- April 18
Todd & Maia Surdez- April 20

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