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Dear Waffleurs:

Please read all of this email and click the Bijbel image above. There is vital information contained herein… all the stuff you need for race weekend, including course links, a parking map, and BWR Unroad Expo information. Study it carefully, the Bijbel especially, or forever be left wondering!

Important note: The VIP / Media event at Lost Abbey is FREE and open to all. This is where we will go over the route in detail, interview the pros, enjoy fun presentations and imbibe Lost Abbey libations all night knowing we wont be racing the next day. Food trucks will be there, too.

6:00 pm at the Lost Abbey - 155 Mata Way, San Marcos, CA 92069

The course is hard this year; harder than before even though there's less climbing. Where there were long stretches of highway, there are now technical unroads to test you and your bike in untold ways. There is a climb at the beginning and the first of 25 Unroad Sectors is just a few miles into the race. There is more unroad stuff than ever before and some of it is more challenging than the stuff you've been training on...

Questions you've been asking us:

One Wave / One Love - This year we've gone back to having one mass start, so that everyone can feel the love all at once. This also eliminates are the lying people would do to get into the first wave. (Did you think we wouldn't know you aren't a cat 1?) What is important to note is that there is a climb at the beginning and this will separate riders into waves without us needing multiple start times and CHP crews. One Love.

Downgrading (and upgrading) your race options - You can do this onsite at the registration booth at the BWR Unroad Expo, which opens Friday morning at 10:00 am.

Weather - Saturday and Sunday both look to be pleasantly tepid with lows around 50 and a high of 73 degrees. The high in Ramona for Saturday should be 81 degrees, which is significantly cooler than the high of 95 degrees we had for last year's event.

Cut-Off Times - With the new course layout, we will not be enforcing any cut off times, but the official finish line deadline is 8:00 pm, which is 30-minutes after sunset.

Non-Official Support - There are 10 Feed Zones and many official on-course support vehicles, which will be servicing riders. Riders may receive hand ups from people standing on the side of the road (not in unofficial moving vehicles). If someone receives aid from an unofficial vehicle, they will be DQed.

Course Navigation: You can download the GPS route from this site:

The course is very well marked with large red arrow signs as well as arrows on the pavement. There are colored flags throughout dirt sections to show you the way.

Course Caution - There are many dirt sections you need to go slow down. There will be CAUTION signs, but just take each one of these sections slowly.

Race Number - Your number/tag is vital to your results. Be sure to adhere as directed at packet pick-up. We use Strava to determine the winners of the various categories. Charge your devices and use Strava! A phone may not suffice unless you bring a charger.

We will have number checkpoints along the way to ensure no one cuts the course. Please make a note of it.

Course Support -  Wrench House will be providing neutral support on the road and especially the gravel portions of the route with six vans on the course and mechanics roving the trails on bikes. Elite Service will be providing neutral support on the roads. There will be multiple BWR vehicles all over the course, plus we will have additional support vehicles for SAG and filming, providing rolling assistance.

Questions we are asking you:

BWR Bijbel - Have you downloaded this and read it all yet? If not, please dont email us with any questions until you have. Thank you.

Tires - Are you sure your tires are wide enough for Wildeman's Wildernis? Are you sure your tires have enough knobs for Roofvogel Bergkam? Are you sure your tires are bullet-proof for Heisenberg's Forest? Are you sure your tires wont sink into the quicksand of Sandy Bandy? Are you tired of our tire questions yet? Visit the IRC booth on Friday. They'll get you sorted.

Gearing - Are you sure you have enough gearing to get you up Roofvogel Bergkam without getting off your bike? 25% grade in sand is quite hard to navigate without some BIG cogs. Are you sure your gearing is enough to let you climb Muur van Dubbleberg without resorting to walking at the end of the race, like so many before you?

Back-Up Plan - Are you prepared enough to deal with things going sideways? It is quite likely you will flat or experience a mechanical of some sort. While there will be lots of support on the course, you should be prepared with tubes and cartridges. If you find that you aren't able to get going again, there will be a phone number to call on your race bib if you are stranded. This is that number: 619-408-1650

Access the Course Routes on 'Ride with GPS' by clicking the map of choice above...
This will take you to the BWR Bijbel download, where the course links are.
CLICH HERE to be automatically added to event's route access.
Download the app and set up a free account.  

You'll be sent to our event page, so click "RSVP" to bookmark it and get free access to the voice navigation and offline maps tools.
On the map, you will not only see the route, but mile markers, Feed Zone locations, Sector start/finish markers, and more.
While the course will be brilliantly marked with signage, the Ride GPS map will help you know where you are and where you should be if you get off course.

QUEEN / KING OF THE MOUNTAIN presented by Spinergy:

QUEEN / KING OF THE DIRT presented by IRC Tire :

QUEEN / KING OF THE SPRINT presented by Hammer Nutrition:

ATTAQUER presented by Viair - Most combative male and female racers
kUDOs presented by KASK- Most spirited rider bringing all the fun to everyone
HARDWOMAN presented by Fizik- The rider who shows the most Belgian grit
HARDMAN presented by Fizik- The rider who shows the most Belgian grit
HYLAND'S HELPER - The rider who gives of themself effusively


QUEEN / KING OF THE RAPTORS presented by Spinergy:

The toughest terrain demands the best from both rider and equipment.
To celebrate Spinergy’s partnership with the Belgian Waffle Ride, we are offering all the participants in this year's Wafer the chance to prove they are, indeed, #builtforthis on one of the courses toughest segments, Roofvogel Bergkam:
The Queen and King of this new 6-km unroad sector that will give new definition to the BWR parcourse henceforth will win t a set of Spinergy’s bombproof, GX gravel wheels.

Very Important - You must be on Strava to win!

Our timing and scoring partner is OmniGo!

Riders will be assigned a color-coded race number for their bike. The color and number of the race number is related to the event they have signed up for—Waffle, Wafer, Wanna, Lentz is More, Junior Wafer.

OmniGo! will also have RFID mats out at numerous locations on the course, making it impossible for riders to cut the course and claim to have done the entire route. This technology will also be used to track lead riders for the announcers on the live broadcast feed and finish line an- nouncements during the Expo.

OmniGo! will also have the Category segments posted in real time for fans at home and at the Expo to see how riders are faring along these sub-races.


What you do immediately after your workout is just as important as your workout itself! "Refill the tank" as soon as possible (ideally within the first 60 minutes) to fully replenish glycogen and build and repair muscle tissue. Consume 30-60 grams of complex carbohydrates and 10-20 grams of protein. Recoverite supplies both in the ideal 3:1 ratio. Also, be sure to take antioxidants after exercise to neutralize cell-damaging free radicals and speed recovery.

Follow Hammer Nutrition to their website at Recovery to learn more.



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